shift density

day of saint valentine, and it starts off the day with a wee bit of a driveway/sidewalk shovel, a cook of the ol’ beany ricey spices, a warm cuppa joe, with half-and-half (industrial poor peoples “milk” is an awful approximation for the real thing, btw), and three very special jars holding sustenance for the immediate future.  i had generic macaroni and cheese last night, the whole box, with thai hot sauce and black pepper. then, i ate a sleeve of generic saltines.  dollar store, yo.  good eats ‘til 10.  i ran into a few brainwaves of blog topics while cooking.  perhaps they’ll return.

i twote (ya like that?) about v.d. today.  oh, saint valentime.  heh.  what if everyone that did a garmatctical miss take wuz did it for to entrotrain you?  den watt?

that video i watched last night was pretty awesomeness.  it talked about the astral body being able to see things anywhere.  one would assume, once you’re able to disconnect and re-align it, why not anywhere in time?  perhaps that’s a different skill-set, or density.  once i learned of this, i was thought-warping about the planet, being a gentle, loving presence among the few humans with whom i’d like to be a gentle, loving presence, but with my actual corporeal form.  there i go, wishing for the how again.  i literally experience all the love i need from/through/with the internet these days.  if you shut that off, you eliminate my ability to have relationships with human beings.  now you’re being overly dramatic.  the humans around me can.

i got it.  every time ye olde corporate drugged blob mentioned “communism” he only ever used that word, and he said shit like, “it never works,” which is true, but only because (and he conveniently fails to mention this aspect) poor people under the control of another show up with guns and kill everyone.  this, has in turn forced even “communist” societies, which you would think would focus on providing food and housing, or the realistic opportunities for as much, to their people, into a defensive posture, knowing they must preserve their lives from the violent before they may attempt peaceful co-existence.  this says nothing of the usefulness of that peaceful existence.  if the question of efficacy of certain economic systems is in question in the court of worldly knowledge, the actual question has never been gotten to.  the powers that be keep throwing those who argue in its favor in the clink, yelling “out of order” and “that’s not fair” when we call them out for being violent thugs and not justified rulers of anything, by any stretch.  the question has not been decided, except in that these actions show rather unequivocally what outcome is painfully obvious.  room elephants.  share. go.

having a job, in this country, is a two-part thing.  you must be willing, not only to do the actual job that you are paid to do, but you must also submit to the will, cruelty, and incompetence of another person, who gets paid more, and who is more likely fiercer and crueler than yourself.  i’m the nastiest person i care to hang out with.  and that’s when gentle people start whining.  when i’m around people who have dedicated their lives to the subjugation and cruelty, bullying because they can, i become a wrecking ball.  zip codes fall, hacked to bits by anonymous.

hey, hacktards, new project for ya.  design and implement a system whereby municipalities in theu.s.can make available public land for public gardening.  scheduling and training for human and infrastructural/vehicular interaction will be implemented real-time, with ongoing support from who-the-fuck-knows-where will be provided as long as a single person cares.  plant/organism database for propagation and nourishment of local edible flora/fauna [plants & animals].  you think those squirrels and deer are livin’ healthy on gmo corn, soybeans, and fast food trash?  poor lil’ giez.  :\.  happy valentines day, y’all.  see that, the previous two paraglyphs wuz the long lost bloggies, and even more iDeerz done yumped inta me noggin.  yay!

cute tan waggy dog with a small human on its leash.  spotted.  i saw them, the pair had no spots.  eye know ewe know watt eye meenz ;p  my offices have big windows.

look, i don’t know why you gotta be so yelly.  jailbait needs love, too.  oh settle, not from me, necessarily.  i don’t strictly rule people out for age reasons, and some of my favorite “relationships” have been with my friends wives, girlfriends, and children, where we were both “prohibited” from touching, even though we managed to, if only between ears, hearts, and vocal chords.  i am appropriately educational because that is the healthiest way to interact with other human beings.

