re-call: F (erts)

recall efforts.

spending all the time and money re-enforcing this system is a waste of my time.  besides costing a shit ton for taxpayers, it will only increase the speed with which moneyed interests continue to strip that which you once considered your rights, privileges, and benefits.  quit feeding the machine.

no, i don’t vote either.  i don’t pay taxes, and i’m running for king fascist of this whole fucking shit.  no, this country is a waste of fucking space and it has never been free.  your leash is loosened up to the point where you can’t tell that you’re in a cage, and you enforce all of your masters’ insane rules on others.  fuck you and your corporate funded annoyance in public places.  when any of those people you work for give a flying fuck about what happens on the ground level in this country, they will join my efforts.  in the mean time, i’m not going to get in your way.

i got to emy j’s by quarter after 11 today.  greenhouse work started ten minutes ago.  i should get over there.  i am in no rush.  i’m going to finish my coffee first.

you want me to say more about this recall thing, don’t you.  i don’t like it.  i don’t like any participation with the machine.  when power provides a route of participation that’s a futile, up-hill battle of a lie, that’s not really participation.  to spend you r time acting in ways that contribute to this system is to legitimize that system.  do you get that?  by your action, even if it is only to stand against the acts of those in power, you are supporting that system.  that system is what needs to die, and you are keeping it alive.  stop it.

if we don’t have a human database, we should start thinking in those terms.  who are the useful people?  what kind of personality traits would be useful to have in an elected official?  me.  yes, me.  i am the best leader i have ever met.  i am just incapable enough to inspire the helpless to begin acting, and i fear exactly zero human beings.  except, of course, the little girls who make me weak in the knees.  my unrealistic expectations (they’re not that) keep me heart-shredded six ways from Tuesday.  what are you even doing here?  my purposes are multi-fold.

  1. partnership
    1. physical
    2. sexual
    3. business
  2. facilities
    1. shelter
    2. shop
    3. storage
    4. office
  3. transportation
    1. to work
    2. to friends
    3. to music
  4. usefulness
    1. interaction
    2. communications honing

i put honey in my coffee and didn’t stir it.  i carry a wooden stir stick in my office, along with my dumpsterred travel coffee mug, and various reminders of happiness.  the last sip is the sweetest when you forget to stir.

give them the honest list:

  • global play net (sex)
  • take over the world (drugs)
  • secure dictatorial birthright (rock’n’roll)

that’s a little better, you narcissistic ass.  don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.  why?  i gotta like everything?  well, no.  i don’t have that point in conversation where you’ve said something to me that completely shocks me or knocks me out of my honest assessment of the world around me.  i have no sacred cows to be perturbed.  this place is a horrible, abusive joke, and to allow you to continue to rehash “your views” as if they emanated from your own skull in the first place, tv zombie… what?  oh nothing.  tabula rasa.  blank slate.  i will put you there if you can’t get there yourself.  then, when you’re standing without a clue or a word to speak, i will calmly and gently explain the rationale and the process for the next logical step that will result in the most happy people, the most constructive useful work for real live humans to do, and the most inclusive, nutritious system with which to deliver all that we need.

i am the undisputed dictator of planet earth.  forget that, and i will crush your gods be they golden idols or propaganda infrastructure.

do not adhere to the paths presented by your me-dee-uh masters.  use their funding to create your own networks, but keep track of people willing and able to move, speak, listen, and learn.  for the tasks yet to come have not been completed by anyone, anywhere.  there is no consultancy to hire for the revolution.  or, the consultants of the revolution will not be wearing nooses.  theu.s.government has a habit of disposing of its most critical agents, and following the path of least resistance in such a dysfunctional organization will not put one in good stead with the commons.  these are diametrically opposed.

that said, this tension is inevitable and required.  let the flails of the machine bleed the front lines dry, and support them.  feed, house, and keep them able to stay on the front lines.  this means coordination of housing, cooking, and warmth.  revel in the smell of your fellow human animals.  quit thinking you’re going to signature your way out of the man’s death-grip.  please sir, stop choking, beating, and poisoning me.  all these people agree that it ack ack ack.  fucking pathetic.  keep up the good work.

i’m now a half-hour late.  this rant is mean.  no it isn’t.  it’s auto-neurotic.  i did too just coin that germ.  lerrm.  i’m gonna go post this and show up closer to an hour late for my volunteering shift today.  i love it here.  do you?  this place hasn’t given you what you want.  i get what i need.  my lovin’ requirements are increasing.  massive bandwidth capacity will increase that.  says you.  says physics.  fizz ickks.  i’m still on the weedeater kick.

i’m a judgmental, hateful little rat.  that’s not true either.  you step into existing systems and your participation isn’t optimally leveraged, or supplemental/supporting systems aren’t in place to maximize procedural impact.  that, and the owners are as protective of their property as you are paranoid and terrified about not having any.  where to put?  how to fund?  a pitfighter doesn’t get funding.  who would?  the bands you rip off?  copying and replicating data is how cultures evolve.  refining is how humans improve.  my work is ripped off at the root and no public acknowledgment occurs.  we try not to take this personally, but after stealing/co-opting the less critical points of my plans, those gate keepers ignore my actual contributions.  no they don’t.  what do you want?  the ability to receive mail and secure warm residence is paramount, at the moment.

i don’t really want that.  i want to fuck (daily) a willing horny female (negotiable, must have vagina) as much as i need something to do.  as much as i need some things to do, i need acknowledgement of my existence.  how are those any different.  they are not.  you are a broken and twisted soul, sonny.  not even.  this culture is so fucked, and the majority still tows the party line.  clinging to the man’s uselessness will not save you.

i trust/will/contract.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-11-16 (Wednesday).

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