when i’m too attracted to you to think about anything else, that’s the thing off of which my rants are keeping my mind.  seriously, invite me over already.  it’ll give me an excuse to shower.

everyone seems convinced, beyond a reasonable doubt, that something different be done, but everyone either wants someone else to tell them or someone else to actually do the something that’s different.  let’s step back from it for a bit, shall we?  governmental structures, business or other organizations, and even families, are built in this (increasingly less, happily/surprisingly) competitive society, as a system of rules, activities, and means of securing consumables and the right to exist on a patch of god’s green earth without being hassled by somebody.  whoever.  problem is, they focus on money, which is an artificially finite substance.  we have actual resources and abilities all around and within us.

so this big ol’ pyramid, if your computer/tron/matrix brain can see in 3D, has means of navigation.  passwords, forms, people with job responsibilities whose entire system of thought and existence on planet earth revolves around these hugely central beliefs.  that’s all the pyramid is made out of.  people.  sure, there are laws and rules written down, and somewhere, there’s record of how much they took from who and when.  the “regulatory agencies” of the government seem mostly about giving those rights of use away and destroying any records of wrongdoing that exist anywhere.  they have to.  it’s the only way to live in concert with the money, bankey thing.  religion.  delusion.  heh.  call it whatever you want.  every single one of you flip out and shut down any mention that your precious might be a complete and total load of poop.  military precision in sleeper cell flashmob wearin’ gangsta garb.  what really matters?  what’s really good?

i know, i still owe you a computer.  i can’t imagine how beautiful you have become.  well, i could, but i choose not to.  for one, i save processor power for forward-looking things, and 4 2, i’m always pleasantly surprised.  if you stick a camera in my face, all’s i’m gonna wanna do is make faces and weird noises at you.  then i’ll rant more.  probably flail around if you put music on.  according to the internet, i’m in a constant state of bliss about life and love.  well, i suppose that depends on which part of the internet you focus on.  that’s why the people i love got dvd’s of my dance vids.  i am capable of happy.  i spend most of my time there.  i suppose i’ve also learned a little bit of joy in revealing or explaining these structures or systems or programs or algorhythm s

this whole entry was based on my visceral hatered of this video, which had totally hooked me until it recommended cereal.  this drives me crazy.  cows are the workhorses of this food system, i get it.  they’re treated awfully, though.  never mind that, i have serious doubts about the necessity or even benefit of consuming the another animal’s baby food liquid.  on top of that, the benefit that you do get is all but eliminated by (wait for it, it’s the same as every other thing that the industrial food system does) cooking all of the living things (good and bad) out of the food.  the reason they have to cook the shit out of everything is because they have to cook the shit out of everything.  if shit, generally, and agriculturally, were treated like the commodity that it is and used intelligently, as in a methane digester, and a system designed from the beginning to feed the digester with no input other than cow.  but whatever.  keep thinking that outbreaks of e-coli or any other nasty bugs had anything to do with anything other than industrial, large-scale food-processing practices.  the designation “organic” is a function of governmental policy and rule-making bodies.  back to the pyramid here, and the monetary shortage.  the reason the food industry is poisoning you is so that you remain weak and helpless and brain-dead and fat and tv addicted and good little customers of the healthcare industry, the big box store industries (grocery stores included).  and by the way, who said it was ok for you to make all of this money off of me and my family and friends and then go buy a fucking yacht that can’t be used by the people who helped you get it?  that’ fascism, yo.  share that shit.  it’s all my property anyway.  i declared myself dictator of planet earth well over a year ago, and it’s never been challenged.  sure, there’s a president of earth, and a few kings, but nobody else has gone and claimed dictator.  all of my policies regarding prohibition on sharing my name (as relates to my presidential campaign) in profit-funded “media” sources have been respected as well.  my authority supersedes the monetary structure.  this is what we’re fixing.  everything else is a symptom.

yep, even the pyramid itself is a symptom.  ok, for breaking up the mega-corporations, we will break them down to people, individual people.  employees and their families, shareholders and their

this co-op thing will have an allowance to set up a trust for an individual, if you must.  survival expenses.  set it and forget it!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract is an agreement.  or so they say.  we have to sign contracts all the time that we have no right to modify, nor do most of us understand half the stuff you’re signing.  perhaps you do.  most of them say that you are going to have a really difficult time if you sue this person, and they can get out of this any time they want.  you are bound to their policies and prices, regardless of anything.  that’s no way to do business with a “public” entity.  how are corporations considered “public” when their internal documents are proprietary, private, and protected?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_remedy is interesting.  it’s what the court can make people do if they “lose” their case.  if i were to write the trust for this behemoth (heh, as if i haven’t), i would take any borderline legalities to state and federal judges all over this great nation for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaratory_relief regarding their legality.  i know, it doesn’t do much when the FEMA agent rescues you by putting a bullet through your head, but if we can pick up humans along the way, in and amongst these halls of “justice” and death cloaks and “supremeness,” the entire organism can grow.  seeds are small, and there’s a glut of words rich in humus floating around right now.  there’s honest productivity in the ranks of every industry.  in other words, please abandon your industry for one that is sustainable.  pool your resources and the world will be your oyster.

