i read

Fultonimagines “pushing a shopping cart through this suburban farm and picking your produce right from the vine, with the option to bring your harvest to the restaurant chef for preparation and eating your harvest on the spot.”

dude what if justin bieber is kurdt reintarnated?  welp!

that was an improper use of the word welp.  there is no proper way to use the word welp. speaking properly is for lying.  i mean legal documents and scripts, i mean changing the subject to evil made up things, i mean.  you know what i mean.

i would really like to not be miserable any more.  stop putting those horrible words out there.  they’re what’s in ma head!  what elwse ammi spozeda sae?  this weed i have isn’t potent enough to have a full medicinal effect.  it only takes the murderous hatered edge off for a few minutes.  that ain’t sustainable.  we need something stronger.  anybody have a vat of acid (like, LSD, not the burny kind. ouch) that i could swim around in.  improper.  is that a dangling participle?  who cares.  would a vat of lsd kill me?  i’d probably have to open my eyes or swallow some, huh.

it’s funny.  not really, but on days like this, i just aimlessly surf.  nothing you do is aimless.  you read the happiest thing you can find.

she actually said in my humble opinion, out loud.  none of your opinions are humble, girly.  i want your job.

the application deadline for those jobs was extended until yesterday, so i still may not find out anything until monday anyway.  i wouldn’t want to be me either, sweets.  i don’t know how to not feel pain.  i don’t know how to not speak freely.  now that the truth has been released, you will get nothing less.  it ain’t always pretty, but usually yeah.

that’s all i got.  11:37 pm.

from the comments for this:

“Cool , now make a plazma ball an put a tesla coil in it, then park 8 motorcycles in a circle an build a saucer frame, seal some magnetic solar ions inside the glass plazma ball an spin them with a remote control heli, transistor amplify the faze out some tazers an come pick me up in seattle an take me over to amsterdam to make some crop circles”


oh, also, if it’s possible to purchase a lot of this type of material, it’s also possible to sell this type of material, so it should be saved regardless.  you’re going to have to learn to treat everything like a precious commodity now, because it will work better that way.  those things you used to think of as trash, they work for us now.

▀█▀ █▄█ █ █▀█ █▀█
▄▀▄ █▀█ █ █▀▄ █▄█

█▄ ▲ ▼▼

someone on the internet is ranting against suicide again.  i hate that shit.  you have no idea what anyone has to offer humanity.  don’t tell people what to do.  also, don’t encourage their thinking about that crap.  let it go.  so, your life sucks?  everybody’s fucking life sucks.  look at people.  they don’t talk to “strangers” because they’re terrified of what these people might say, as if “doing business” and helping each other find food isn’t all any of us really want or need out of each other anyway.  i offer everything i have to society.  they want none of it.  they give me the silent treatment.

imaginator go. (7:24 pm) am going to need a shop space for about a year.  the cab and rv sections will be worked on separately.  both will be completely overhauled.

aluminum and electronics.  beer cans.  whatever part i need can be fabricated from the aluminum in beer cans, whether cut out in layers, or crimped onto itself.  not it can’t.  what if expoxies are involved.  well, then anything is possible.  it’s going to have cables all over, isn’t it?  how else are you going to transfer power?  belts, probably.  bike chains and farm chains.  that’s going to get heavy.  this is going to have to be a lightweight design.  ok, plastics.  that plastic stuff will let light through.  lit from behind?  removable panels.  held in with wingnuts?  genius!  a hammock now?  sheesh.  that, may have to go on the outside.  seriously, you’re sticking to self-contained?  true, but what if we do get a place to park for a season?  well, ok.  the systems should/could be detachable, so that once a homestead is set up, the truck can function on its own.

“A lot of people say ‘I’m not political.’ Unfortunately, this is the easy way out. Everything you do, everything you buy, everything is political whether you like it or not.” – Vote Hemp

it’s past my bedtime.  sleep well.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-09-19 (Monday).

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