oh, eddie

“ed was at the end of his rope, an expression he detested.”

dictator’s log, whatever the fuck day today is:  erv is now filling up with water, parked pseudo-legally, and pseudo-recently pseudo-dismantled and pseudo-left incomplete.  she’s filling up with slush-water, as we speak.  we start freaking out about it, and dictator smacks us.  there’s nothing we can do about it.  if nobody wants to help us, we get no help.  such is the way of help.  so kickstarter?  i’m thinking one of those white-board things.

here goes:

hi, my name is tyler. i’m running for president the way i think it ought to be done, and i am to the point where i could use some cash.  $20,000 sound good?  for what?  uhh, a mobile energy/data/survival/permaculture vehicle.  the foundation of this project (i call her erv, electric recreational vehicle, if you’re into the whole brevity thing) will be a 1983 toyota huntsman camper.  It has water damage, so will need to be disassembled and re-assembled from the ground up.  she will be a transformer, with a detachable living space, independent of the cab, which will itself be an electric farm vehicle when not carrying the living, carapace, shell.  it will be solar on top and have human generator inputs, a system of flywheels and retractable wind-gathering apparatus, as well as rainwater collection, solar distillation/heating, and a multi-purpose space that can act as anything from shower to living room to certified kitchen to dance floor to music studio, and everything in between.  we will use the existing shell and equipment, but set it up in human-transportable pod-form.  it will either float or have a boat, it will carry bicycles, farm tools, and all the essentials of my life.  the design is not complete, if you can’t tell.  also, i have no idea how many more features will ultimately make it into this thing, but i will video-tape my progress, and post all of my expenditures publicly, as any good candidate/concern/business ought.

buckminster fuller says bad news is saleable.  this is why people who get cancer have huge fund-raiser parties where they get a bunch of well-to-do christians together to support the chemicals/poison-delivery industries.  i want to grow things to eat.

radiation is omni-directional, not linear.

we have a circus script, a woods-to-off-the-grid-conference-center in a week/end script, and iOrg.  that’s a shortening of Isherwood or international, or independent, or infrastructrual and organic, or organization, or organism, orgasm, or orgone.  yeah, we have an iOrg script.  there’s a torgerson road script, a water street script, and a union block script.  it’s more of a downtown central wisconsin script at this point, but we have a parks-to-food/forests script for that, too.  every level of “oversight” is the same.  provide full information, full nutrition, and provide logical designs for self-sufficient survival.  these are not popular words, i realize, but they are words.

i could use a church that had a big door (9.5 ft clearance) or a small corner of a warehouse.  i have most of the tools necessary, and a great many of the skills necessary.  the first step is going to be stripping off the old shell and getting the drivetrain shored up as an electric drag racing flat-bed.  the shell will have its own 3 and/or 4-point lift system, with wheels, allowing for human or wind or electric movement.  it’s going to be a multi-fuel machine.  i have an old kerosene heater, two air conditioners, and the gas refrigerator within the old rv.  the expandable space could be a refrigeration unit, a sauna, or a partitioned combination of both.

as far as construction materials go, aluminum cans will play a major role.  i’m working on finding a large capacitor material that could form into the outer shell and seal/insulate the rig properly for winter use.  the can-reinforced structure will be interlocking tetrahedrons of hand-formed strips of aluminum, riveted, welded, and epoxied together.  i will use the most logical substances i can find.

“this is the beginning of trigonometry, i’m sure” ~buckminster fuller, on sea navigation beyond the sight of land masses.

dictator says none of this is legal under the collectors’ license plate scheme.  the exterior will be the same style, and the silhouette is going to stay the same.  i have no idea how any of this is going to work.  if i were any good at fundraising or convincing people to give me money, i could have paid someone to do all of this shit for me by now, or at least i could rent a place to do it myself.  i spend all my time writing this, because it’s what i’m driven to do, on the continued hope that assistance is aligning.  part of me wishes i could see it.  i feel awfully alone right now, and this is really the first time, and the first reason i’ve ever asked for anything, from anyone.  i don’t consider asking for a job to be asking for something, as the employer/renter/seller invariably gets more out of the arrangement than the other.  such is the only view capitalism is willing to take.  blinders.  i should have prepared myself as more dependent on actual humans.  then they might have been slightly more helpful than not at all.