as with every other type of “absorption” into LazyAssWasteoid, this doesn’t mean quit your job.  it doesn’t mean re-title your car or “donate” any money.  it is a fundamental change in your belief structure of planet earth.  you are now free to pool and collectively manage your resources, assets, and dependent organisms as you see fit.  but in the mean time, keep you day job.  the reason for this is twofold.  one, we need the cash.  we are going to be purchasing large-scale properties here, right?  scrimp, also.  second reason is that you are a tentacle, a leaf, a scout, and a root.  don’t annoy people with it, but if it comes up, share your opinion.  here’s the thing, as you detox, you will become less and less palatable to the poisoned masses.  it’s not pleasant, but it happens.  like i said, the legal system is mean (as if social norms aren’t enforced EVEN MORE DRACONIANLY AND WITHOUT DUE PROCESS than the judge-and-lawyer legal system).  all these invisible pyramids rely on anti-matter, hate, destruction, fear, and the prevention of growth.  the withholding of information essential to life processes, whether it be by the hands of a regulating body, a guild, a union, or an industry, is akin to murder, and any single human who did as much should be removed for the entire structure to be able to function effectively.  why can we not do the same thing with these contracts and laws and regulations that have been established in our systems which are supposedly “public?”

i have no idea how anyone would be convinced of this.  i’ve been convinced of it since before i could explain any of it.  i’ve spent my life trying to find ways to share it with other people.  and, as i’ve never quite gotten a hang of that social aspect of humanity, i keep trudging along, doing the job i love, as much as i can, with no hope of pay.  ever.

i write as i wish i had found another writer to write.  i write like i think is a noble model for every other writer to follow, or completely disregard with equal nobility.  it’s a razor’s edge, this middle way, dear Occam.  i write what my energy does.  i can control and guide it to certain extents, but i am me.  my experiences on planet earth have been rather limited, what with being a single person and all.  i mostly observe, and learn as much as i can through as much interaction as i’m allowed.  usually, it’s not much.  well, let’s just say with the rate of success of my entire 35 year (minus a week and a half) existence, the net i cast had to cover the entire planet to get me anywhere near the desired effects.  holy god, you’re beautiful.

i thought of another full-body tattoo idea.  we really have to get started on these, yo.  fuck.  where are my henna painters already?  my naked ass is here.  it’s a little smellier than i’d like, at the moment, but that will be remedied.  k, so this one is a permaculture design.  the belt-line would be the ground surface, plans and explanation of the methane digester near my asshole, tubers and edible roots all over my legs, and all the sub-terranian dwelling critters at their relatively equivalent depths.  fishes, rocks, soils.  holy god that’s a lot of information.  it should also basically follow the chakra/acupuncture/chi energy systems, flows, and nodes.  there are equivalents.

i want to be so covered with words and beautiful art that an art lover could sit there looking at me and reading my skin and hopefully touching me at the same time, at least a little.  better conductor, skin.  aether is the medium of magnetism.  once connected, we are one magnetic generator, sharing a field.  i have to detox you before i get there.  that explosive shit gets in my field and i can’t condone it.  i have to disconnect.  i have a vibratory signature that is unique.  sharing this aura is a delicate proposition.  i hope my twitter feed explains this a bit.  here’s how.  it is a mix of my interests, motivations, and friend archetypes.  these people are me, the gardeners, farmers, scientists, writers, comedians, kids, and beautiful people.  oh, and animals.  yeah, and they say some fucked up shit.  yes, yes they do.  i star it.  heh.  what, pretty ideas can be made from ugly concepts, and you can think about these things in a way that doesn’t attack the people who have aligned themselves with certain aspects of your conception of those terms or ideas.  the judgment is the problem, whether it’s of your own kids, spouses, partners, employers, co-workers, or that weirdo you follow on twitter.  i’m not trying to hurt you.  i’m trying to point out the huge thorn that’s sticking out of your side in a different dimension of experience.  it’s bleeding you dry and exhausting you and making you an irritable so-and-so, and you don’t even know that it’s there.  let me show you how to pull it out, have an expert teach you how to extract it, or, better verging on best, accept that there is a line of thinking and acting which you could engage in from now henceforth that would force that poison-radiating thorn out like silver bullets being dislodged from the flesh of a Hollywood super-werewolf.  it’s a matter of reliance.  you invited that thorn in. it’s not like you had that much of a choice.  it’s all in contract, probably in written form, somewhere in your dwelling or files.

