for a ‘sp’ic, you’re quite the Indian giver.  what?  that’s not racist. for one, the term Indian giver is a reference to the government’s/our mistreatment of native peoples everywhere.  and he’s not even “a Hispanic,” he’s good.

nice work tonight, boss.  it was good to meet your kid.  we make a good team already.  i need lots of things to do simultaneously.  but, don’t make work for me.  those are not contradictory at all.  much to do, only the now.

dictator is fiercely harsh.  he forces me to respond. participation in the problem is universal.  this is a demon that must be simultaneously exorcised from all of us.  i got home and cooked, and he invited me over.  we always answer when dictator calls.  dictator is the nicest person we know.  dictator changed personas during the course of this paragraph.  dictators do that.

don’t call the things that my friends do by their dirty names, and i won’t call yours those.  because when i do, i realize a) you give me the right to kill you in self defense, many times a day.  b) it doesn’t stop anything to hear that the way you treat your own children is abusive.  say it slowly.  sound it out.  aah bue siiv.  yes, throwing wrenches in a tool box is that.  what if every time you were to do something that i consider a form of abuse, subtle or blatant, i give you a hug.

nothing that we say that is crude, crass, offensive comes close to the offensiveness of your constant hate.  here, violent anger-riddled one(s).  read this.  i know.  the funny thing is that he thinks i’m talking to you.  heh.

please stop saying horrible things about my friends.  please.  they they they.  i know you think someone needs to be talking, saying something useless and destructive.  that’s not actually the case.  and, there are useful productive things that we should be speaking about which your destructiveness is preventing.  i am a virus.  i can shut up an entire room.  i can silence nations.

in my family, when you ask for them to not call you something, not only do they increase the frequency that they use that term, they mention that you didn’t like it each time that they do.  i am exactly the same person all of you abusers have been abusing your entire lives.  that neither excuses your earlier acts nor current ones.  there is no grandfather clause in natural law.

how about this.  the long wall holds a bunch of hooks, and everything is grouped by task.  so, when you’re working in the shop, you wheel the wheeled table and your tool cabinet over to where you’re working.  when you’re done with a tool, you wipe it off and return it to its padded drawer.

he thinks he’s incapable.  i know, i watch him do all kinds of stuff, too.  part of me thinks that taking out the entire previous two generations would do a lot to solve the problem.  perhaps, but you can teach them more while they’re alive.  and seriously, a violent solution to the violence problem?  bad bet.  plan for multiple good things to happen.  enjoy the good things that do happen and create more of them.

is he still trying to prove a point to me?  retaliatory punishment is not justifiable.  discuss.  whipping boy-girl school of humanity.

i have to sleep.  i work at 7:30 again.  we have another job next week

your politeness is crass.

p.s. e-mail says an old boss had open heart surgery.  toxicity.  he had a good run.  my gut tells me he ain’t done on this rock of third dimensional flatlanders.  accessing the awl takes a whole.

p.p.s. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again.  talking about humans as if they’re not there is mean.  i don’t care how young they are.  that’s being a jerk.  babies know what you say, and any time you have referred to another person as fussy, it makes me want to break your nose.  they’re fussy because they have to deal with you.  take a deep breath and dig through your memories for something nice to say, or stfu.  dis my friends, get crushed, obliterated, and trampled by the stampede of uno.  moi.

sleep well. will do.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-09-24 (Saturday).

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