your political systems claim transparency, but they are not.  being transparent scares the crap out of most mortal people who hear anything close to it.  they’re instantly overwhelmed by data, and they shut down.  or, more likely, they scream and yell and harumpf so much that nobody is able to hear/learn anything.  they don’t give you any reasons, any explanation.  they just leave.  tv to watch, is all i can assume.  oh, i wish they would tell me in full detail what i could do to earn the right to be considered a viable human, so that i might start in that direction.

i have done everything i ever wanted to do with my life except earn myself a living.  we never actually wanted to do that, so our own needs have been completely satisfied.  or revised.  no, the reality is not that capitalists are self-serving, adam smith.  capitalists are cannibalistic.  they are brutish, abusive, assuming jerks.  and you wonder why the public keeps you in this starvation chamber.  how?  in what way is my situation better than a homeless person anywhere?  i’m constantly harassed or forced to constantly exert an appearance of “strength” (as if any of these retards have that), and surrounded by helpless addicts and prideful, scornful, scolding bureaucrats.  there are so many empty houses and buildings in this town, it makes me sick.  i know the space i need for all of these business and cooperative ventures sits un-used, right at this very moment.  all of the spaces which could be food forests within a few short years are still being planned to be mowed.  finite cash (which enslaves one’s neighbors) used to buy a finite resource (fuel) to maintain anti-productivity and anti-diversity of species, technique, etc, etc, etc.  none of the structures collect the rainwater they shed, and none of the “landscaped” spaces contemplate food production, watershed, or any outdoor human interaction other than competitive sporting events.  i find this entire society incredibly sad.  not only sad and pathetic, as in useless, but depressing, cry-worthy, sobbing constantly at the amount of pain and abuse these poor people both absorb and inflict.  they’ve been manipulated.  they’ve been lied-to.  but, the truth is out there, and each and every one of you are running out of excuses for your inaction and refusal to communicate.

who would you like to work with?  anyone who has capabilities.  is that true?  i need space to work.  nobody can understand the words i say let alone assist without complaint or need of monetary support.  i cannot abide complaints, and i have no cash.  i don’t need to hire anyone, i just need a space where i can do this myself.  all i want is permission to use a small piece of land, preferably covered.  that’s not all you want.  you’d like help, also.  of course, if it’s available.

i am capable of being helped.  any number of people could assist me for this project.  i call it one project, because i think like a corporation.  any legal purpose is its reason to be here.  it has a long list of objectives for this thing, the most important being something to do with my time and expertise.  do you want me to “manufacture” something?  that’s nowhere near as useful as the process i’m proposing.  nowhere near.  that is one aspect of that which i propose.  your over-simplification shreds the reasons for implementing a cooperative, systematic enterprise in the first place.

once erv was done, she sold people on the co-op, all by herself.  well, the apps didn’t hurt.  in-kind survival contribution?  yes, you can write it off on your taxes if you’d like, or you can consider it part of your food budget when you exchange the equivalent value in tomatoes once they’re in season.  do you really think you’re going to sell capitalists by promising tomatoes for the rest of their lives?  why not?  mother earth will provide, if you let her.  nature is far more efficient, stable, and simple than humanity’s implementation of the square and cube.  the smoker sitting across from me smells as bad as the perfumed females who wander past while searching the stacks.  libraries rule.  poisons fucking suck.

is the expression “that sucks” homophobic?  suck an egg?  i don’t want to get into etymology, entomology, or exoskeletalography.  that’s a made-up.  who cares.

slop outside.  slush is raining from the sky.  the library’s brighter, what with all the white, but that’s about the only benefit.  i got to slide some slush around, and should head back before i lose daylight to do more.  yeah, probably.  have we responded to the comment yet?  is it worth responding.  probably.  see the last entry:

“You rant against the country who’s welfare programs allow you to live.” ~Robert [sic]

first, bob, i live of my own volition.  i receive no benefit from “welfare programs,” (i’ve lived in section 8 housing before, and gotten food stamps for a grand total of six?? months for my entire lifetime) and the allowance to live on my own “family’s” (in its loosest possible sense) property comes with regular labor expectations, which are grossly undervalued in car culture.  to receive benefit from the state, i am forced to interact with brash, cruel, stupid, condescending, uncaring cogs, state-educated children who will brow-beat me into participating in poison culture.  the state will not allow me to use my chosen mood balancer, and has no solution not connected to multi-national corporations.  if you have a place where i could stay and work, please let me know.  otherwise, fuck the fuck off, you grammar-tarded asshole.