so, yeah, your ability to navigate the existing capitalist world and my ability to communicate an alternate means of existence that fits snugly within the existing structures for people who wish to participate.  nobody will get rich, but everyone’s life will be enriched.  we will share everything, and in doing so, do our utmost best to reduce all of our costs.  shit, we’re going to have to manufacture our own, in-house, organic mountain-dew equivalent, aren’t we.  well, so be it.  if your caffeine addicted ass needs brightly colored sugar-water, we’ll figure out a way to get it to you without poisoning you.  this, of course, goes along with the understanding that you help us act toward this end.  you think that’s more of an audience than we’re going for?  imagine how calm they’ll be when they’re not addicted to that shit any more.  they might actually be reasonably friendly human beings.  i know they are.  all humans are, when they know where their next meal is coming from, that it’s already “paid for” with their own honest labor, and they’re allowed to interact without having to answer to an unrealistic system of expectations inflicted upon us by outsiders.  no, we are all worthwhile human beings.

A co-op child care agreement among parents is license-exempt only if it meets the following conditions:
• Caregivers do not receive payment for services; *
• Parents rotate responsibility for care of all of the children equally among themselves;
• Every caregiver is a parent, legal guardian, or adult relative of at least one child in the cooperative; and
• No more than 12 children are cared for at any given time by any provider/parent.**

* Although co-op participants cannot exchange money for childcare services, they can charge for outside services, including field trips.  Also, participants cannot contribute supplies in lieu of fulfilling their childcare services. DSS Evaluator Manual 01FCCH-01, May 2001 § 102358 (a): License Exemptions.
** California Health and Safety Code § 1596.792; See also 22California Code of Regulations § 102358.

i would gladly adopt a child if the infrastructure existed in the co-op.  for all reasons.  in one sense, an aspect of this co-op is my dream home, dream life, dream job.  dream shop, dream greenhouse, dream energy-generating infrastructure.  i think, most importantly, it’s my dream social interaction, where the past “judge-able” qualities are all but eliminated from consideration, and humans have free and unfettered access to use of shared facilities without having to navigate petty social impositions from people who have no real idea why they enforce all the rules and requirements of acting, other than that’s just the way we’ve always done it.

we should have a language school, too.  a library of training manuals and textbooks, along with a database of speakers and teachers that can get together for events which primarily rely on languages other than English.  all languages.

thanks, youtube, for reminding me.  this co-op will include a network of lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy.  we must use every means at our disposal to dispose of this burden of debt.  ultimately, this is what capitalism wants us to never do, but if you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve already begun to realize that capitalism impedes a lot more than it helps anyone.  the imagined way these systems are “supposed” to work by those trained in the dumbed-down and intentionally misleading versions is a far cry from the on-the-ground reality.  oh, great.  football’s here.  when haven’t sundays been useless.  you should go watch downtown.  i don’t want to participate.  yes, you do.  you love football, you asshole.  you wish you would have played in high school.  yes, but i have permanent associations between football and fascism/violence.  both physical and social.  those unwritten rules that doomed me to this hell so many years ago.  your way of being doomed you to this hell which existed so much longer ago than any of the enforcers you’ve encountered in your lifetime.  true enough.  they are learning that they may choose which segments they wish to enforce, and which they would more logically prefer to contractually band together with a large number of other decent, honest, hardworking citizens to set up a cooperative survival mechanism that worked with, within, and cooperatively alongside the existing legal system.  the participants of that system will be assets to us, not only for their physical and liquid assets, but for their cleverness and pyramid-navigation abilities.  they know the passwords and secret passages.  they have worked with the relevant participants, and their understanding will smooth this transition as much as any other, if they understand all of these things and work from that understanding.  then again, they may attempt to prevent any forward movement by this huge mass of voting, tax-paying citizens and their huge mass of assets.  somehow, i doubt it.  we have to get in good with the bar.  i don’t think you’re going an honorary degree any time soon.  heh.  no, probably not.  our network’s tentacles run deep in that infrastructure.  seeds are planted all over.  phrases of their own perpetual spin.  the legal system has been fully infected by me and mine for a while now.  it’s cracking.  there comes a point when we need to get out of the way of the structure and let it collapse fully before trying to build anything with its former components.  militaristic precision.  no, bad dictators give orders.  good dictators have people constantly telling them that they’re not dictators at all.  for in deed, the good ones, are not.

need food.  3:48 PM.