here’s the funny thing about “cheating” i have learned.  if someone wants contact you’re not willing or able to give, standing in their way is harming them, not loving them.  why do people “commit” to people who can’t or won’t give them what they need?  it’s a stabby [topsy-turvy, paternalistic, competitive, abusive] world, kids, and self-preservation gets tricky in war-time.  open the books.  release the hounds, so we can make clean organic food for them, and live with them as dogs, not as replacement people because there aren’t any decent people left.  i know from personal experience that that’s not true.  decent people are everywhere, if they are allowed to see the peaceful paths whereby they may interact with one another for discovery/utilization of nutritious survival.

ok, so one of the “services” i offer is “wingmyn.”  whether i am attracted to you or not, i can both highlight you good qualities and teach you the qualities that you will have to give up on, forever, if you want what you say you want.  i put your most intimate secrets out in the open, simultaneously, in front of god and everyone. else, at this bar/meeting/club/house/store/restaurant/kitchen/shop.  sheesh.  stress is not the intended bonding material, but the liquefication, if you will, of those dead, outdated ideas which keep you apart.  you will leave the room with full explanations, if the situation arises, and exercises in communication and phrases like, “your present state says that i must leave, and having nowhere to go, is there something i may do that will please you instead?” and the always-present, always-respected request for silence, in timed blocks.  believe me, though not necessary for most daily interactions, the counter-productivity is so deeply engrained in some, a full minute of smiles, bio-energy freely given, and unrepentant, unabashed, unlimited, and anti-conditional love (via department of redundancy depertmint) may be necessary to sooth the savage beast (you will recognize these savage beasts by their empty loudness, shiny expensive coverings and accoutrements, unnatural smells, and brutal adherence to mean old stories).  redundancy.  that should be my new twitter handle.  lol.  more liek retardancy.  ok.  even better! lol.

i see no use in hating on anyone.  it just pisses them off and makes them be douchefucks more than they already are.  verbal violence is violence.  indirect assholishness is assholishness.  indirect violence, or the excusing of violence, the protection of violence, is also violence.  a good friend of mine told me that her father would beat her brother, and then yell stuff like, “it’s a good thing you’re not a boy” at her when he what, didn’t understand?  didn’t like?  couldn’t control? her actions?  the culture of violence extends through workplaces, through educational and “healing” institutions, through advocacy organizations, and has been the last thing keeping “religious” institutions, institutions.  speaking of institutions, betty must have been the most “old-fashioned” of them all, huh.

that’s fucking badass. end a paragraph with a sensical double-institution?  [+sic] burn(s).

there’s a part of this recording, which is in my heavy rotation, btw, which is a woman’s voice off from one side, and i always think someone at the library is trying to get my attention.  no such luck.  all my friends are imaginary, and i love that.

or dead, lots of them are dead.  sylvia plath and i are gonna get it on later tonight, prolly a giggly messy orgy with kurt vonnegut and kathy acker.  hmm.  sexy.  wat?  i’m a virgo, and my grandfather was in the military during some of the most awful times to sell your corporeal self to the fighty arm of the warriest of states.  batter fam’eel ee’us. [USA!]ⁿ

you aren’t even required to be a “human being” to become president of theunited states.  lord knows what species of shape-shifters from around the galaxy we’ve elected as our warlord general.  fuck.  my bumper sticker factory pumps out shit like “i’d rather be fucking.”  oh, and yes, good sir, if your daughter and i are compatible, a) who the fuck are you to tell her who to fuck and b) why would i necessarily rule out “progeny of friends” from the list of fuckables?  seriously.  it’s a list of positive traits, abilities, and tendencies.  it’s constantly in flux, because i fall in love with individuals, not archetypes.  and all of them have archetypes to which they can switch if they want me to go.  i don’t ask questions.  i don’t lament the briefness of our interaction, and if i am unable to transition my own recently-fucked vibe into a regular partner (skill to learn), then i will savor our encounter when my spirits dip.  i am worthy, as are you.  the things which cause you to say that you are not, are not essential parts of you.  i have experienced pleasures and connections that will last my soul lifetimes if i never encounter another willing to share this us.  i love you all.