you accuse/assume wrongly.  i provide for my own spartan existance. the state is a mocking sham.  i responded something else.  go read it if you care.  i don’t.  great.  fuck off then.

mom’s probably home.  yeah, whatever.  i’m hungry.  we can come back.  should we post this now?  why the fuck not.  good point.


post script:

restarted bucky 55:00 into part 3.  5:04 pm.  i’ll be typing/reading/listening ‘til 8, then, more.

there will be specialized tools.  dictator will need to know what the prep time is for those machines, who is qualified/allowed to operate it, and this will coordinate with the large-capacity work days.  apparently dictator’s not a good judge of this “capacity” thing.  he expects the mortals to be able to work like it does.  as needed, 24/7.

fantastic structural capability.  i grow it?  yep.  one version of the shell will be grown as trees.  like that chair/art/formage.  cheesy, but yes.  fro-mage.stic.  hairstyles and attitudes.  properly adjusted is naturally sculpted.  human interaction needn’t be destructive.  we can be participatory systematic optimizers with this organism.  you must be that respectful of it for multiple reasons: 1) it knows what you’re thinking.  yeah, like esp.  plants/humans/animals read your thoughts/aura.  2) it doesn’t give itemized prioritized action-to-do lists.  it does, rather than explain.  the explainers, the loud ones, are very skilled at attracting attention, but why is it that you are paying attention to that voice?  listening to this one recording of buckminster fuller is teaching me more math and science than school/books did.  i abandoned industrial science when i was 18 years old.  i saw where it was headed.  inner cynic thinks we were wrong to take the course we did.  “just because your classmates, contemporaries, and well-wishers have made millions, collectively, off of your continuous contributions, does not mean they’ll share when they’re across the finish line and you’re being asked for basic credentials by snotty children.”  of all ages.  what?  nobody wants to permaculture up their hunting land, bro.  don’t nobody me.  you are one person.  a singular perspective.  i have zero respect for your statistics, your fascist “news” sources, and your laziness.  infinite then.  yeah.  what is superior design if not lazy.  what’s the point of the word “better” if nothing is unless it costs continuously more or kills you.

downloading thoughtforms.  all my pages are black with low-light grey/green text because that’s how i receive thoughtforms.  black blueprints.  something.  kirlian video?  sometimes. or the facts.  the rife light filtration techniques could do a lot.  indeed.  we need to find his reincarnation.  its inner light.  be still and know.

i simultaneously occupy many bedrooms and toilets about the world.  it’s a deathing.  not nearly.  the aliens will arrive as the movies predicted, but they will work with those of us willing to communicate with them as living beings of the universe.  you realize we’ll have to do that with our own neighbor species, once the analogy is drawn.  the de-compartmentalization shall not be centralized.  civilized.  oh, the humanity.  do all of the violent people have to die violent deaths?  if they must.  grody.  compost me, bro

“total integrity of the universe itself.” and “operating entirely intuitively.”  more of fuller’s words

i keep having flashes of the different types of disasters that a leaky erv could bring.  all my shit ruined.  tens of dollars of damage.

i can’t babysit this thing.  i have to be living it.  then live it.  where?  couch surfing question?  i don’t want to have to look at that page.  bad memories of me.  aren’t they all.  let go.  ok.  i have been forgiven.  thanks.  just don’t expect to… revisionist, eh?  conditionals introduced after an agreeable statement are essentially lies.  to raise expectations like that is quite illegal.  certain processes take place upon securing those types of permissions, and to place enslaving conditions upon another clearly shows that one’s intent is deceptive, competitive.  dictator nearly knocks over the chair launching for the door.  it’s base state need not be panic.  well, that’s about as stable as we get these days.  basic survival needs are not being met.  human interaction.  direct.  physical.  i have more scripts than you realize.  infinite personality disorder, dictator calls it.  the fascists get huffy when you leave or ask them to leave for their disrespect (erm, their standard way of being).  on this particular instance, the business “person” in question yelled a retraction of the conditions which caused this quick exit.  dictator re-entered the room with a boot through the door and breathing fire, “[…]” “i was kidding, tyler. be reasonable” “am i laughing?  <eyebrows twitch> now, what are the basics of your objections/revisions to the contract?  i bet you lunch tomorrow i can convince you they’re extraneous and already accounted for in the boilerplate.”  “you’re probably right. can we make it a double date if i bring my daughter?”  “why not? which one? bring ‘em all.” etc etc.

