upon which to [gl/d]ance:

  • elevator speech, bike ride serendipity
  • today smells gamey. it is a sporty day, a red day
  • ice cream, leaded coffee, and steel on skin
  • corn growers association glorifies the system in an attempt at self-preservation
  • eric dancing down the stairs

i flipped on the teevee during a late lunch.  same shit, different day.  it was actually relatively pleasant.  some lesser-offensive moments/episodes of sitcoms are less harmful and more happy than others.  but then michael gets choked by jackie’s dad after eric had objectified and silenced donna to laughter and i am reminded that tv is an abusive friend/script.  y’all are still takin’ those blows, are ye?  and that movie i watched with alice was on ion.  the fighty clint eastwood one, the one with clyde.  testosterony.

my elevator speech was pretty confrontational.  all of my interactions in the wild are.  he’s an old friend of my parents, a father of a disabled child, an old revolutionary, and one of the kindest and most thoughtful people i’ve ever met.  i’m fantastic seeing you, sir.  how may i use my diverse skill-set in a way that is beneficial to you and yours?

all of my ideas are in writing.  i have the confidence in my instant words to carve them in stone.  not that i do that.  i don’t have any tattoos, mind you.  let’s get on that, shall we?  ok, yes.  here’s how it’ll work.  the kickstarter video will be the conversion of me as current present me to me post-braiding/hennaing/dancing/listened-2-by-humans.  me.  we will have shot my application set for suicide girls (i not only want to share loving contact with a good percentage of them lovely ladies, i want to BE one).  hey, a good number of them like sports and games and guns and yelling and drinking and fighting and racing and all sorts of other “manly” things, way more than me, possibly.  what, do they have a ranking system?  let them vote.  i don’t think i’d be the first.  they don’t seem like the type of people who would deny a girl simply for having a penis.  we’ll just have to wait and see, i guess.

oh, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the only reason i’m nice to you is because i want to get your daughter naked/dancing on video (with me).  when she wants to.  what if all they played on tv was naked kids?  all the child molesters would show up on the steps of the police station begging for being caged and cuddled by other friendly damaged “men.”  fucking government housing.

no, the real point is i want to plant a baby human in you.  if you don’t want that from me, then i’m not wrapping my dick in numbing poisons.  ok, i might.  depends

more people are listening than you are told, and more people are affected by others’love than you are aware.  i know i am important to the people i share life with, because they are important to me.  this machine forces us into contorted situations when we’re made to spent most of our time traversing hvac channels and exhaust vents, and mind-hacking rats and other varmin so they share their food/numbers/forces/help/expertise in furtherance of our meager survival.  the compound has trails down to mouse-sized, specialized sectors for animals, by size.  i go to let the most sensitive little genuses diagnose my bot.  in dictator speak, that means i walk out into the woods and lay prostrate and/or sit on natural dirt/stone/tree-made chairs, in areas where biological activity is parsticularly high.  these are the sources of richness upon this planet.  where protozoa interact with insects and birds and the bounders.  fear not the wild nature.  its logic is far more founded than any you have yet learned.  richer, more stable, and utterly delicious.

not only did i ride past the dream compound, i called the number that’s listed on the front of it.  i think i’ve done this before, but didn’t get a call/message back the last time.  it’s forty forested acres on the top of a hill, in farm country, on county TT, and the corner of the property has the old concrete shell of a building.  it’s so beautiful.  the design keeps getting more detailed.  this time, the loading dock, the bike/wheelchair exits, and the tunnel system behind it.  there’s a pyramid of dirt under there, and i plant2 fine dit. werrrd

4:30 pm. 1/3 cuppo dark roast with half&½ left.  pee brake! [it’s a big day fo the littow pee pole]

wouldn’t you know it, immediately after ranting against the new youtube (and i do not take back any of the specific critiques), i realized how much i loved the new focus on the feed.  you can see like 20 actions now, as opposed to the 5 it used to be.  i do miss quick access to the favorites, too.  {i like favorites.  what can i say?} why can’t this thing be modular?  let me css up the elements.  i will cut out the rounded edged, big buttoned crap and put in raw clean sharp links.  that’s exactly what big evil, ultimately, doesn’t want.  it’s a profit/ad-driven behemoth, and it follows orders.