i still need a shop.  look, i don’t feel right asking people for cash when i don’t have a place to work.  i’m completely portable.  i could fit everything on the footprint of the truck/house itself, but clearly a more permanent working space would move things along quicker.  i look first to the heavy-haulers.  i am a small-fry relative to your operation, but i would benefit from the economies of your scale.  i submit to you, kind-capable sir, that you would benefit from the nano-scouring of a child labor camp.  it takes all kinds.  call it fat camp, for now.  that’s just because y’all are fat.  both in attachments to brain and musculature.  once you’re not, it can just be home.  i want to be able to walk from one end of this country to the other, on routes that barely interact with automobiles, where i will encounter friendly people who will share good nutritious foods, healthy loving music, and unabashed sincerety in their art/being/existence.

it was odd, how most people came to us.  or not so odd.  you know how in thor, he had to be tazed, subdued, and drugged to calmness and non-destruction before he could usefully interact with the small gentle beings which inhabited our “realm?”  that is a good analogy for the typical human of western society, and each of you must calm your selves, inner and outer.  selves.  listen to the perspective of your higher self.  i know you listen to my higher self when i am near you, because i can see farther, in more directions and in less time, and y’all would rather listen to a dictatorial focus-point than realize your own capability to rule your world.  our world.  ask me to speak to you, and i will give you my perspective.  deny me my perspective, and i will destroy your denial.  see truth.

one of my bestest interweb pals says she fell in love with a band i introduced her to.  this pleases me more immensely than most things, because i know how i am once i have gotten close enough to someone for their recommendation in music, or art of any kind, for that matter, to infiltrate my worldview.  i do not mean to devalue arts of different density, if you will, or vibration, but i speak as the self-proclaimed dictator of planet earth.  controlling no land, no cash, no souls, be they human or “beast”. [d’awww] 😀

the density video also brings up the introduction of photons by the acorporeal eyes, and their ability to penetrate solid matter in a hypnotic state.  this would explain how i can walk through this world, disguised to the point of invisibility by the outer shell of a “homeless” “man.”  and, how a thirty-five year old human can dedicate its life to the preservation of organic life through honest hard work, multi-functional design, and a strict policy of “we do not negotiate with terrorists.” even and especially if the only thing they offer us in exchange for their violence is “jobs.”  i’m looking at you, prison/military/congressional-industrial-simpletons.  you’re not even complex.  fucking smash and grab.  get a bigger hammer, and kill off the smartest ones.  how fucking backwards/retarded can you get?  oh, i mean, you answer all questions relating to the reason for your own existence every day, then you say that you are doing the exact opposite.  big fat lies, talking about how the smart and gentle people do, or did it, before you killed them.  oh, there it is.  that niceness never works, because big bully fucktards show up and kill everything.  stomp on anything gentle and kind, claiming your right to do so.  well, the authority that grants that right has since been revoked, mood-killer.  you are now personally liable for the harm that you inflict, with your every act, each and every day of your pathetic, miserable life.  may it be as short and pain-filled as you desire.  follow me if you want to live.  i found a shit-ton of shortcuts, the first of which is, sit your ass down where gentle people can see you, and cry until you don’t feel guilty for having restricted their love/nutrition/movement out of spite, pain, greed, and addiction.  we’ve all been there.  the path to forgiveness is the short and sweet.

