another dead storm trooper

this angers me.  why?  because it’s true.  the sheltered terrified little peons who never leave these insular, backwards places sound like a heart-string tugging advertisements during local news report when speaking of these places.  what are small towns?  they are capitalism’s vast stores of the past.  backwards, racist, slow people, kept that way with subsidized poisons, in both human and vehicular forms.

i rarely encounter police.  i drive better than average while under the influence, and i am not a physically violent person.  oh really.  you don’t think cops drive drunk more than the average citizen?  think again.  if i am jealous, that’s definitely not the reason.  the reason, if there is one, is that they are about as boring and average as people can be.  they are storm troopers, cloned and trained to do what their masters tell them to do.

why are we talking about this.  because it’s on my mind.  why would you be proud of living in a small town?  or, in one place for 20 years, no matter what kind of place it was?  pride is a fucked up thing.  isn’t that inherently disrespectful of all the other places on the planet, of which you have exactly zero direct contact or experience?

i don’t typically have strong opinions about cops.  they’re humans.  they’re people, or they claim to be.  they’re also part of the military/legal apparatus, fine.  nothing about that makes them heroes.  a bunch of my old high school classmates on fb are firefighters, so when one of theirs falls, especially “in the line of duty,” they rally.  being a part of the military apparatus means they enforce rules which they did not create, which they cannot question.  they have a job to do, and they are paid well for that job.

the “alternate” media is so horribly flawed.  first, it tries to emulate the big business model, because that flashy graphics-heavy idiocy is what makes “the masses” believe they’re worthwhile.  those graphics cost money.  where does that money come from?  never mind that we, as citizens, are supposed to own those airwaves.  now, lots of people’s “news” comes to them on a cable anyway.  be it copper or fiber optic, it’s owned by a for-profit corporation.  that’s sad.  not that digital broadcast television isn’t sadder.

my brain isn’t functioning properly.  i can’t hold a thought.  i can’t get a sentence out.  i passed the month mark without alcohol.  in some ways, it’s alright, but time drags.  this is my fourth day without my tried and true mood balancer.  i don’t even remember how long it’s been since i was this sober for this long.  five years, probably.  i hate it.  i am frightfully bitter, angry, suicidal.  i hate the whole fucking human population of this ridiculously backwards planet.  nobody continues reading after statements like that.  too bad.  they’re missing out.

typically, it’s after the horrible shit that i get to something resembling a point.  here goes:

questions for bashar:

thank you for bringing your consciousness down to our level.  my question has to deal with the history of this planet.  how many incarnations have we gone through?  how many historical interactions with beings from other places have we had?  did those entities build the pyramids, easter island, and the other sacred sites about the planet?  did humans help?  how common a story is the egoic destruction of a planet, in universal terms?

occupy speech:

what do you think you’re doing here?  stop and think about that for a few minutes.  are you a regular at these events, or is this your first riot?  riots these days are about as boring as corporate news.  you people have gone soft, and it’s a good thing.  you are here for human rights, let us meet at that philosophical point, at least.  whether you phrase this as against war and its many incarnations, against lies propagated for the purposes of attacking another sovereign nation, or against the disproportionate accumulation (hoarding, if you will) of resources, power, and information.  the funny thing is, a good percentage of your personal survivals are tied to this power structure.  i’m not just talking about the organizers of events like this, which wouldn’t be but for the abuses of those “elected” officials who lied their way up through the ranks.  i’m talking about anyone who puts their human labor into a corporate employer and receives a paycheck from a place where they are paid less than those who tell them what to do.

within a healthy ecosystem, the entities with wings or longer legs can travel further.  the smaller beings can go into smaller spaces, perhaps reproduce more quickly, or are capable of consuming, or converting rather, a wider variety of fuels.  this does not change the worth of these functions.  they’re all essential.

i’m bitter.  i’m starving.  i receive no help, and so little acknowledgment of my existence that i am forced to select between a few awful conclusions:  the system functions perfectly, and it means for people like me to die, alone, angry, and confused.  or, perhaps, the tiny few who do read my work sense that it is SO true that it must be shared with as few people as possible, so that i may stay below the radar (so to speak) and continue doing what i do.  that’s retarded.  great, boos.  i’m awful at everything.

