i’m madly in love with her, too.

you know how i know i’m not there yet?  because i’m not able to be surrounded by snuggly people all day.  i am going to have to house and feed all of them, aren’t i.  these are the ones you leave to die by their own wiles and call it “tough love,” huh?

when you feel guilty or angry as the result of new information, that is not the place to stop.  keep going.  what about what was said caused any guilt or anger?  or was it only discomfort?  in that case, you’re probably babbling incoherently about something only tangentially related and wasting everyone’s time.  i’ll be busy until you’re done.

oh, hey, your tv puts far worse violence and offensiveness right in your face, and you don’t cut it off.  you’re loyal as ever.  you should talk, youtube junkie.  right?  there are no innocents, but then again, there are no offenders.  no pain, no foul.  growing pains are an inevitable part of life.  ha!

proposal:  combining the concepts of occupying foreclosed homes, the conscious decision to not use corporate products AT ALL, except where required for construction of safe and legal domiciles for the new breed of humans who emerge from this process.  each of you must get through your thick, violence-scarred skulls, this constant action of welcoming new ideas and incorporation of those with your existing database of expertise, whether memory, habit, skill, network, or healing ability.  you must know in your heart of hearts that each and every human participant has been through this same twisted hell that is “western” “capitalist” society, where we are abused like factory-handled meat animals.  we can put all of us to productive roles, with local “oversight” of our own activities.  we share techniques, and the legal/password/justifications/budgets so the remaining strict ego/male/dominance/fascist/scientist-minded of us shall have that part of them accepted and reasoned with as the perfectly legitimate and useful personality type that it is.  we must all find that part of us to help each of us clear the fearful cobwebs out of the inner reaches of our minds and shine a light on our full potential.

here, just read selected portions of my blog whenever you wish i was somewhere.  then all the cruel, disappointed faces get deflected off into the ether, and the overjoyous smileage will be shared amongst the commons.

did i ever tell you the story about how i got into hip hop?  i shoulda.  it’s a doozy.  my sister was dating an African man.  i forced myself to confront my fear and discomfort in learning a new language/style, and i found a bunch of really cool, smart people with amazing music.  is that it?  wasn’t there some big statement about race relations and being able to get past the fascist programming past through your geographic and information networks?  maybe, but that matters so little.  let’s focus our attention and efforts on the good things that are happening, and they are.

how about this?  give me space in a field.  a flat spot, where i can use the scraps from the greenhouse to build a structure where i can work on my rv in the winter.  passive solar, using glass from the old greenhouse.  it’ll be a dome-shape, and it will be covered with plastic, vegetation, and soil.

i’m giving you all an opportunity to use my labor for a temporary need of mine that you will then have to use whenever you want.  pick one.  let’s get started on the design or call an architect.  i know a few.  we’ll start with the phone book. the people i know are non-communicative, so the network must be expanded to speaking humans.  e-mail is speaking.  letters are speaking.  what does the means of text delivery matter?  must i really listen to your egoful voice as well as have my attention directed towards those awful things that you see?  no, use your words.  in person, you use your volume, and you use unrelated personal attacks.  oh, they’re related?  who exactly would be my customers for that kind of thing.  anyone, everyone.  the fashion of which you speak is not yet popular.  you’re kidding, right?  cutting edge is by definition unpopular.  razor’s edge is even more of a challenge than a tightrope/plank walk.

if i were given the floor, i would spend most of it in silence.  this has been the case before.  coffee is out again.  we have more writing to do.  design this temporary structure you’re talking about.  k.  after the basic structure, branches and other tree parts will be used to round out the shape.  more of a bell curve than a dome.  we’re going to cover it with blankets and plastic and insulation, with an insulated sun-catcher window.  maybe more than one.  if it’s greenhouse glass, maybe a wall.  yes, we like glass walls.  watch the wasteoid at work.  we’ll hook up our goodwill popcorn machine and yes fooding is an essential part of the process.  bringing a gallon of water in a foodsafe receptacle is a sign of goodwill.  designing in spaces to heat these water pods into the structure?  pfs.

ok, coffee time.  1:37 pm.

fuckin’ a.  i don’t even like those pants any more.  they have always been too big.  so fix them how you like them.  i’d like them stretchy.  go find you some tall girl pants at goodwill.  yessir.