here’s what fascists do.  while you’re talking, about and to them, teaching them the most important things they’ve never heard, they stick their big, fat, poison-filled butts in your face.  they do not turn to you their sensing organs, their listeners or feelers.  it is as if they are saying, “i am shit, all i know is shit, and all i can offer, is shit.” to which i say, poops away, fattie boomble-batty!  i came here to burn that ass in a modern old whale-blubber machine, while removing your toxic feeding tube and replacing it with or returning it to the healthful diversity of plant matter that the world around you is fully capable of providing you with just the tiniest amount of input, labor, and direction.  the conversion to sustainable is an interconnected process of a wide variety of talents, expertises, and human participants.  if you feel your contribution is of higher quality than that of another, you have not seen that which they offer from the universal perspective, because they have an expertise, and a use, beyond your wildest egoic/short-sighted/selfish dreams.

baby doll, i think of you as often as you speak.  more actually.  when you’re not whispering (or yelling, for that matter.  heh heh heh) sweet nothings into my eEar, i’m fondly recalling the times that you did and awaiting the next time that you do.  all while i’m simulcasting orgiastic lazer-love to you and everyone you have ever met.  once you learn how to follow the great serpent, she can lead you to any point in any of our paths.  think like a transformer chess-piece face.  you can move diagonally like a bishop, linearly and squarish like a rook, flank-leapt like a knight, or sacrifically murderous, like a pawn.  prawn.  prong.  pong. png, pog. pg

if your information source merely disparages or doubts the power/logic of living things, it is necessarily restrictive and disrespectful of the very intelligent design for whom it professes to speak.  i know you are provided a great many “creature comforts” or laziness actuators/enablers by your glorious warlord.  you must see that these are not the rewards of heaven.  dude, hugs is right.  propheteering need be yauped farm de rooftawps.  hoo-ah

i just saw a kid wearing a bright green shirt, and a baseball cap covered in a variety of sizes of pot leaves.  the balls on hat manufacturers these days.  heh.  hook me up with a bag, dewd.  my all-time favorite marijuana advertisement was one of my short-term co-workers at a cystco poe-tater pras-cessing fuh-sillity.  i was taking a shitter break (never ever poop off the clock when you work for the man, a drunk mathmatician at the foundry once told me.  good advice.  he recited the quadratic equation after his sixth, saying he was drinking until he forgot it.  that, my fellow americans, is strateegery.  [what the fuck else did we see on tv that we wanted to rant about.  oh, that corn growers thing?  {why do i got industrial ag on the brain?}  weed hat, finish your story.  oh, right.])  the vast majority of the non-white-hardhat/trucked humans at that big outdoor factory were brown, and one of them had a hat that in huge green letters over the bill, said “WEED.”  this is where the truth of the market is shown, people.  i don’t speak to retarded assholes who think they’re better than me either.  brown folk rule.  respect melanin, son.  those are more honorable and kinder than your parents.  i can downright guarantee it.

five oh tew.  i imagine this might be “drinking time” for me once again, but i am particularly enjoying this dry time.  i do think more clearly, i am less cranky (that could be the weed, too) because i don’t have a headache every day.  you don’t have to drink enough have a headache every day, you know.  that’s easier said then done.  than it ought.  what a ham, can of naught.  “i don’t even know any more.  and then that happened.  and i was like, alright.” ~meatwad

ok, well i may be paraphrasing, but you get the gist.  grist, gnarled iron fist.  crimeny.  you said it, man.  don’t nobody pluck withered genius.  for people to be able to assist me, they have to be able to see that which i attempt to build.

i’m dicking around on youtube, and the video i was told was blocked yesterday is visible and says “This video is public.” on the info-bar.  wtf, big eevs. wuh tah fukk.  i meant double vision, apparently not tunnel.  ewe gize knowwat eye mint.  5:20 pisser.