4:25 pm, fed, adjusted, and thinking about animals.  the thinkage was sorta, well, hey, if you’re just going to sit there and stare at me, i’m just gonna preen and show you how pretty i am.  then, if you don’t feed me, i’ll probably go look for some food.  i’m probably more easily distractible than most animals, though.  what with my education and whatnot.  i enjoy these ratatat sounds.  Lamborghini, yo.  #1.  oh, fer cripes, i hope that’s them in the video.  classic.  i’d scream and flail to that.  these kids spit my words in their native tongue, and it bites down like a starving bulldog.  YOU WILL LET US GROW OUR OWN FOOD HERE NOW, THANKS.  there are more of us, and despite your lying, backstabbing, and contract-writin’ ways, we recognize our own participation in this system, and we see the need to change, fundamentally.  teach, teach!  hey yo.  god damn.  i should probably renew my love or block covenant with my twitter followers, eh?  we don’t allow grey areas.  and just because i’ve unfollowed or blocked you doesn’t mean i don’t love you.  trust me, you’ll be fine.  in fact, i think you’ll thrive without me around.  look, all your little buzzwords do is maintain the collective illusion that you have any idea what drives the humans to whom you apply those labels.  categories do not act, people do.  part of my reluctance to approach the people i encounter in my limited existence is that i have selection bias.  different categories of my life approach different people for a wide variety of reasons.

so, i’m jealous of this video for it’s massive number of dislikes.  red versus green, and that’s an impressive number.  6,737 as of now.  i’ve never disliked something.  i barely ever rate things, either.  that metric won’t help sort an ever-expanding catalog of videos with content as broad as all of human history and existence.  user tags or categories, expertise in categorizing tracked.  come on, yo.  message boards have been doing this for forever.  are you going to let us communicate in writing regarding these videos?  so, a bunch of videos will be tagged in a huge number of things.  that’s why you use tags.  i know you have people who understand how tags work, too.  are you really that compartmentalized.  shit, you must be.  your fucking database people don’t know your video people and human interface people, do they.  fuck.  this is why we’re taking the reigns from you, profit-driven behemoths.  you are simply not capable of managing the resources at your disposal.  i’m so full of shit.  yeah, but it’s entertaining.  to whom?  me, for one.  and really.  what else matters?  my writing is read by anyone and everyone who wants to.  those who don’t want to, don’t read any of it.  how much more of an ideal situation could you get?  umm, how about an active sex life.  touché.

it’s nearly five.  are we biking?  yes, i believe so.  you gonna change your smelly shirt before getting smellier.  we’ll see, bumble bee.  that’s a no.  swimming trunks and paint-stained, dew-branded Wyomingtrail shirt.  chacos.  camelback (military issue, with radar-invisible plastic), and $5 internet leather bike gloves.  probably wear the reinke (center pivot irrigation systems used in industrial agriculture) advantage timber camo hat with a distress flag (‘cuz i dental-flossed it on upside down, quite intentionally) patch, waving, with a yellow border.  i got that from an old housemate’s rent-a-cop uniform.  then, it has a Waupaca foundry patch and a Wisconsinhunter’s safety graduate patch.  i want to have explained all of this stuff so we can get straight to the fucking.  or i can describe it again.  i’m merely illustrating the pace at which i am capable of operating.  as long as i can eat and have internet beer and meds, i’m relatively content.  at least as long as i have something to say.  i wonder if i will ever run out of something to say.  with youtube videos, a twitter feed, RSS reader, and e-mail inbox, i doubt it.  the phone is telemarketers and debt collectors.  other people may call, but i don’t answer it, and they refuse to leave messages.  if you have information to convey to me, do it in writing.  in fact, if you want to approach me socially, do it in writing.  if i’m awkward, you’re an opportunistic leach.  fuck off.  that awkward moment when the whole of your understanding has been negated by an ill-formed word/concept/person/thing.  i’ve never had that happen, only like a million times.

ok, here’s the 5:11:  posting is best practices.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-26 (Friday).

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  1. Interesting thoughts…i would finish this but the baby is crying…looking forward to more rants.

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    site-building afterward i suggest him/her to visit this weblog, Keep up the nice job.

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