i think i will

nobody else will, or does, or has, for very long, at least.  whatever.  one of these days, that single detail will change.  i have nothing to lose. fuck. myself, is what i meant. i know you know.  i was only making sure you were paying attention.

“the toxicity of our city”

keep watching.

here’s how it would go.  each town would have one shop that was super fucking clean.  epoxy floor, fucking high speed internet on widescreens and handhelds.  then, the old school fucking hot rod shop.  fucking pistons resized with a hand file getting’ 85 mpg and 350 hp.  what? it runs on water?  hold up, einstein. no, the water heater runs on water. the electric generator under the floorboards powers it.

i leave the ones that are only blocked by country because i have international fans.  they might be able to see the videos i can’t.  go foreigners! 😉

e-mail undeliverable:

you’re a five-star plate-filler if i’ve ever. not to mention the sweet
fermentations. god bless.

i saw your stream before the man parking lotted it. you are permaculture.

anywhoozer, thanks again for the schooling, to the whole gang. hugs all

that’s pretty writing,

i’m going to have to put it in handwriting for that one.  this is why i keep ‘em letters short.

the name of the business is “any legal purpose” how about every?  meh, too oblivious.  we have to figure out what the old retired people think is funny.  the same thing you do, just about anything when you’re high, not much else.  grandma, don’t make me literally twist your arm to smoke this joint, because i will!

up too late. 4:48 am


yo-lah! 12:47 pm, and i’m watchless.  weird.  i’m treating the weekend like a weekend.  dictator’s integrating our calendar with humans using the internets! holy crap!  oh my god, he’s been pissing off big scary people again, hasn’t he.  jesus fuck.  good thing all they daughters keep ‘em in line.  heh heh heh.  i know who runs the world, dude, and it’s nobody i’d refer to as “dude.”  i know nothing.  i care less.  could you?  i’m quite sure of it.  bullies, last night.  public stoning.  i slept well.  me too.

pancakes, 1c flour, 1c water, 1 Tbsp baking powder.  multiply as necessary.  i doubled it, and without pre-heating, too much oil, too little oil, and exactly the perfect amount of oil, i ate oil-soaked pan-bread while cooking one decent pancake. one.  i put butter and koy’s maple syrup on it, and it tasted better than wine-simmered angel fetus.  you are too nasty for words.  i know, i keep telling you touching is my thing, but everybody just runs away.  dictator goes into survival lock-down mode, except drunk, and our tourrettes flares up when we don’t pet kitties in too long.  do something about it.

the short version of my thoughts:  my thoughts are here.  they’re open to the public 24×7, and i’m available for explanation of anything you don’t understand.  i have been thinking about this for a really long time.  besides this blog, i have created and or  the concepts, ideas, and techniques here are intended to be free.  these are the thoughts of one person, but collected from the thoughts of many types of people, and based on the commonalities of all people.  The official plan is here.

besides that, and the technologies at as well as on this very blog, can most likely be integrated into this structure.  overall, we will probably reduce our overall infrastructure need, and our crews will be able to put up seasonal or future living spaces with scrap.  the goal is expansion, whether you can see the people or not.  imagine the cornucopia of deliciousness if we opened a few thousand acres up for permaculture homesteading.  we train and house and feed while we’re training, then we set them to work on their own patch.  give me ownership, and i’ll take ownership.  if you blow smoke up my ass, i’ll just fart it back at you.

if you want to know whether i’m qualified to do this, ask the people i’ve worked with.  i know, the last time, i sucked.  i sever ties like that.  you don’t owe me anything.

dictator says we’re planning a regional bike trip to this meeting.  it will go on facebook, he says.  a photo of a pen drawing on paper.

11:21 pm. ‘puter crashed way back when.  the fb post went up, but different.

11:11 AM, Sunday August 21, 2011.  It’s sunny and a cool 72 degrees F (~22 C) here on waterless water street next to the drained mill pond.

new old favorite blog: boingboing

i am off to the shop for a bit.  wish me luck!

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-21 (Sunday).

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