is that “what’s really making us fat?” article from the atlantic with burn-banky on the cover?  fuck the fed and its shiny rags.  con-sole-eh-shun.  soul eaters (that, too)

get what you get and fuck all the rest, i work non-stop and i’m clearly the best.  not because i work non-stop, though my tenacity and drive are also things which you ought to revere but don’t.  you honor the most faulty, behind-closed-door, lying retards that exist.  you don’t acknowledge actual expertise or learning on any level.  you mock the weird, and make everything awkward and yelly so that you don’t have to think and can go back to your safe, predictable poisons.  you, you, you.  ranting alone in the library.  waiting for the psychopath flunkies to murder your entire family.  hey, it’s getting overgrown and is time for see ming lee drastic pruning.  is that the purpose of wars?  to rid the world of the slow, dumb, weak, and cowardly?  sweeping up the carcasses of war-time tragedy is an ongoing task if you make it so.  this is why i focus on the heary now as much as i can.  do you?  i think so.

one of the designs transmitted was of a large tree-focused building.  it looked as if lightning had struck and knocked the top off after 20 feet or so.  dictator transplanted other trees in a logical pattern about the old trunk, inside and out, from top to bottom.  the inner shoots ran up the trunk, and dictator braided and pruned them diligently.  the outer ring grew into a woven wall/door/windows/roof-like pattern, which sprouted supplemental supports, a 360-degree shade-giving awning, and the spiraling staircase which drove the cone to its crow’s nest.  yes, we grow fire towers.  we trust our lives to these trees.  well, this is a vertical hugleculture-heated off-the-grid outbuilding, with full daylight lighting via reflectors and diffusers.  good design, kids.  thanks for that.

my brain is a dirty orgy of good ideas.  orgies aren’t dirty, but the one in my skull uses dirt everywhere.  yes, we grow this thing out of fruit trees and nut bushes, and humans can climb the inside and outside.  it’s within wheelchair distance of the vet’s home, and using the pulley/block-and-tackle system, anyone with arms or a friend with arms can pluck fresh food from ground level to an ever-expanding height.  we build on nature, we build with nature, and the slings which hold grandma and grandpa up on that tree are made from recycled/repurposed seatbelts and trucking tie-down straps.  there are multiple redundancies, sir.  all it takes is a little foresight.  well, once you have the foresight at all, the great serpent will lead the way to paradise.  she leads both directions, that spirally one.  you have the sight now, neo.  plug your properties into the database, and we can show you what we see.  it’s pretty pretty, bee leaf you me.

erv thunks:  make porch fold-down, raise tail-lights, integrate hydraulic system for porch/bucket and independent, high-travel leveler-wheels.  will a wankel power both an electric generator and the hydraulics?  likely.  there will be no self-opposed explosion propulsion on this baby.  she’ll be waterproof, floating, lightweight, and configurable.  she’ll have the ability to gravity-feed water as far as we have hose (that mast is multi-purpose), and she can power up with wind, sunlight, water/gravity, and kinetically through mechanical assistance from humans, animals (retractable leash generator anyone?), and chemically.  she’s a certified (multi-fuel) solar kitchen, with a biogas generator, rocket-stove water heater/sap-boiler (that’s new.  thanks wisconsin public television!).  of course the primary heating element will be solar.  the trail-builder attachment levels road-trails unattended.  the whole thing works unattended.  it has computers everywhere, measuring all kinds of variables, and integrating food preparation and human water use as needed.  yes, my house reminds me to take a shower and moves itself into the sun/rain to make sure it has enough heat/energy/water for essential tasks.  should it have a clothes washer/dryer?  well, not in the traditional electric dryer sense, but yeah.  from the outside, she looks like a fresh-out-the-factory huntsman loved past the point of obsession by an overpaid cog of the machine.  inside, she’s clearly the lab/home of a minimalist mad scientist.  mad, as in, intricately tied to mad-town.  and its people

6:20 p.m.  coffee is a diuretic.  brb.

let’s finish editing this so we can tweet.  we missed sunshine today.  no, we didn’t.  we got our daily dose, and we thrived off of the positive vibes given by the very living ether.  yes, we did that indeed.  thanks, ethers.  theethurs. 😀

anti-till, we meat, ag gen,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-03-15 (Thursday).

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