why are people repeating over and over that single study/article about the “myth” of 8 hours of sleep?  the same bitter assholes who keep repeating it could probably use a few more hours.  i typically need 10 hours of sleep, and i am consistently chastised, mocked, and ignored for this.  even among those who claim to “love” me, no effort is made to accommodate this difference, even when i explain it directly.  i get teased and laughed at.  family, you are horrible abusive assholes and i wish you would all die so i can repurpose your properties to house and feed ten times what they do now.

tweety post script: i have entirely too much time on my hands. but unless you’re proposing an alternate use for my time, quit pointing out the obvious.

i find society despicable.  family and friends are forced to compete with one another for “jobs,” and these are the only allowed ways to earn a living.  oh, sure, people make trinkets, sell art.  that art has to compete with fucking war-mart art.  wal-mart art gets stored for years and downcycled to goodwill art.  what is the use?  what is the point?  it’s all compartmentalized.  the only art that gets forwarded by the machine’s infrastructure is a sliver of statement, or its social commentary is full of violent sexism.

what are you talking about, fucktard.  all you do is string together meta-words.  i used to be semi-functional, but the stores of wealth in this nation/region are all with the corporate-minded.  do you get that concept?  corporate-minded?  let’s look at that a bit.

corporations, like many other legal fictions, are associations of human beings (they do not exist apart from humans and their legal structures) which provide liability protection to those individuals.  that means these people can invest their money (must be nice to have enough to be able to do that, huh?) and these entities, corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, partnerships, etc. can “go” out into the world, purchase property, hire people, sell crap, and provide a return on investment for the investors.  now, the number of humans which participate in these things as investors is relatively small.  oh, there has been a push to privatize individual “investments” and “retirement plans” which don’t really mean all that much when so many of us are so hampered with debt, but this corporate money is “publicly” (as in, visible? that’s most likely doublespeak) “traded” as portions and percentages of these legal fictions.  what’s the problem, you ask.  lies and deception are the problems.  threats and coercion are the problems.  when these juggernauts hire human beings, the humans are beholden to them.  the entity has full knowledge of its acts, but each of the individual actors cannot possibly know the whole.  perhaps this is part of the reason they are shielded from liability.

liability is its own rant.  what exactly does it mean, to hold these businesses liable for harmful acts?  the entire legal system only functions as a balancer of capital/dollars/$$.  lawyers argue on behalf of humans and collections of humans, but the only “remedy” that the courts can really provide is money.  the term “torts” describes a civil wrong, a harm inflicted for which money will resolve.  this is a complex story, and the big business entities which deal in millions and billions of dollars can only see these things in terms of dollars.

food, health, and information, once provided by a profit-driven entity, are at risk.  why?  because they do not provide (in a pure/honest form) for an ever-expanding profit base.  what?  the most sustainable way to feed someone is to teach them how to feed themselves with the land near them.  that word is lost.  sustainable?  it’s a buzzword that nobody understands any more.  unpack it.  a system or process is sustainable if it is able to continue without inputs from outside, and without using up the stores of resources presently available.  sustainability is logically impossible for the present adversarial legal system.  why?  for one, the present system crushes opposition.  this means, that regardless of whose ideas are better, whether that means more physically efficient in converting one type of resource/energy to another, or more inclusive: providing for a larger number of humans, plants, organisms.

in real world terms, this means that disease, malfunction, and micro-management are now the norm.  in food terms, the only things even allowed as food (an impressive feat of manipulative psychology, indeed) are filled with poisons and manipulated abominations of the actual plants of which they are based, and packaged in lies.  the “scientific” and “educational” industries produce cogs which reinforce the narrow-minded questions and short-sighted statistics which “prove” these methods.

at the same time, while these horrible excuses for food are causing obesity and all kinds of diseases, cures for these diseases are being crushed by the established medical community.  these are documented in a variety of places, but just because the truth exists in books, articles, videos, and websites does not mean that anyone has access to it.  in fact, this established machine regularly stomps on these ideas whenever they’re brought to the surface.

if the entire medical industry consisted of honest, hard-working, intelligent people, it would be fine.  if there were one, or a small percentage of driven, short-sighted people, or greedy, or addicted, or any number of other reasons why someone could be bought by evil, all that needs happen is for that person to be placed at the front of the room with a microphone, or on the television with a sharp suit and tie, or in the byline of a reputable journal/magazine/publication, and the majority of humans, who have only been trained to hold these representations of authority in high regard, will believe them.  even, it seems, if all they do is reassert doubts.  indeed, this is most of what they do.  “that can’t be” or “that’s utterly ridiculous” and the discussion is over.  nobody learns a thing, and the entire line of inquiry is shut down.  this is how humanity is dying.

