head party

free shelf had clinical chemistry, 20 or so.  it nabbed four. well, dictator did.  he made us reorganize it prettier and easier to read, too.  why’s he gotta be so nice to strangers who surround him all day?  ‘cuz they let him be and feel loved.  yah weh.

how we know tv is a poison.  every time you watch, you crave shit you know is unhealthy.  you know that it is.  but you crave it.  like biological urge crave.  overcomes logic crave.  but, again, you know it’s unhealthy.  besides being able to actually feel it (i know many of you nutrient-deficient blobs can still feel a little, even through all that shielding.  you feel safer under there?  warmer?  eh?  once we’ve rattled one another’s skeletons, we’re connected forever.  i don’t know if you knew that before, but it’s a pretty cynical and shallow view of the universe to think you can escape the rudeness you delivered to other people.  who’s escaping it?  you want more?  ask me for detail about anything.  it’s like a fractal.  it is a fractal.  logically and practically.

one state shall be all wetlands.  yes, people can still live there.  and the support net for floating and elevated/tree-homes shall be substantial.  first of all, think military-budget levels of funding, if needed.  depression-era slave-force numbers.  ultra-pure nano-organic understanding.  alien nanotechnologically-charged materials, techniques, and transport abilities without upper limit at the speed of thought.  da da da donnne.

the organizational superiority of technical journals makes my heart sink, for most of the rest of shit is organized to be a complete time-wasting pain-in-the-ass to find.  materials from Yale were always hyper-logical like that.  no fluff.  essential required details.  setting expectations.  i know the blue-blood is evil, when that dichotomy exists.  that method is right smart.  i diss my education there, but the humans i met there were extraordinary humans.  each and every one of them.  from institutional professors and bureaucrats to athletes to dancers and musicians and artists of all stripes, to dining hall workers from nuHay-venn itself.  i miss that dining hall the most.

i stayed back because i couldn’t communicate my love through all the bitterness with which i had been engrained.  i went out with my contracts prof in law school a few times, and the most memorable thing he ever said to me was “they must have learned so much from you.” in reference to Yale.  he was a yalie, too.  i am inextricably attached to these institutions, and i feel no need to detach.  those courtyards and rooftops will permaculture up real nice.  and once education opens up, it will remain a wonderous architectural reminder of the importance of ideals like light and truth.  these things are universal, and those who seek them are siblings/each-other.  3:33 pm

I’m reading God-Man, The World Made Flesh.  It is beautiful.  It is a digitized 180-page book from the University of California.  How am i not studying there, now?  how is this blog not a psychology/physics/media/journalism/music/dance/art school?  how quaint.  don’t pigeon-hole me, sir.  lol.  what?  i laugh at true stuff.

MIA is a goddess among goddesses.  bad girls.  pull me closer if you think you can hang.

better log in, huh.  wouldn’t want to miss this constant radio silence.  that’s how you know there’s a conspiracy going on.  it’s like james bond’s work record.  well, his underground avatar’s work record.  from that movie?  whatever 4:44 pm

library closes at 5, which is soon.  that mushroom video is super-great.  watch it if you like great stuff.  😀

fed. 5:55 pm. consumed bowls of stew/popcorn. weeding eminent. there’s a singing bowl i could play, too.  and a set of tuning forks.  i have an empty house, a massage table, and a useful meatbot.  i hereby summon pleasant company.

i’m now on page 153 of the text, 157 of the pdf.  5:23 am.  sleeps.

coming back to this, post processing.  it’s 3:56 pm on monday.  Librarying it, we is.  it was so warm today, nearly all the snow melted.  bank says 43 right now.  i have not heard back from any landowners, even the ones who have made offers, but refuse to speak to me, even though i have called and/or seen them in person.  if you didn’t want to help me, don’t offer.  stop lying to people.  it’s especially mean to lie to the homeless broke.  i know you think you don’t have to worry about them, being not broke and all, yourself.  legality is akin to money here, isn’t it.  and in a system that only pits people against each other, you’re clearly in the right no matter who you rip off, eh rich folk?  fuck you.

so, sunday school.  we get the biggest bibles we can find, and we start passing them around, flagging and tagging them with astrological references, references to organs of the body, and places on earth itself.  we cross-reference these with as many diverse views about what this document is, and we re-learn it from the perspective of all perspectives.  i suspect that ol’ book will glow.  as will your third eye, the integrated multi-variable sensor/projector all up in your skull.  the material which activates it requires certain materials, but more certain thought patterns.  you must stop insulting the feelings of your own meatbot, as these are self-destructive.  phase them out.

know the past only insomuch as it keeps you on the now path.  let people go.  now, most of the planet has chosen sides.  and most ofAmericais lost.  so be it.  hey, their entire religion is based on this fire-and-brimstone (biological process) about failure to be god (which they’re doing) and they love being yelled at and abused by the all-powerful (as far as their limited conception of power is tied to the same cult’s flawed underpinnings of reality itself).  physics matters, especially with and within living organisms.  i hesitate to call most of these hell-dwellers “living,” for once you remove the poison stream, they scream and flail about like fish out of water.  let them rot.

but, their kids will want to learn.  oh, who are we kidding.  kids teach parents, and students teach “teachers.”  by the time you get to college, it’s pretty clear that the people they put in the front of the room are the most ruthless fascists, ideologically.  it doesn’t even matter what it is that you believe with religious fervor, as long as it doesn’t relate to the health and well-being of living organisms.  as long as you stick to explosions and fire and shooting and making sure the smaller and or less powerful don’t try to expand simply because you are able to prevent this growth.  as if that’s difficult.  sometimes, actually, it is.  especially when it’s all you fucktards ganging up.  on us, and one another.  and, by ganging up, i mean continuing to collect in the profit-driven poison stores to not talk about anything related to survival.  oh, they have experts thinking about that shit.  all we have to do is serve these other folk with more money, and we’ll all be ok.  lies, lies, lies.

