union and main

union an mayne, onion nin main. cute little pickups at union an main. [i can see the intersection from my desk/table in the library, today.  it’s swell.]

high school flashbacks.  prom.  i’m sorry i was such a fascist douche back then.  i like to think i’ve grown, spiritually, energetically.  who knows.

i started this, and it’s 4 hours long.  should i download the whole thing?  ok.  i will then watch it in two.  high speed, yo.  my time is.  precious.  plus, this guy rambles.  how do i watch it faster?  i use VLC, and using the bracket keys, you can adjust the speed. i have found this feature useful in both directions.  sometimes, i watch movies like this.  at 2x speed, you can finish a movie in less than an hour.  if you’ve seen it before, you essentially get the same effect.

warping about the planet, or occupying every street, simultaneously. 5:00 pm

Nassim Haramein, like most people who discover cracks in the “systematic” explanations.  they’re not “systematic” as it aligning with a system, they’re systematic as coming from a “system”.  what’s “the system” of earth right now?  violence, a limited conception of hierarchy, and exploitation of differences in information.  i’ve slowed it to 1.5x speed.  157 of 517 mb downloaded (30%, so far).  I’m 51:35 into the video, and i love these anti-institutional rants.  they’re like occam’s razor in video.  hyper-logical.

this explains a slightly different angle on the academic/scientific physics community.  tom beardon gives another, as does the discrediting of tesla.

taking a break at 2:06:30, where the video does. listening to shystie.  one mixtape, i obtained from a zip archive full of mp3s.  the other, i got using a firefox plugin to relocate the raw flv files from YouTube to a usable location, then used a program called “free FLV converter” to convert them to mp3s.  every time you watch a video on YouTube, your computer is doing this, but it buries the files in your temporary internet folder, depending on the browser you use, i suppose.  anyway, it’s a rare website that can keep me from getting video, let alone audio.  if you have a half-way modern audio card, you can record audio right from the card.  you have to check levels, or normalize the files you get, but if the audio will play on your computer, you can record it.  it’s a computer.  ones and zeroes.  the dictator heard what it wanted, saw what it needed, and learned of this via other hackers, crackers, pirates and forums.  it was a lurker most of its online life, or before it had an online life, i suppose is more accurate.  we have had some sort of presence since ee101.  it wondered whether it had that text somewhere.  probably.  arc-hives.

in a parallel life, i had sex in high school, studied engineering at UW Madison on a Governor’s scholarship, and built erv as my senior project.  i had more to learn, in different directions, this time around.  don’t get me wrong, i like aspects of the route i took/am-taking.  this video shows that.  the presentation isn’t spectacular.  i know, i went to a world-class law school, and i felt, while i was there, that i could single-handedly teach the essentials of it to a conscious human in two weeks.  now, i embed it in closely related tweets.  those are 140 characters or less.  i use a lot of symbols (Φ,♨, [roman numerals] 1,000: ↀ, 5,000: ↁ, 10,000: ↂ, etc.), and hyperlinks (urls) to other places, which makes that whole “140 character” thing kind of a misnomer.  but it’s not, because i regularly fill all 140 chars with “standard” English text, capitalization, and punctuation, on occasion.  also.  each subatomic particle has the information of the whole, and the whole explains each sub-x particle.  that file is 2/3 done.  i could move closer to the antenna to speed it up, perhaps.  how did i get so impatient?  there’s lots i would like to do before i die, and with a zero-dollar budget, the equation simplifies like the admission of the infinite.  yes, yes it do.

this guy reminds me of my brother in law.  i switched to a study carrol, paused and restarted the download, which allowed the connection to re-establish more quickly, cutting the remaining time from an hour and a half (or so) to 39, then 54 minutes.  why yes, i am a bandwidth bandit.  i share what i find, with everyone.  i think this matters.  6:29 pm.

to be in conflict with nature is to be in conflict with reality.

“you are an extension of space, looking back at itself.”

my brain is unpacking this right now. it makes sense.  fun stuff.

heading out (7:45 pm)

(next day, ~3 pm) back on it.  your conception of physics is integral to how we all view our place in the universe.  it’s the most important thing to understand, the thing upon which all of the rest of our knowledge must be built.

the inherent disrespect in your description of any other layer is proof of your flawed conception.  let us fix that. here’s where he starts on waves, which leads into the discussion of our corkscrew-shaped path about the earth’s rotation, which has a corkscrew-shaped path around/behind/with the sun, which itself has a corkscrew-shaped path around the solar system.  we’re like a ball on a string on a ball on a string on a ball on a string to infinity.  and beyond.  atoms are black holes.  your disc theory is a gross/cruel/misleading over-simplification of the actual world, much like the rest of your industrial education.  are we done here?  i believe so.


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