those are our fucking airwaves!  our elected officials are supposed to administer OUR electromagnetic spectrum for OUR benefit!

This “The real winners of these elections were the TV stations, which reaped a massive windfall as candidates and interest groups poured tens of millions of dollars into television advertising ( e-mail).”

wait a second, let’s think about this.  so, most of this political money comes from the rich already, doesn’t it?

well, anyway, whoever the money comes from, citizens earned it.  whether it’s rich people, poor people, corporate or individual contributions, it’s extra-survival resources from those whose survival is already covered.  this deduction is based on the assumption that one will choose to spend one’s last dollar on food rather than give it to a politician, political party, or charitable organization.  it matters not the scale.

so this cash that’s collected basically, like the e-mail said, goes to the “media.” whether it’s newspapers, sign printers, web-ads, tv spots, radio spots, or fucking skywriting, the money goes to make us aware of the fact of the contest (rather primary, dontcha think?) and the terrible horrors of electing so-n-so, or at least the proven track record of the champion.  all with shiny production and graphics clearly done by someone with a degree in that.  and the wording, whoo whee!  they get that spot on.  it’s like a lawyer wrote it.  it says all kinds of stuff it doesn’t really say, cuz it can’t, but what it says is almost nothing, except for those insinuations and generalities.  it’s fantastic legalese if you’re into that sort of thing.

so the money comes from us, gets used to put more advertisements in our faces, pays poor people who desperately want meaningful jobs to call us on the phone and annoy us or extract information, or sends a poor college kid right to our front door.  i’ve participated in all of these.  this is my penance.  none of it makes any sense.

what i began to realize is that the information presented by these organizations and people is very different, depending on who you are.  the very news itself has now split by “party” lines.  that’s how you know it’s all lies.

and this is only the election process!  every single issue has a reaction cycle process like this, with the ultimate end of regular people’s money being used to get other people to tell us what to do, all under the direction of unknown richer people somewhere else.  this is not the means for successful governance, kids.

it’s the fault of the monetary and banking systems that everyone’s so competitive in the first place, and the industrial agriculture for actually reducing real abundance (as opposed to the artificial way that the federal reserve does it by restricting cash in circulation) by poisoning the crap out of mother earth.  these are the things that the corporations who support “politics” do.  they use your labor, your local resources, and they pay you and everyone else as little as possible.  then, they use the money that they stole from you and extracted from your land to the process by which lawmakers create the military infrastructure who is fully authorized to kill you if you disagree with any of this.  nobody even cares that each and every other step, action, and thing that “the government” does is killing all of us anyway.  nobody knows any better.  they’re all tv-food poisoned zombies.

are they?  they are.  this political evolution is ripe.  your support of lawyers and their petty destructive little games is wearing on my nerves.  realize your organic nature.  disconnect the stagnant streams of poison and replace them with growing things.  you have only your health to gain.

whirled peas,

p.s. i’m supposed to be writing/mailing a letter, finishing my rv’s registration and licensing, and developing a marketing strategy for my wares.  this very post, not to mention this type of post, is as much an essential part of my nature and business here on planet earth.  i am here to break all monopolies.  i am here to create a system whereby expertise and talent can be utilized by a society in cooperation with the wishes of the talented and knowledgeable.  i am here to smash borders, states, and familial ties.  your concept of family need be more inclusive, because you’re mine.  all of you are my business partners, travel companions, and confidants.  welcome aboard spaceship earth.  we know you had a lot of realities to pick from when you came into this life.  we’re glad you chose to enter the world during the reign of LazyAssWasteoid.  Wee luuvz yoooo…


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-17 (Wednesday).

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