PermaCulture in Aljazeera!

permaculture in Aljazeera!

oglibations.  obigliations.  orgibbly mayshuns?  cripes, no.

i used that word today.  this is good.  i’m not a blogger.  i’m a homeless, single digit supporter politician who happens to blog.  big difference.  bloggers get paid.  i carry heavy shit.  whatever the fuck.

i sludge go tasleeps, for ‘cuz a work in the morning.  i can eat in the car on my lunch break.  or, when i get to the greenhouse.  that’s the place to linger.

the how about this.  your credit is no good with me.  if you don’t have the money to pay me, and won’t tell me when, whatever.  what do you care?  if you’re not paying down a bank loan, you’re not a consumer.  and you got a job besides that stash in the bank?  while people are starving in the streets?  oink.

i should sleep.  working sooner, and i need to get up early enough to do coffee this morning.  yes, please.  yummers.  g’night.  you too.  sleep well.

all too,26490/ sad

i don’t get it. are you practicing to be in the army? you’re telling people what to do, for reasons and in ways they don’t understand. what is the end of all of this? what do you hope to accomplish? those people spend their lives trying to kill you and lying about it. why do you give _them_ the time of day when actual work needs doing? your addictions are avoidance. FIX YOUR OWN WORLD. nobody is going to do it for you.

if you open sourced the whole thing, the distinction amongst political strongholds would crumble.  everyone would be left naked and hungry, surrounded, as they truly are on planet retard slave, with other previously utterly dependent creatures who had no means of foraging the toxic waste dumps left behind by their previous masters.

i just finished the last quarter of “The World According to Monsanto” and posted it on FB.  i’m now watching a video on lucid dreaming.

i’m cold, and alone.  i’m not alone.  youtube keeps me company.  the spaces are so partitioned off, and where can i go where people are snuggling all the time?  that’s all i need.  people with kids get this, but not even married couples do.  arm’s length.  in that movie, the farmers fromindiawould lean on one another, touch one another.  one could say “this is not a sexual thing!” but it’s a human thing, a survival thing, a mammal thing.  sex is all of those things anyway.  the repression of it is one of the most harmful abuses of this “society.”  you can joke about it all you want, but that is a means of maintaining the horrible hierarchy/violence, so expect me to react as if you punched me in the face.  you may not condemn the actions of others any more.  stop.

yay! new ptb music!  few things make me happier.  i sent love via the internet.  that’ just how i do.  ✺✾✿❀❁❝∴∞ⁿ❞ ✩¶✍☀❂☯♥❦♡✇☥☮

these entries are all out of order, not to mention not posted.  yeah, that’s ok.  posting all of one’s thoughts publicly is more work than you could imagine.  don’t pretend to know anything about me.  i’m not.  i’m trying to find my etheric homies.  my karass.  my team.  i’m not destined to go through this life alone, and those who reject me do so with unwavering, un-reasoning silence.

if i had done a bunch of the legal work, legwork, computer work, nobody would have accepted that anyway.  this beast must be built by those who use it.  who else will understand the intricacies of its operations.  and, my version would have a “work-to-talk” ratio that would allow me to avoid any non-romantic/physical interaction with people.  what’s the point in me letting you waste my time when there’s so much work to do.  oh, my company is an additional benefit?  why am i not credited for that?  and, to whom is it a benefit?  everyone.  that’s why i don’t get paid.  you do get paid.  you just had to finish making this massive and critically essential point to the entire fucking universe.  every fucking thing i say is serious.  y’all have patterned your lives off of the activities of for-profit entitites, many of which happen to be corporations, but the form of the business doesn’t really matter.  to whit: cooperatives can be formed as corporations.  these are all legal fictions.  screaming about one brand or another of a for-profit entity is as blind as racism.  the profit motivation is the essential element.  once you see that, it becomes apparent in all kinds of businesses, and in individuals themselves.  how they relate to social interactions.  what’s in it for me?  no, you’re a part of the whole.  how can you just chunk off a segment of anything like that?  100% is the only way that cooperation can happen.  if you’re excluding 1% from the conversation, you’re that 1%.  fucking reactionaries.  imagine the system in place that would not have you foaming at the mouth and chanting violently into the ether.  imagine that kindness and feeding ability.

aww.  lonely dj calls for callers.  how adorably quaint.

it’s now 12:41 am on Monday, November 07, 2011. i’m going to sleep.


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