they actually let me go inside.  and i wasn’t even all, “i’m gonna buy this shit from you because you’re too scared to sign up with me now.”  i occupy numerous roles within a variety of organizations.  mostly, i’m a mole for the commons.  i punch holes in proprietary information, because information wants to be free, and people have gotten away with hoarding their matter and cash and family and friends and yes you can too hoard people.  do you introduce your friends to each other?  do you only hang out with one insular group?  can you communicate with the average person on the street?

i was happy and smiling, and i asked easy questions to which the people in charge could give assertive answers.  when we got there, there was a room full of crap hanging from the ceiling and huge tubs, many full of soil, dirt.  we disassembled well over half of it, stacking the pieces in their respective areas.  disassembly by hand for materials recycling.  recover the metals, recover the organic material.  that wood, if not treated, could be built up into a hugelculture mound and allowed to rot over a long period of time.

i suppose the nails will rot out, or you could run magnets over the stuff after it rotted down to fine particulate.  are there going to be conveyor belts?  i like conveyor belts.  they move things along.

anyway, with all the wood i de-nailed today, i could build some decent tables.  they should probably have castors, and be designed to straddle the dirt-holes in the greenhouse.  those are probably going to stay dirt-holes, huh.  there’s probably a lot of stuff that can be re-used in here, huh.  you’re going to have to test it, but don’t throw that stuff away.  the watering system from that old greenhouse could build watering systems for ten homes.  the block could be used as retaining wall, for raised beds or landscaping.  we could use the pieces as pavers where plants could grow between.  non-parking lot parking lots?  what is that, permeable concrete?  you get the idea.  don’t pay someone to landfill it.  so what if the actual recovery isn’t 100%, it won’t be.  it can’t be.  but, if you consciously save that which still has value, no matter how small, the next time you need 85,000 short 2x4s, you won’t have to waste the time or money buying them.

those wavy panels of some sturdy fibrous material, those could hold up the roof of an underground building.  i don’t know if they’re water-permeable, but you could put a plastic liner above or below it.  they’re structural, relatively light, and they exist right there, right now.  let’s put them to use.  we could build a temporary building.  or, a permanent one.

there are lots of people going to this thing tonight, and they are kind, good people.  i think i will go see some of them.  i’m going to leave by seven.  it’s 6:25.  i should post this.  eat?  maybe.  yes.  eat.  ok, i’ll eat.  sheesh.

food is life.  the rest is just details.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-10-22 (Saturday).

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