the armor still needs fixin.  do those, or bike.  it’s 45 farehnhoozits out of the doors.  all the more reason, you thin-blooded pansy.  what do flowers have to do with this?  oh, they attract beneficials.  just because an entity or life form eats smaller life forms doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, in fact the opposite.  time after time, a healthy predator population is essential for the functioning of natural law.  i don’t make the rules, but i do direct your attention to those things which i point at, don’t i?  that one’s rhetorical.  as if any of you ever answer questions on here or realize that all of my proposals are quite honest and real.  i do that which allows for a trail in my wake.  the cutter has to spin its blades, if we’re electrifying things as we seem to be.  what if we could fold the structure and carry it on a trailer or on top of the home itself.  excellent idea.

i don’t remember all of the lyrics to skyscaper.  it’s mean.  i will check the interwebs.

hey look! old entries from when this blog was less shittyJ


here’s the text, of the LazyAssWasteoid composition skyscaper, written 2/20/2010, edited to its current form today (2011-11-02):

I know shit about shit
pompous fucking nothing
authoritative to a zom-bee
who ain’t known why it anything


circling car-casted, terri/atro f/phied
poisonous addictions r all that sustain our lives
zero parts per google in my belly
chosen fuel reflects intent – big empty

your lifestyle disgusts me

it don’t be leavin’ @Nu-age mambla-jambla
sustain-bullizing cross-referential
love you all.


those two “skyscaper”s weren’t in the original, which i think i wrote at the elbow room, or within the slightly safer, slightly less public confines of my legally rented residence, the poison-field oasis.  it’s not as bad as that.  they know more about growing things than you do.  let us help one another.  they have not seen self-motivated conscious individuals working together before.  it’s a new experience for the first time, eh?  it gets easier every time.  you think this song is mean?  wait’ll you hear me sing it.  oh, right.  so, guitar chords, then?  duh.  how else to we song?  like, with movement.  stomps.  crunching pizza.  we do lots of ways.  we never stop, really.  but the circles we move in, you must pay very close attention.

songing.  the most recent is my favorite.  but this skyscaper shit is epiccer than this. eppicenteringer?  epicentralizing. de-epicentralizinating?  gag and bore me, indeed.

this pesto is fucking delicious.  i had some on toast earlier, and then i put a dollop in the beans and rice.  deliciosoh!

so it’s 4:20, and dictator tells us we’re recording another version of what’s the point, since we’ve got the recording apparatus set up.  you mean sound forge open, microphone activated, and guitar out?  exactly.  complex infrastructure, this recording biz.  i’m still getting inpirations from the i like trains kid.  i like trains.  they mix well, also.

well, that turned into a video!  crimeny.  all this work i make for myself. 4:39 pm

72% rendered at 5:26 pm.  are we gonna upload all that audio, too?  skyscaper is the b-side for what’s the point?  do not call it a cd maxi-single.  oh cripes too late.

wtp² + skyscaper¹ + LazyAssWasteoidº = 0

“recording now. gettin’at?”
recorded 2011-11-02 in our bedroom
“duh, those are the two songs that i d’ave so far. two.”

first song writed itself back in twenty ten. actually, the second, which is the same as the first, did as well as the third, which is different, and only recently got mixded upp wiffa chordiness.  part of us knows howz this all goze, but mostly naught.

lyrics to “what’s the point” (chorded GDC)
i’mma freak in cities full of ’em
so what the fuck am i doing here?
moshing with high schoolers, and drinking locals’ beer

a permanent outsiders’ luck
guarantees no random fuck
so what’s the point?

in a town so full of angels
playing demon scares ’em off
the irony is lost, and i’m home jacking off

the most conservative liberals this side of the D.N.C.
but once this shit breaks and y’all know my name
thissa where i’ll wanna be

for all the luck i’ve had, i ought to have spent it on a whore
fuck the good or the bad, i just need one open door.

what’s the point?

“what do you think of that one? hahahahaha. I know.  ??? should i play skyscaper as long as i’m recording you guys? (gets all squeaky)”

the next song is clearly called “skyscaper” and is chorded EGA

[see lyrics to “skyscaper” above]

(/songs) mostly i sing that one wrong.  whatevers the fucks.

well, regardless, i love you a lots.

p.s. http://bit.ly/skyscaper has more hints.

and others:


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-11-2 (Wednesday).

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