how fast or far do any of your lines of thought take you?  do you even have lines of thought?  seriously, some of you humans really need to help me learn how you operate, because none of your institutions will provide me with asylum, and individuals continue to make offers that turn out to be lies, which only makes me want every last one of you to die.  if one human cannot count on the promises of another, what is the point of any of this?  if the government isn’t providing food, shelter, and open access to information for all of its citizens, then what, exactly, is the point of that government?  if a family claims love, yet refuses to even see what it is that you do, let alone provide encouoragement, what is the point of using this word “family?”  it’s just another granfalloon, a set of unfortunately aligned unrelated humans.

i do not know what my situations would have been like if the liars had been eliminated from the equation.  they wouldn’t have been mine, would they.  are my lies counter-lies?  defensive lies?  of less importance?  does the fact of my relative disadvantage get taken into account, in any way?  oh, that’s another sacred cow.  everyone’s equal in the eyes of the law, unless they’re poor, then fuck ‘em.

i didn’t get the same education.  i knew i was a spy the whole time.  i told them so.  i fell into the same poison traps.  i can’t say i ran all the gauntlets, because i didn’t.  i kept pace, and i directed my venom towards flawed theories, ill logic, and spin.  all spin is insidious.  either love the all of me, or quit wasting all of our time.  health is the solution, and it is more beautiful than you could imagine.  the primary function of your 3rd dimensional brain is imagination.  the highest function.  that is the creation, the cutting edge of reality.  the thoughtforms which carve the very living aether.

why am i rambling?  why do i write at all?  why do i tweet?  why do i e-mail anyone?  why do i make the frightfully few phone calls that i do make?  i never got socialized.  i am a feral human.  like amelie or any number of mutants.  whenever my imagination grows to encompass all of an area, a state, a nation, a planet, the clubs come out.  the missiles launch.  guns fire upon the most relevant indigenous cultures left on planet earth, directed by the least useful, the most awful.  if these acts are what comes of your religion, we must eradicate it.  your religion, you fucking slave, not you.  you, for all your adherence and assistance to these monsters, get to live.  this hell you have built, this nightmare within a cage, must be repaired by something other that fire or explosions, something other than covering symptoms.  amongst the diseased teeming masses, “things are getting overgrown, and it’s time for ruthless cutting.

and it’s funny, because the ones who are offing themselves are the ones who understand the positive transition best.  the ones that can’t bear to stay here, the ones who choose to concentrate the seed of power in those left.  what if there were only one person running.  what if everyone who wanted to run spoke to everyone else who thought they could design and allow its implementation, better.  what if they were left in a room with a concede or be conceded to, kill or be killed edict?  yeah, like highlander style.  a single-elimination tournament.  all that poison you’ve been filling your buildings with ain’t gonna help you much when you only take money, and nobody’s handing it out any more.  your disrespect for humanity of numerous ages is apparent by how you get them to hand over their money.  they spend it on poison.  you are poison, and you spend it on poison.  thus, the poison cycle continues, nobody learns a fucking thing, and everybody’s food continues to taste like poisonous shit, but nobody gives a fuck because everybody’s wasted on their own “fully legal” cocktail of poisons.  heal mother earth. shut up.

if the name of your organization is “down with…” that’s where you’re going.  if it contains any reference to war, that is what you advocate.  QUIT TELLING US WHAT IT IS NOT OR SHOULD NOT BE.  if you don’t yet know the is, practice.  start small.

the saddest part of this whole fucked up mess is that the people who claim to be helping can do a lot more harm in their misdirection than those who sit back and wait for a positive healthy message, script, or ruler with which to align.  i would not put the right of universal death granter in the hands of any human but myself.  well, or many of the girls i like, but only because they’d use it on me first.  i want them to have all my power.  i only ever collect and magnify it to redistribute it freely to whoever is listening or capable of hearing.

what makes large cities nice is the set that don’t have automobiles.  the carless set.  the humbleness that not having the protection of tons of steel around you can really shift your perspective.  too bad those beasts are running on borrowed time.  stolen fuel.  yes, your ability to run this whole stupid shit is conditioned on the improper use of this planet.  in the car-culture/industrial-ag/mindset, everything other than driving is laughable stupidity.  there is no warmth left in the hearts of drivers.  only in the friction caused by their self-opposed explosions.  defenders of the faith, you are offenders of the truth.  die.

wow.  i thought this was going to be healthy.  honest is healthy.  this is mean, you’re telling people to die.  so, curing cancer is mean?  cutting off a limb that is infected with gangrene is mean?  these are the impediments to all our progress, and many of them remain within you.  let the poisons release, and let your organs of detoxification and transport move the bad stuff out.  the stream of poison can be ceased completely, immediately.  the detox will quicken if it is.  if you stick to the machine’s program of “small steps,” none of the filters or pumps will ever get clean, and you will continue being a completely worthless cog in the war machine.  the choice is yours.

ok, then.  i better stop typing.  i’m losing friends.  ahahahhaahahahahahahahhahahaha friends.  that’s a field name on a database.  that’s what you call someone you want to die slowly and painfully.  frr end.

love or love not.  fair is no cry,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-02-18 (Saturday).

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