“There is a significant difference between filtration, which is a standard industry practice intended to create a shelf-stable honey, and ultra-filtration, which is a deceptive, illegal, unethical practice.”

Food Safety News – Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey
“Ultra-filtering Removes Pollen, Hides Honey Origins”

i dislike when articles hate on china.  “[the Chinese] have illegally dumped tons of their honey – some containing illegal antibiotics – on theU.S.market for years.”  ok, for one, it’s probably a Monsanto antibiotic, us corporations likely perfected the process, and this is the honey we’ve all been living on for years.  this is what happens when you outsource your food.  not to mention, the FDA is backwards, pathetic, nay, useless.  we will all be certified food safety experts by the time i’m done with ya.  yuh huh.  yuh huh.

it’s 9:15 am, and the greenhouse work day starts at 11.  i should shower.  i don’t exactly know why.  freshly sewn pants, for one.  yes.  them’s sparkly.  i’m sure we’ll have ripped another something by this afternoon.  hmm.  could be.

with the pieces sitting behind and inside the greenhouse right now, i could build a solar garage for me and my rv to stay for the winter.  really?  it would take a while.  not with 20 people helping.  20.  more like 5,000.  you couldn’t keep that many people busy.  listen here, motherfucker.  what is a leader?  an enslaver of men.  the alpha dawg.  the one who sets the path, and takes on the dirtiest jobs that nobody else will do because someone has to do them if this thing is gonna get done.  you can’t keep five people busy for three hours.  i could keep a planet busy for as long as it needs.

clean-up and building are one-time tasks.  maintenance/improvement is ongoing.  improvement does not necessarily mean changing infrastructure.  improvement is typically in process, detail, precision, and decentralization.  centralization only makes sense under a fascist regime.  once humans can think/act for themselves, they will be completely self-sufficient in no time.  look around atAmerica.  even without building new roads all the time, we have a transport grid that can be gradually scaled back as needs dictate.  as we pull up the lawns and ornamental plants nearest our homes, and learn, together, how to put organic matter of all types back into the soil, and therefore our food, our very selves.  we will plant with intention and cooperate with one another to use existing infrastructure for its highest available use.  stop promoting the people who let everyone slack off.  they’re not doing anybody any favors.  stop promoting the people who tear others down.  they’re not doing anybody any favors, either.

design will save the world.  inclusive public open source design is saving the world.

huh?  what don’t i do?  i will not relish my enslavement.  i love honest production.  i produce policy and some of the finest physical labor ever witnessed.  also, i’ll tell ya this: when i encounter an opportunity to share love, it consumes me.  it unbalances me.

when the revolution cums, i’m gonna get all my hooker, waitress, secretary, model friends, and we’re gonna fill our trunks with the corpses of twitter comedians organic matter.  you know, like a recycling operation.  that’s not even a joke.  it was an attempt.  yeah, but the rolling dichotomy tweet thing?  you can’t stretch it that far.  i just did.

this is retarded.  i have to take a dump, yet i continue to type.  a tad anal retentive today, are we?  i guess.  who knows why.  i have to kill time so i’m late.  you have to be late?  it’s almost like a rule.  fine.  whatever.  9:49 am.


works that i am suited for.  11:11 am.  demolition, destruction, the heaviest work that people do, the most delicate work that people do, the most complex work that people do, and the simplest work that people do.  welcome to my life.

did i tell ya it was a rollercoaster?  i’m pretty sure i mentioned that.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-11-10 (Thursday).

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