it’s like extremely violent slapstick.  isn’t that what’s popular?  yeah, but yours is different.  yeah, that’s what makes it watchable.  variety is the spice of life. 5:55 pm.

on the walk to the library.  oh, ok bob.  i live at the library, which is a tax-supported office.  if that’s what you mean by allowing me to live.  it is/does, though.  what if every block of sidewalk had sheds or shovels hanging on the outside of buildings to passers-by could clear uncleared walks.  or the city could cite the property owners for not clearing their path as they agreed by the city statutes.  are those public?  somewhere.  enforcement is entirely arbitrary and/or politically motivated, anti-intellectual, anti-humanitarian, etc, etc, etc when the mayor is a bar owner AND a drunk/meat-eater/tv-viewer/“news”consumer/x-head.  so, you watch a lot of cnn?  that don’t impress me much.

fractalize the video.  zooming in on itself, zooming out of itself.  reconnect to the higher perspective.  open the eye(s) to the light ☯ sweet.  it still requires that a video be designed and filmed.  i’m working on the vehicle design simultaneously, and trying to figure out an angle to approach investors/well-wishers.  help me help you.  perhaps my assistance is based on the completion of a parallel task.  perhaps the transformation of another property?  none of these poisoned capitalists has the creative capacity to even imagine those scenarios.  that’s not true.  everyone knows their land, their shop, and their capabilities.  no they don’t.  they don’t know their own arms, let alone their stomachs, let alone their land.  disconnect from them permanently.  or, more appropriately, they disconnected from you permanently already.  there is nothing you can say that will repair the disrespect that you echoed.  it’s their loss, and someone else’s gain.  who someone, is my question.  “a plurality of inter-accommodated systems.” ~Buckminster Fuller

i have terabytes of data flying around my head.  fingers fly around with barely a known of the melon.  what do you know?  does it matter?  flyweight code.  this is all in the wiki.

erv wants its own wiki?  she could use one.  she’s going to need a lot of maths.  i know.  i think there are going to be multiple incarnations of erv, and the shells can go into other projects.  probably.  an out-building is almost always useful, if humans need shelter/re-distribution.  oh, and they do.

well, redistribute it already, people richer than me talking about business incubator programs.  i have more data online than most for-profit businesses.  i still need an address, don’t i.  yeah, you do.  ok, snidey-bot, i’ve had about enough of you.  how can having an address, or owning land or having enough of a cash flow to pay rents be a condition of humanity?  the monetary/employment system are so royally fucked, the human respect is now almost completely opposite.  think of two inverse pyramids, occupying one another.  where there was a lack of cash but overabundance of love, the love flows out and the cash flows in.  what happens when cash is concentrated and love is illegal, looked down upon, highly discouraged, seen as “weird” and, AND different.  imbalance.  cancer.  dis-ease.  super-educated homeless permaculture advocates screaming their fool heads off on the internet trying to do single-handedly in a week that which “society” has been “unable” to accomplish (by violent squashing it, btw) for its entire existence.  the growth hasn’t been nearly as progressive as the rulers tell you.  those authority figures have been lying to you from day one, about damn near everything.

what if the sun is just the visible representation of the tractor beam from the black hole around which we spiral.  just a thought.

the meatbot is hydraulic.  “syntropy: coming together in increasingly orderly ways”

i’m going to combine tweets with this, see how that works 😀

i don’t have any more to write tonight.  cheers, peace, et. al.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-02-29 (Wednesday).

One Response to “o-edy”

  1. So the state expects you to try to find work and frowns on the use of pot. So what?

    You complain so much about bring poor and want others who have jobs to support you. Much of your misery seems self inflicted.

    Why not swallow your pride and work as a night stock person at a grocery store? You barely have to interact with people and then you could actually afford to implement some of your designs.

    Ps. A dental school might do work for free.

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