of course, mother earth is dying with actual explosions, and with actual healthful humans being killed off left and right by the most violent and obedient.  this is the opposite of sustainable.  such is capitalism.  the truth isn’t even all that complex, compared to the forced complexity imposed by the war machine.  the means of growth and expansion are relatively obvious to any who can be still and listen and contemplate the most basic, simple organisms which surround us, but the echo chamber of violence makes hearing that silent truth all but impossible.  those who stand and teach are either attacked (verbally, physically, professionally, etc.) or are forced to work their explanations into the methods of the existing fascist/industrial infrastructure.  in other words, the few bits of truth get buried by the method itself.  not to mention, they are constantly ridiculed and treated as a “minority opinion” when they are really the whole, full truth.

the whole truth is not compartmentalized, like the education systems.  the whole truth is a balance of forces, not a constant push in a single direction.  a growing plant does not only act using “biology.”  chemical interactions, electrical interactions, seasonal interactions, all come into play.  to try to understand these things using only one piece of the puzzle will invariably lead to an incomplete description, which is necessarily incorrect.  combine with that the encouragement of the human ego, the attachment of individuals to “their own” ideas, and the financial/survival resources which get attached to the acceptance of those ideas, and the whole thing becomes a mess.  scientists are forced to argue, to make concessions, and to integrate their thoughts/findings into the accepted infrastructure of the war-based economy.  nothing true fits into the violent conception of reality.  they are completely opposed to one another.  there would be no point in building a multi-billion-dollar plane to deliver seeds to an area.  all that this infrastructure can deliver is death and destruction, of actual life and of the ideas which would allow it.

back to storm troopers.  anyone who has a job, under my horribly cynical conception of the world, is a storm trooper.  oh sure, the local third shift gas station flunkie/attendant doesn’t cover her/his face/identity with a mask, but they sure wear a uniform.  their individual idiosyncrasies and preferences are trained out of them, replaced by the scripts of their profit-driven masters.  they have no say in how much to charge for their wares.  which means that the poor are punished with each and every fixed-dollar-amount transaction.  as a percentage of their income, they are allowed less of the very things which allow us to live.

i have no land.  i have no income.  all i produce these days are words, and to sell words, one must be willing to work them into this system, or work within this system long enough to develop a reputation or get into a “position of power” from which the truth can (theoretically) be spoken.  in reality, those positions of power can be revoked at a moment’s notice.  in fact, as recent history shows, the resources promised and the authority granted can be revoked for entire classes of humans/roles.  when the information channels are beholden to the same profit-driven entities which pay the lawyers and the teachers and the researchers, for any one person to find any truth at all becomes a solitary, arduous task.  combine the social out-casting of abnormal, weird, strange, or unique, and i never had any hope.  what would be the point?

a complex hierarchy is a complex beast, and once you start forcing knowingly flawed/incorrect information on people, you also necessarily create friction between/amongst them.  each level of education has their own truth, of which they are completely convinced.  they must be, their livelihood is based on this belief!  in addition, these issues are typically not either/or dichotomies.  each level beneath the very top will have inherently flawed information upon which their entire system of beliefs are founded.

what is the logic behind violence?  what is the use of suppression of truth?  maintenance of difference in worth/use/rights is the only possible answer.  without cash, i am confined to the distances which i can cover walking or biking, and even with the automobile i have left over from the time i worked for a bank, my mobility is restricted by the cost of fuel.  or charity.  there is no charity, i have found.  no respectful charity, anyway.  one must subjugate oneself, put everything in public, repeatedly, and even then, you’re still at the mercy of those who are conditioned to fear, mock, and condemn those who do these things.  it’s an uphill journey.  hey, at least i’m headed towards the top of the mountain, rather than coasting through the parking lot wasteland provided by the for-profit exploitation industries.

i finished buckminster fuller lecture #7 today.  he ended it with a discussion on patents and corporate power.  intellectual property is another aspect of this ungodly machine which serves those at the top, punishes those at the bottom, and provides a means for abuse, suppression, and the misappropriation of ideas by the wealthy.

the world is fucked and i’m starving.

quit glorifying flunkies,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-03-8 (Thursday).

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  1. Good luck with all that

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