5:21.  short breather. 5:25 pm, 37 ℉  №ººººººº’’’

☣巛彡~゚ª⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹ⁿ℃℉ↂↁↀⅿⓍ⊗∺≝≜≢≇≸⋖⋗■♨㍰㎐㎑㎒㎓㎔㏙: symbols

i ⋖ see ⋗ you

engrich is capable of peacable interactions, but not if one follow the warpath.  that’s intuitive, isn’t it?  right, once you see it.  you need not be in the same room to see it, do you.  ok.  i’m getting back to the photon-delivery capability of the eyes.  receptors.  ok, so we have electro-bio-receptors.  anyone who works with cameras or LEDs will tell you, the process isn’t complete unless your photons come from somewhere, and the apparatus won’t know it’s happening or remember that it did, unless the photons are read, sensed.  so, what i’m telling you is that your eyeballs are photon cannons, and photon receptors.  that’s how you can feel when someone is looking at you.  your skin is sensitive enough, and your pineal-gland/brain/heart can read/interpret the vibrations of those other organs in others, as well as disruptions in the vibration of our own bio-electrical-mechanical systems.  know what happens when you bang on pipes when they’re all connected?  you hear banging everywhere.  if you old building has bangy pipes, a plumber or pipe-fitter can install a device to limit the effects of water hammer to quell this disruption.  the physical banging is the result of the cessation of flow, whether by quick shut-off of a water valve, or a change in the flow through a radiant heating system (boiler).  how did we get on water hammer?  find you an arrestor.  your circulatory system delivers vibrations everywhere it goes. everywhere.

i am working on an electrical truck with my home on the back.  it’s going to be solar/wind/human powered.  it will also have a supplementary multi-fuel wankel motor as a redundancy.  regardless, am going to need to store electricity.  i figure the whole frame will be capacitors of some sort, so that i can get full bursts from it to power cooling compressors or stupid ridiculous speed when we take off the shell and drag race her.  she got dualies on the back!  i was thinking primary drive a/c motors on the rear wheels, and d/c motors up front.  of course, they’re both regenerative systems, another reason we need that capacitor capacity.  the detachable house will have its own leveling system and castors, so that it can be moved about independently, via secure remote app, on-board computer scripts, etc.  it’s going to be a big sous-vide chamber, a huge shower, workspace, living space, and modular, reconfigurable farm tool.  single, high-capacity, multi-purpose pumps and banks for compression/redistribution of fluids, energy, and btu’s.  yes, there will be a solar heating cell on the roof, integrated water/air, and onboard water/gas filtration/purifiers.  yes, it will make, purify, and compress and store biogas, which can be used for heating, cooking, or to run the generator which could heat, cook, or run any electrical appliances.  a smart control system, rainwater catchment, and human schedule inputs will ensure exact energy requirements are available when necessary, and multiple containment systems may be reconfigured when needed (example, most water chambers become hot-water chambers on days when outdoor hot water is useful, and expandable sinks around the exterior share these resources with as many humans as is feasible.  it is designed to house two permanently, with dog, cats, and chickens, and the capacity to convert useful sunlight into a variety of highly useful off-the-grid functions.  it will also have the capacity to convert on-the-grid electricity to useful functions, as well as biomass, like i said.  but whatever.  help me design/build this thing already.  uncles, employers, “friends,” and well-wishers.  release a space to construct this sort of thing, and i will help you convert all of your vehiculars to such usefulness.  stat.

are we done, sir?  almost.  we’ve been dancing along with this today. “no one’s around.  I’m my own crowd.”  you know he’s madly in love with another ‘net dancer who has a birthmark on her face so pretty that she keeps it hidden most of the time.  “people” spit when they see stuff that pretty.  i post “goddess” on their profile.  of course i want to meet you in person.  that’s what i’m hear four.  hear too, for.  heh.  she’s a compatible dancer.  yeah, we could both be in the same dance video, and it would look like it goes together.  i see these things.  you can tell me what you see, but don’t ever tell me that what i see is wrong.  i see more beauty than “humans” on average seem capable of conceiving.  of which, course, stay close to me being good ad-vices.

mas love, saints human,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-02-14 (Tuesday).

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