food, fan, lights.

you make me honest.  i don’t feel right apologizing for my honesty, no matter how crass you think it is.  stay close.  the tripod needs to balance itself.  i’m not here.  it stands without me.  it has to.

i got a sweet fuckin’ toolbox today.  i’m serious.  it’s fucking sweet.  in life the video game, i finished a level or found some sort of power-up.  i cleaned it up nice, and it’s in a box.  that’s the property of skyscaper permaculture.

i’m going to go grill some cheese.  we can chat more later.  yes, that.  interrupt me with hugs more often.  that does wonders.  yes, we noticed.  9:31 pm.

10:05 pm.  grilled cheese in my belly and the last beer of the evening on my lips.  i have to leave at 7:30 am.  early morning with a commute.  we’ll be bringing food and water, and should probably load up the bike, eh?  aye, sir.  tonight?  no.  daylight.  we probably need a to do.–Mascis—The-Fog/videos/view/Where’d-You-Go–2151999

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-10-28 (Friday).

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