phi psi?  something.

i went off on “white people” today.  on the twitters.  i was being as honest as i can, and in my memory, non-white humans have been nearly universally kind, while about the opposite can be said of their white counterparts.  it makes sense.  i mean, i understand why, now better than at any other point in my existence.

the kills http://youtu.be/Zlrb6wOW6e0 cheap & cheerful

can we give this job an hour and a half or so?

Operations Assistant
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a digital civil liberties organization based inSan Francisco, is looking for an organized administrator with strong communication skills to serve as an Operations Assistant. The Operations Assistant will manage several projects, assist the Operations Manager and Executive Director, and provide project support to other members of EFF’s staff as needed. Strong project management, event planning and interpersonal skills are essential.

The Operations Assistant is responsible for ordering supplies and interacting with vendors. There would also be some research required into pricing alternatives. Supply ordering experience a must; strong research skills a plus.

The Operations Assistant is responsible for planning and booking venues for EFF events, as well as for event logistics. The job requires collaboration with members of EFF’s development, legal, and activism teams for effective event planning, so being a team player is a must. Event planning experience is also highly desirable.

EFF is in the process of renovating a building to serve as our new headquarters, and the Operations Assistant will be the primary contact person with our general contractor and other building-related vendors. Experience with construction or home renovation would be ideal.

Additional desired qualities:

• Gets along well with others
• Great phone manner
• Facility with Office applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel
• Thorough attention to detail
• Writing and editing skills

This is a full-time position working in ourSan Franciscooffice.

EFF is a 501(c)(3) organization, and we offer a competitive salary and compensation package. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume […]. No phone calls please.

Good day, Electronic Freedom Foundation,

in high school, i attended a number of leadership seminars, sectional/regional/state competitions/events for a variety of music/science/sport-related activities.  i was elected treasurer or president most of the time.  i lead meetings well.  i don’t make mistakes.  my first summer of college, i worked for Yale University Conference Services as a conference planning assistant.  I did all the things that this job will require, except the construction matters.  the next summer, i worked for the same office in a slightly different role, equipment manager.  i managed a staff of 10 peers, and drove a rented golf cart all over campus.  during the school year, i student-managed one of the unionized dining halls.  upon graduation with my Philosophy B.A., i moved toMinneapolis,MNwhere i worked for the transition department of Wells Fargo Retirement Plan Services.  I learned a lot about computers, databases, and finance.  During 2 ½ years, i had zero charge-offs, was intentionally placed with the most difficult/demanding consultants, and received exemplary marks on performance reviews.

i moved toMadison,WIfor my eventual legal schooling, where i worked as an office manager for a small computer recycling firm.  i ran payroll, set up direct deposit, the computer network, the phone system, and most front-office procedures.  bills were paid on time.  i sent one child support payment late, accidentally, once.  i was laid off (/offered my old job at half-pay), so applied toLawSchool.  I got into my first choice school.  during this time, i also served as president of the board of directors of one of the leadership seminars i had attended and been active with during high school.  I gave presentations to statewide conferences of community service organizations.  they smiled, called me well-spoken, and sponsored kids.

During law school, i studied constitutions, business law, international law, Islamic law, philosophy of law, and dove even further into my personal “conspiracy theory” research.  it all goes hand-in-hand, doesn’t it?  During law school, i encountered housing co-ops for the first time, and moved into one.  I learned about consensus decision-making, meetings, and the decent human respect that came with those things.

since leaving the cooperative, i have spent most of my time on farms.  one season at a sixth-generation industrial potato farm, then two at a number of smaller organics nearby.  i have also continued my pirate/dance/activist youtube channel, proposed a large, regional cooperative workers’/pets/farm/energy/housing/labor union/space, and i continue spreading the good words of light, truth, and freedom on twitter and wordpress.  lucky for you, i’ve also been doing some roofing/construction work.  i am very comfortable, to-the-point, and highly effective when speaking to tradespeople.  i have a great deal of respect for what they do, and i can leverage their wisdom to improve workflow/efficiency/design.  respectfully corralling humans around other humans is an art.  if the bills will be paid, i will secure you top-quality product/work/deals.

your organization is one of very few mainstream, institutional, legal concerns with which i would be willing to add my help/name/expertise.  I am running for president of theunited states, and all “lesser included offenses” as i call them (governor, sheriff, school board, snow-plow-driver, etc.), and i firmly believe that the planet will be healed through permaculture.

this job is inSan Francisco.  why don’t i care about it?  because their mission is convoluted, and they’re a non-profit.  i have little patience for these distracting gatekeepers.  legal non-profits provide services to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them.  so, we’re propping up this diseased and destructive structure by living off of the goodwill of its slaves, working to slow the inevitable juggernaut of corporate destruction?  yeah, i know.  what else would i rather be doing?

so, yeah.  read my twitter stream, my blog, and explore my playlists and youtube videos.  i’m far more vicious, ruthless, and gentle than anyone else i have encountered.

my e-mail address is on my website.

good day,

pee. ess.: what a crock.  i’m groveling for capitalists?  they should be groveling to me.  whatever.  if i get the job, i can almost guarantee a near-instant increase in activity, tenacity, and, frankly, brutality.  industry has cash, and this little segment of do-gooders works against these infinite black budgets and their propaganda infrastructure.  they’re expected to be calm and peaceful in the face of blatant selective enforcement, an unbelievable string of double standards, and a constant barrage of flat-out, vicious lies.  this is where i belong.

should i have mentioned the fact that my dance has been stolen from me and my brand for my entire life?  that i have a library of corporate conglomerate-generated movies, shows, and videos which have blatantly ripped off my life?  in exchange, i have been archiving and sharing as much data as possible/feasible.  my impact on the machine shall be through the precisely-tuned pen/key-strokes of my philosophical children.  there is nothing to fear, for the machine is us.  stop hitting yourself.  put resources toward nature-cooperative and survival-generating ends.  share tools to a far greater extent than your capitalist, violent, need-to-know education has trained you.  don’t be afraid to test or break things.  even a healed bone grows back with further strength than it had initially.  know that the machine will only be steered in the most beneficial direction, and stripped to its bare essentials (strict, uber-organic human survival and communication functions/infrastructure).

i have a philosophy of music.  i spend time with musicians and other music lovers.  i write, and i spend lots of time with writers.  my works are mostly solo efforts.  occasionally, i partner with humans, but the only organization i would ever fully endorse would be full e-consensus/permaculture/local.  my estate, if humanity ever finds anything that i do worthy of resources, shall be directed to that end.

i am an anarchist only in that i believe most of our systems/habits should be re-designed and re-built.  i am a systems designer/architect, a student of human psychology/movement, a pleasant co-worker, and a loyal subject of worthy lords.

The University of Wisconsin Law School prides themselves on their focus on Law-In-Action, versus the disconnected, theoretical, historico-political versions.  when my classmates asked me what i was going to law school for, i said, “to destroy the legal system from inside.”  if this ain’t that, i dunno wat iz.  fuck.  😀

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