u gotta want it

want to learn.  love the process, the transition, the learning how to be silent.  that’s right, shut the fuck up already.  especially you, the ones talking.

3:13 pm.  i sit here, at my favorite workstation of one of my favorite offices (the Waupaca, WI public library) and await contact from the written word.  thanks, you

grunt work tomorrow.  being picked up at the gas station at 9.  looking forward to chucking some mass.  other than me.  biking, i consider to be flinging my own meatbot about the landscape.  walking moves us, yes, but doesn’t do nearly as much to translate body motion into lateral motion upon the man’s smoothish war-hauling stripes.

there’s no such thing as unskilled labor.  labor is itself a skill, and to be able to move large objects around is a type of intelligence.  i will not have you disparaging useful skills or those who possess them.  that script has expired.

i don’t quite get the tweeting about biking when i knew i was heading to the library today.  if i finish here fast enough, perhaps.  not likely though, as rain is predicted.  another barrage of links?  lynxes, more like.  cousin to the cougar.  i think they want to eat me.  sounds like a good way to go.

i’m listening to fish karma.  teddy in the sky with magnets.  love barn. looove baaarrrnn. etc.  i have a collection of other people’s books and music that i must return before i die.  people with nothing to live for put weird obstacles in the way of their own suicide.  it makes life interesting.  what am i here for?  nobody wants my answer.  they stop listening when they realize they don’t know what i’m talking about.

coherence isn’t as important as you’d think.  the impression that it creates is more the ticket, the point, the means.  how to get people back on track?  they know what’s important, don’t they?  they know how bad it’s gotten.  how couldn’t they?  little hobbits, if you don’t help destroy this machine now, nothing will be left.  hell, go into a grocery store and try to find a single food without some sort of chemical poison in it.  i dare you.  i can almost guarantee you’ll have to deal with the richest, most condescending, snootiest people, and you’ll have to pay a lot more money, if it’s available at all.  health is a commodity, and the only ones who may reward themselves with it help the machines rip off other consumers.  the psychopaths.  the landowners.  the lords.

why do you keep yourself in this point position?  it pays well.  meaning what?  that you get to take a vacation far away?  that you get the best creature comforts in this nothing-is-created-equally hellhole of competition and backstabbing.  fuck capitalism 3:33 pm.

what part do i play?  am i the on-screen talent?  am i the script-writer?  the systems designer?  the conductor of the interstellar puppy drum orchestra?  probably.  you’re going to have to learn how to motivate people outwardly similar to you in the short-term.  just because every sports team in the area you live wins state and national championships with startling regularity doesn’t mean you’re a coxswain.  it’s not the motion capture suit, sir.  it’s your phone manner.  i’m pleasant and direct on the phone.  phone conversations take time.  i fit more into my hours than most.  there’s a lot going on.  i can’t tell you the backstory.  there isn’t time, man!  there has to be.  make time.  give people a reason to help you, to work together for each other, and you will benefit.

so my job is to wait around until the retarded poisoned fascists realize that you’re screaming insulting obscenities at them for their own good?  they’re getting it.  be patient.  be helpful, be hopeful.  one foot in front of the other.  i’m losing out on all the creature comforts i thought i needed.  you don’t, do you.  one human would make up for all of that crap.  mostly.  water, some rice and beans.  the farm bike will have a generator on it?  good call.  i knew that bike would carry its weight.  yeah, me too.

sometimes i like videos edited down to their relevant points.  sometimes, i like unedited, long-form rambling.  the rambling is how you’re going to get to know people.  the things they say between the important things are them.  the sighs, the complaints.  thanks for sharing.

sun is out.  there’s plenty of daylight for a bike ride.  we’re not going to finish the bell jar, are we.  nope.  it’s due, it’s already been renewed, and it’s from this library.  all i’ve been doing is keeping other people from reading these books.  hardly.  nobody cares.  or, they order their books online.  library books are for you.  for reading.  for imagining a new world, or seeing this world how it is.

i gon go bike a bit,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-03-19 (Monday).

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