dictator’s login.  wake early, bike to erv, drive her to the places where you want to do this.  these people will have to be able to visualise her, completed, in the flesh.  whoever’s sitting on the same furniture as me is chair dancing with me.  this is nothing but observation.  solids transmit vibration.  seriously, de-programming people with a two-by-four requires a delicate touch.

its philosophy is its platform is its business.  clean, healthy food.  from all the dirt.  ay, but here’s the rub.  i do not support your specific business.  if we were to re-write the code, these things would all be distributed ownership.  i’m getting ahead of myself.  as per.  usual.  my waitress is adorable.  i’d like to meet her again in 10 years.  my eyes do all the work/sinning.  you know that.

“NOFFKE LUMBER” –that sign over there.

trumpets.  [da-$&powr] water, too.

dictator does not promise to support the type of business.  the network/co-op/collective supports the humans that the present business supports.  but, you, as a manufacturing operation, probably don’t support too many in-house doctors.  nor do most of our farming and accounting branches/participants have manufacturing, fabricating, and tonnage hauling capabilities of many of yours.  it’s a niche-finding hack.  we are the resources around which we make this design.  as of right now, before you sign on, this thing consists of only one person.  all decisions are mine, all data streams go through me, and the foundations must be solid before this can be built.

as competitive capitalists, you, like me, are completely intolerable to be around.  because we’re all being tolerant.  we’re “putting up with” annoyances.  we must confront those, in ourselves.  speaking to other humans is not the answer.  we’ve collectively turned this whole speech communication thing into a strange farce.  the scripts remain on in the background.  that’s why this present system is so much more dangerous and insidious than any dystopian movie.  none of those systems contain the personal-interaction programming to such a degree as we have in present reality.  what are you even talking about.  i’m trying to explain this dystopia to the people and how to get around it.  it’s a mucking fine-feel’d.  fucking mine feald.  field mouse.  in my house.  sewing strauss.  beating grouse.

so what if all you had to do was add another occasional driver to your business insurance.  we would create modular systems for your trucks so that your equipment could be loaded out and stored in a secure location at your site.  we will pay for whatever fuel we use, and note the mileage.  we will build custom shelf/container/display infrastructure for your vehicle, but modular, so it can be removed, and your vehicle can be returned to your shop/garage/home before it is needed for your business.  that’s a lot of trust to put in another person, isn’t it.  this thing has equity, and as a part of a cooperative, any lost revenue would be payable in healthcare services, food, or housing for yourself or other friends/helpers/participants.  family, etc.  some humans have other people who care what they eat, and that they’re eating healthy, and who listen to humans’ expressions of how the world is without arguing, applying descriptive or clever/derogatory words to it, and who can participate in the building of something novel/unique/new/real/healthy.

dictator knows, in a very real sense, that until this writing reflects his stated intent, in immediate cutting-edge assistance.  simple love.  occam’s logic.  i will not encourage you to continue tearing one another down and covering other’s talents.  that’s what a collective “woo” is, you realize.  it is a malformed, mininterpreted expression, and one that is overpowering in its volume.  it shuts down logic.  it turns off rational thought.  it completely focuses direction of attention away from the survival which is so sorely neglected.  all of the materials for this rebuilding are sitting in storage, without plans of use or even knowledge how to integrate them into the larger system.  all of this potential can only be released once humanity as a whole resets the balance away from the confrontational, adversarial, the war-like, the demanding.

i am all these things.  i have this undying urge to crush the opposition.  all of the big, loud people who bullied their way into jobs that i would have been able to perform.  the liars, the nay-sayers.  i realized along the way that these were the gatekeepers.  these were the very people who maintained this hellish retarded shit, and these were the ones i would be forced to speak to, face-to-dispickably disrespectful face.  we’re clearly not there yet, writing this down and all.

let’s get back to this delusional fantasy of real-world-matter productivity.  right.  we unload erv, or rather, re-load her with living essentials in her current state.  get propane in the propane system and learn how that operates.  it’ll take an afternoon.  half of one.  then he’ll go home and dance around his room for hours.  what?  it’s what i usually do.

yeah, then what.  then we drive to places where rich people hang out.  we catch them at work, and ask that a one-page letter be passed around to them requesting partnership, assistance, or donation.  yes, from them as a business, and from them as private individuals.  what happens when the business dissolves?  what if the industries that support the work go under?  do we not want to maintain the capability for the region?  for the people?  i’m sure the children, along with the hackers and pirates could design some wonderful uses for that equipment.  yes, first in its present capacity, and then perhaps another.  it is my firm belief that one should never extol one’s virtues, only exude them.

fuck that, dude.  go for the newspapers.  set up a photo session.  do office hours.  we already do office hours.  nobody wants to interrupt you.  well, when they’re ready, or when they want to, they will.  again, that’s kind of the idea.  all i have are ideas.  pick my brain.  if you use my time like an employer, i expect to be a well-paid employee.  if i am not, i will cease contact with you.  freeze-out.  it’s a self-preservation method.  see, my system is completely flexible.  anyone may change any wording of any connecting documentation at any time, it must pass the requisite notice period, or receive approval/notification of every participant.  which means, if we’re in a meeting, nothing decided there is truly approved until everyone signs off.  if participants block life-preservation tasks, they will be eliminated.  dictator retains right of execution, and is pro-death-penalty for a variety of offenses.  he does stick to consensus, though.  so the fact that he alone thinks you should die doesn’t necessarily mean that you do.  this pleases him greatly, and he patiently awaits his first call to action.

vicious?  vicious is how tv-addict parents treat their children when they delay the evening rituals.  parents, if you hate your kids, you are abusive.  give them up.  there has to be someone else who gets along with them well enough to survive.  staying in an adversarial situation, on top of and in addition to all of the poisons?  no.  books, paper, recyclables.  we will take them for you.  they will keep us warm, power our water-heater/generator, or provide cooking heat.  we’re in the mobile materials processing and permaculture food/rainforest construction crew business.  do you want a job?  it’s the most flexible work you’ve ever done.  you watch educational videos with children, and take turns saying nice things about them, or explaining things in analogous terms.  the same app that feeds you the data tracks your time, and when we produce vegetables, they will be available to you and your family, possibly delivered, possibly cooked/canned, or possibly a few slices at a time on a sandwich.  because we’re consensus, the standards of quality for human fuel are the highest of any organization i’ve yet encountered.  not that i don’t encounter capable people.  it’s just that we’re all forced into these awkward, competitive interactions, and everything gets muddled.  i am the one who initially fell head-over heels for you.  the fact that others adopted that protector/partner role is inconsequential.  it’s not inconsequential.  the consequence is my solitude.  all the dads shorten the leashes on their daughters, further suffocating them and stunting their growth, and the tv plays on the same tired lifestyle advertisement it has spewed for decades.  effective measures.

is there anything else we have to do with the car today?  well, we’re breaking the detox by drinking decaf with cream, aren’t we?  let’s get a case of brews!  umm, no.  i knew we shoulda got tea.  fuck that, waitresses hate tea.  decaf is easier, and yummier.  fine.  bread and kwik-fruit until monday cooking.  that seems to be the tradition.

“all i ever do is win, champion.  ima champion, ah ah ah, i’mma champion, yeah” –shystie track in ma eerz.  i don’t know if it was Shean Williams or Black The Ripper, or the producer, Fireworkz.  i like that track. 😀

5:00 pm.  heading out.  thanks for the productive work environment, truck stop. 😀

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-03-3 (Saturday).

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