post thoughts, popest thunks, postie thinkies, and so froth. ee.  luvings mas. 4:38 peemz. 61 daggerz.

if u speak not with your words, u let your branding speak for you.

guess i’m still writing.  every time i get a song in my head, imus tlinkit. hab it.

[el], that might be the most r[violence]-enabling thing i have ever read.  if i may ever be of service healing the personal pain which spawned it, apply in person.

all too much of my potential productive time is waiting for my computer to recover from over-working my feed. facebook should let me like and post to pages from my main feed. it’s a very poorly optimized way to share information.  it’s a censorship hierarchy, is it not?  mostly.  it delivers a lot of advertising, too.  there.  is.  that.

i’m having to repair my wireless twice.  oh, this poor old computer is so taxed.  i could be using much lighter-code-weight versions of all this stuff, couldn’t i.  yes.  word is like a comfort food.  so is photoshop.  why can’t my terminal access my favorite tools?  why can’t i have a pixely texturn.  thingie.  wearable.  heads up, meatbot comin’ thru.

no internet.  rebooting.  i keep way too many tabs open/loading.  oh, pages/browsers.  why do you not have default lightweight web-browsing tools?

reboots.  6:34 pm.

the library’s whole system is down.  the lady who told me so said she’s on the phone trying to fix it now.  i like it when i’m over-taxing my favorite databases and the wires stop with the transports of photons and electrons.  wavy metallics and whoozits gah lore.

sew, what whuz’td we to blog this lovely day, anyhow?  i think it was a face-changer thing.  mostly photoshoppin linx.  ranting.  Dr. Vandana Shiva, please let me work for you.  i may be paid in pats on the head.  your network and bandwidth are beautiful, and your teaching/schoolings are powerful.  the other critical elements of itstrategy include my old constitutional law professor, and a bunch of crusty punks.  i trust you will get along famously!  ever your protector/loving-servant, tt

this internet thing should be smart enough by now, to want to hear everyone, and to let everyone determine what everyone would tag/categorize/amplify.  preference of stream/type ought be entirely custom, by default.  my reasons are my reasons, and my preferences are my preferences.  i do no harm.  i wish only peace/love.

wanders if heading nestward will result in connectitude.  carenuts.  knotts. landing, don. a feather, no matter, the weather.  my branding is the love of the realest of the real.

bran did, i twote, tehday.  avi-picking my handle.  it may be my only possession, and its valuation is internal.  there is no common stock, stake but the one fired through our hearts daily.  dei leigh.  daly.  day.  lee.  omid ler nackulirz.

each of the miss pronun shweiations art qwite in.10.shenall.

the broadcast mode is very different from the focused beam.  the universal truths exude regardles (oodgles ovvum) of thype.  tipe.  can of spa[z]m.  cleanly branded, is a philosophy.  alphasophy.  all fonzophy.  al fun-z.

my goals are multi-fold.  how would you like to integrate with my capabilities?  i see only my preferences, and my networks provide broad strokes of th’e-painty worlds.

i know enough people to run a lie-game camp pain.  i’ve helped them do that before.  i found the $5,000+ for kickstarter.  me.  in a filmed/edited presentation, of what i am doing, and why i want to share it with the people who associate with your organization.  for indeed, i am the wealth.  of nations, of knowledge, of variety.

my primary goal, for any presentation, is to get everyone [happy].  this is as easy as it sounds.  coordinating a large, diverse population such as yourselves.  hmm.  i believe we will discuss diversity.  i will provide a seminar, with workshops and teachers and builders, and we will transform the offered space into a breeding ground for permaculture.  permission granted.  up on.  request.

i yamma dance vidalo.

yearnability 2catch mimoovsa, disknot moiy concern

typey-writing without the internet makes for a refocusing.  hey, laser-lips.  your mamma was a snowblower.  oh, quite.  mechanically speaking, we could totally run a snowblower off of the primary pto.  power, shaft.  know ewe take off, hoser.  usefulness integration, laser-precision to the nanometer.  nan-ah-mitter.  nano-me-stirr.  eat up.

seven-eeleven peamz.  sickstee degrees.  “Wireless is now connected”

gracias, pepe

the best way to hack a twitter/fb/google password, is to be.  that/them.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-3 (Tuesday).

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