first off, this is awesome.  fan-fucking-tastic.  thank you to all involved, directly or from the sidelines.  there are a few opinions i would like to share.

systematic integration from day one.  animals, plants, wind and rain.  solar heat, and the (semi-?)public lab/shop is essential.  also, you have to let poor people who just got to town speak.  no, i don’t own any property, yeah, i’m kind of a nomad.  that doesn’t negate my opinion or expertise.

permaculture is a design philosophy as much as it is food forests specifically, but the integration of ALL KNOWN SYSTEMS, from photovoltaic to passive solar to ground-water heat pumps.  biogas from woodgas generators and anaerobic digesters.  zero-lost-waste.  in fact, with a well-run scrap yard, you could turn most common trash into usable resources.  it takes only conscious participators, and a system.

the best system will be the least expensive.  it will serve as a school where people will walk or bike there and take what they’ve learned back to their little monoculture of a property.  we have the labor to do this, and if full trust and cooperation can be given from property owners, the training program will get iso certified if it needs to.  provide a means and space through which people can trade real resources amongst each other without having to pass a federal reserve note between them.  yes, i think the website and reason for a website should all be integrated into all of this from the beginning.  intelligent people working together can accomplish amazing feats.  this city and its surrounding communities have all the resources necessary to do all of this, with and for the benefit of everyone.  yes, we have ducks in our fruit forest in front of our city hall and no, i don’t think that’s strange at all.

do i ever care if anyone cares what i think?  i’m not a voter.  i don’t participate in the monetary economy, or as little as possible.  i’m running for president.  i’m trying to eek out a living on this cruel and increasingly harsh planet.  everyone feels the lack of forests.  once we put them back, we’ll all be ok.  no, even him.  she’s been ok since i’ve known her.  whatever.

i want to live there.  i got my own RV, so i could do it with a hose and an outlet if you make me, but i don’t see what is so horrible about including low-income housing of the sort that isn’t normally available.  i’m talking bare subsistence living.  why can’t i find a place to live for $50/month?  so much land sits empty and unused, and it’s sunlight, rain, and all the temporary fixes we try to believe will ever take the place of that big glowing ball.

frankly, i’m a bit disturbed that blueprints haven’t been circulated and preliminary planning hasn’t been done in public.  who’s running this show?  who’s the contractor-wielding fascist who gets to ixnay on the most cutting edge ancient technology?  you have got to get through your thick skulls the idea that collectively owning property amongst a bunch of underpaid and out of work humans is the most efficient way to go.

yes, you need a lawyer to draw up the trust.  yes, you need an architect to get the plans approved.  yes, you’ll have to use an insured electrician to install or inspect stuff, right?  even if electrically and chemically this thing is off the grid, it will affect anyone and everyone that comes into contact with it.  imagine being a weary, hungry, poor traveler, arriving instevens point, wi, and finding a warm dry quiet place to sleep, a huge kitchen stocked with local food cooled by the earth and sun, and friendly people who never worried about money or where their meals for the next six months would come from.  if asked, the kids would point outside, or to the indoor exotic fruits which thrived in a system designed to harness their particular outputs.  yes, the ducks help clean up the orange grove.  yes, we have an orange grove.  besides the food arboretum, there are electro-magnetic field-generating lines that keep frost sensitive trees from freezing, even in harsh temperatures.  the only way to know whether it actually works is to follow the essentials of the original research and put it to the test.

the materials that are now available and the construction and assembly techniques should make installing retrofit grey-water systems on every building in the city a reasonable 5-year goal.  we teach classes.  we hold workshops.  the workshops will build the main, central property, get everyone accustomed to techniques and personality quirks of other participators, but in a public setting.  we all need to re-learn how to live.  we do.  i say, it may as well be as many people as possible.  it would make the most sense if it were everyone.  but, if these things need some dirt thrown around, i have nothing better to do than build a permaculture earthship energy generation edible plant wind/solar electric/biofuel conversion lab.  yes, we’re trying to put all of us out of business.  imagine the weight each of us would individually wield if we literally all owned it all.  the only condition is that you must share it with your neighbors.

i thought of a scenario today on my bike ride.  at a public gathering, perhaps a bar, perhaps a meeting, perhaps a class, a cruel, harsh, condescending comment got a smattering of laughter.  i immediately smashed my fist into the face of the speaker.  “that is completely unnecessary.  the people here thrive on the freedom to work for a future that includes kindness.  the next time i hear you tear down any other person like that, i will take your life, on the spot.  this is your last warning.

the people who understand the advanced technologies that will have to go into this thing are sensitive people.  they shy away from contact in public forums for this very reason.  if cruel dismissal of well-reasoned and carefully thought-through ideas are allowed to be dismissed, out of what? jealousy?  we don’t have time to argue over petty differences any more.  quit trying to categorize me or anything that i do.  quit trying to convince yourself that you’re anything other than the most perfect, beautiful, and capable human being that has ever existed on this planet.  No, you know we all do what we think is best, at the time that we think it.  and, when information and possibility exists that did not exist before, a reconsideration of the entire structure isn’t all that radical or out-of-order at all.

cash flow.  as long as you work in cooperation with honest legal professionals, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and industry regulations, there are a number of products that could be produced in-house and sold to cover expenses.  recycled part energy generation and grid tie-in systems, or neighborhood-sized projects that maintain an entirely different energy storage source than the grid.  if you planned this kind of thing from the beginning, it could integrate with trails, facilities, and food production land.  community classes could teach anyone and everyone how to design and build solar ovens, bike trailers and pumps, and wind-driven flywheel power-take-off systems for neighborhood shops.

more important than what is made is what is maintained.  if each roofing job in town is run on local labor and at-cost materials, upgrading to efficient collection systems could easily undercut the cost of traditional polluting methods. has the best disclaimer ever.

honestly, folks, i don’t know how to do something half-way.  if you want my help, ask for it.  i only want a place to stay/eat when i come to town.  that’s all i’ve ever wanted.

if you ban dogs outright, i will never go, and i may burn it down.  just sayin’.  animals are people, too.

so, yeah.  the greenhouse should be the seed lab.  and the indoor food forest.  you guys really don’t know how to utilize cubic inches, do you.  you have to completely revamp your idea of space and production, too.  more is possible than you think, and in many cases, it is your very doubts in both the abundance of mother earth or whatever deity you see fit, and a doubting of the capabilities of the creator’s most perfect design.  again, whatever force or origin you believe, respect it.  respect you.  respect the history of this place and that which we share with every other place on planet earth.

you know what i think.  i can’t stand meetings.  offer me a place to park my rv with water and electricity, and the full legal right to turn up dirt, and i’ll build the whole thing all by myself if i have to.

whatever. i’m lonely and drunk and isolated and nobody has ever given a fuck about anything i think.  i believe in design, overunity, and dreams.

best of luck with this thing,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-18 (Thursday).

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