sixty-nine at four-one-four

degrees, pm.  late start.  dictator suspects the resin. time is slowed post infraction.  it’s got us yelly.  standing outside his car, through the rolled down passenger window, barking legalities at an ill-equipped perpetrator.  what, would be, the point?  this is why these conversations happen in our imagination, and not in reality.  old people have foundations in their beliefs.  those have to be rattled apart.  they’re huge blocks, and if they do not learn to liquefy and reform them, they must be broken apart by force.  atomic level bonds?  occasionally.  means exist.  drills and explosives, but sound works better.  do not give dictator reasons to yell.  he likes proving the rattlability of his skull.  woof

new album concept last night.  good-for-kids love songs sung by adults, and dirty songs about the sexual arts, by kids.  4:20 pm.  the name?  shit, we only jes came up wif thy de’ar, taint gotta name yiet.  kid beats

that sounds like goats.  oh, i didn’t tweet about the bikeride friendlies that included goats, did i?  ok, once yes, but i went back past that spot from the other direction, and chickens, a goose which honked at me, goats, sheep, and two kids (goats) outside the gate.  i said, “hi kids” as i do.  they looked up and were like “how we get ovver sigh’id of fence, sir?” but i only had time to shrug.  i’m sure they figured it out. ergot halp :]

dictator keeps responsibilities to a minalum.  mimmamum.  fewer than.  umm, yes.  we have reiki notes out on the desk, and we’re thinking about loving body parts.  healing time, kids.  take your sore body part.  in your hands.  seriously, love it.  love your hands, for delivering blood, warmth, and bio-chemical energy.  touch your sore body part as much as is necessary.  this is not a naughty, america.  you can do this at the office, or at home.  we wouldn’t recommend getting sexy with people you wouldn’t want to get sexy with, because they might remind you of it later.  people tend to do that.  dictator, unlike many of you, feels it necessary to be upfront about those he feels those types of urges nearby.  it’s not as if they can’t tell on their own, but bystanders may not be aware.  people gotta learn.  all i know is that once i lock on, you wouldn’t want to escape, because all that will come to you is love, from a combination of wherever you want and wherever is best for you and for those around you.  it’s a balancing act, energetically speaking.  a power station can exist in and of itself, but once it leaks, objects of its affection thrive.  it takes only as much as will sustain itself.

oh, confused drone.  how did you survive this long isolated from a hive?  how did you develop delusions of queenhood?  how couldn’t you?  ‘tis our density.  winn.

power-type week, sir.  this is day 2.  nothing stands in our way.

consensus class.  round robin.  a round robin is a quick, everyone speaks at least a few words, go-around-the-room speaking thing which is can be proposed any time it is appropriate.  appropriate times seem to be novel situations where diverse perspectives may be noted and sparkled (unspoken agreement) to focus the conversation.  if participatory percentages warrant, subsets may form.  weekly/daily meetups/data-exchange cover whatever topics they need to.  meetings should be pleasant, and a daily/regular part of life.  participant effectiveness occurs after healthy and substantial group feedings, and/or before time-coordinated activities.

for large projects, make a physical model.  get representative materials, and form them as a giant would.  this will help visualization, and the tactile will spark/assist the unimaginative.

i like that, sir.  what are we gonna make model/baby bebe erv out of?  cans, prolly.

immune to black magicians

i said “how much weight would you have to lose to fit into those [pants] again?” but i asked it like a real question.  i don’t remember if this was before or after she gave them to me.

part 8 of this.  there’s a lot of goodness in this book, but a lot of what it preaches against, too.  it’s like a how-to-be-awful manual to those who don’t know.  usually?  it puts a lot of bad stuff on the listener.  i agree with much of the point of it, though.


that, dear entry, izza wrap.



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