aww, mang.  you should see me at a hippie party with kids and hippie bands and hippie beer and a big ol’ hippie campfire.  i put my own ass on a spit, fireside.  powered by solar, heat, alcohol, and nut.  say who?

so right, halowhoozits, and costumes.  the baristas wanted none of it, out in the wild. people treat me that well when they’re working, because in my presence, they’re always working.

you’re completely retarded.  i know you are but what am i.  i wanna kiss you on the face so bad right now i will say gentle but too-forward things.  stop verbalizing disconnect, and disconnect.  seriously, help me find a girlfriend then.  that’s exactly what i’m talking about.

well, whatever.  you can resume communication with me whenever you want.

i’m past faded. 2:31, dictator out.

next morn, 10:36 am.  the old man hears me coming out of my room with arms loaded, he stops in the narrow path-way he constructed into this house (dead ends and bottlenecks everywhere. it’s a fascist’s dream house) and asks if he can help.  i stop and look annoyed.  he gets credulous.  i repeat these same things in different language, different situations.  overall, he seems calmer.  his training is constant.  every interaction, he demands further explanation.  my annoyance gets translated to verbal text more quickly than ever, and his questions are satiated.  things move forward.  it’s funny.  the offending behavior doesn’t stop, but it continues for a shorter amount of time.  perhaps he can esp his questions to me ahead of time, and then i can send him answers ahead of time, and then he will still meet me as i emerge for the day, but only for eye contact acknowledgement with a smile and nod.  Namaste says even more breathed silently into one’s own aura.

what do i need property for?  the loops in which i prefer to move are not that complex.  as long as you give me something to do, provide some tonnage to haul around, and a boat-load of pretty girls to work alongside, i’ll be pleased as punch.  my medicinal requirements would be replaced by healthy nutrition.  i play the role of the counter-balance right now.  we can and will eat you.  as we knock your equilibrium clean out of whack, and then hold it there, you will momentarily see the world from our perspective.  one more swift kong upside the skull will reverberate the last of the cobwebs and caked on shit, and we gently release your equilibrium and allow it to return to its natural state.  sometimes it returns to its previous state, but more often than not, it has shifted, slightly.  its words are more precise, assuredness of action greater.  spin is faster, cleaner.  interstellar berings.  we refurbish those.

what? we’re a roving off-the-grid housing and body computer/armor factory.  what?  we build everything out of trash and scrap.

ok, let’s plan out these work days a little better, shall we?  i thought it went wonderfully, and now that none of those people are newbies any more, they can all be team leaders for projects.  yes?  every stage utilizes team leaders, who lead the first-time volunteer muscle to rotate between a series of tasks.  team leaders are connected via headset connected radio contact, and can send laborers amongst one another as needs shift.  we all follow the same project plan, posted on a large, publicly visible space where many can read and/or take notes if they prefer.  tasks in progress will be notated on a map of the facility, dependencies will be written in (this task must be completed before this task, etc.), and large nametags or distinguishable headwear will tell newcomers immediately who is running the show.  even if nobody is there to explain/welcome people (though if you have extra folks around, a staffed information table, tool check-out, etc. wouldn’t hurt.

project management is keeping people busy, putting their strengths to work on completable tasks, keeping them fed, watered, and comfortable, and maintaining their confidence that the leadership of the project is moving in a positive direction.  for something like this greenhouse project, since a variety of socio-economic types are blending all over, i think it’s important to have planned activities to encourage either public speaking by everyone, or simply intra-personal discussions about innocuous topics.  we all have something to offer, but the close interaction of hundreds of people at a time will shock those who don’t work in that format very often.  many of us have gone to school or other large institutions.  many have not.  don’t assume anything about anyone.  many people will be new to handling tools.  put every one of them through training and practice.  use each and every opportunity to teach as many people as possible how to use a new tool, learn a new task, or simply watch a task being done by those with experience doing so.  explanation is essential.  different learning styles means you must provide for every type of learning style.  people will come and go.  some won’t stick around.  that’s ok.  some people will migrate between tasks on their own.  maybe that’s just me.  build in jobs for the rovers.  perhaps delivery of tools or materials between teams or team leaders/facilitators could provide a path and purpose.

you could have a documentarian or photographer (shift that role by hour, perhaps?) capturing what they see, and if the project gets its own camera donated (it could happen), those who have passed camera training (the camera is a tool like any other) and dexterity testing (if you round screws, we’re not going to let you use the screwdriver).

i invite everyone i’ve ever met to that which i do.  only those who come to the same conclusion independently join me ever, or those who i verbally annoy.  why are you so prejudiced against speaking communication?  because you don’t communicate in person, you hem and haw and make all kinds of the exact same grunting noises over and over and over without actually communicating anything useful!  i avoid speaking to you because you do it poorly.  you’re terrified of new ideas, it seems.  you keep all of these things that “society” says are impolite, and you keep them from being discussed in public, which is exactly where they should be discussed.

consensus decisions could be made on this community board, also.  proposals for use of budget dollars (isn’t that what most of these decisions will revolve around?), for standards and practices (pan-organic is a necessity.  every participant needs to know what that means if their feet will ever hit the floor of this facility.  you are all quality control.), and responsibilities for teams.  no one task should ever fall on a single person.  this is a constant check, a means of keeping everyone moving forward, and recognition that the reason we work together is that we can pick up each others’ slack when we are capable.  the rotating team of capables should be kept as busy as they are capable, and as the bulk of the heavy lifting for this project will be a one-time occurrence, there will be no “permanent positions” created anyway.  except, perhaps, on-site caretakers.  there’s not going to be any way to determine who would be best suited for that job (other than me, heh), until the infrastructure moves from salvage and cleaning to building and maintenance.  each sector, segment, room, program, and participant should experience constant improvement, and have their hours and progress tracked.  ownership is a constant process, and showing people how their input matters at each and every level is a critical part of building that ownership within the minds of participants.  thoughts need an outlet, a public forum upon which they can be checked/added-to/voted-upon.  these are creative people offering their presence and muscle for free.  use the infrastructure to establish a means through which they can communicate with one another and share ideas, inspiration, and stories.

also, just-in-time processing.  when those pallets of bricks are full, they should either be put in their storage space or logged and moved to their next destination.  lots for sale should be offered to participants, perhaps. auction?  if a standing market exists, its estimated price could be the starting point for the auction.  materials used as their existing form are at a higher use than their scrap value, unless they’re not.  honest inclusion of space/storage capabilities, and the vast community of creative participants means those who are “running” the facility will need to expand their conception of use, because in a consensus system, the person with the highest standards is in control of that particular aspect.  stringent adherence to perceived inability, especially in the face of personal assurances will be viewed as fearful control tactics.  let go of your strangle-hold, young padewan.  we are here to help, and our network controls more space than you could imagine.  when multiple useful capable people get together in the same room, the ideas may seem divergent.  that is why a process must exist to collate those thoughts and types of expertise so that they can be put to use when necessary.

browser is crashing.  well, crashed.  modern browsers crash stupider than the old ones.  the fact that chrome blanks out the page that has crashed is straight-up censorship.  it takes more processor cycles to blank out that screen, and a lack of power or space is typically what causes bottlenecks.  so bugs can keep you from seeing the page until the bug has eaten up as much of your data as possible.  thanks, programmers.  each and every one of you participate in this bloat, and are responsible for it.  work with people and code. understand living things.  proceed accordingly.  go.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-10-23 (Sunday).

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