i was spelling it swail (smh).  watch this video.

Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison, among others.  Like they say, their students learn a method.  It’s a system, a process.  i’m still watching the video. Lawtonis visibly hurt by the mismanagement of his old site.  it seems small-town stubbornness is a global phenomenon.  ironically, we’ve all been dragged so far from anything real that our natural tendency to change slowly is working against our own survival.  moo.

hemp can fix the monoculture hell that has been created by “modern” industrial agriculture.  watch this video.  watch them all. here’s #2, Dry Lands#3 is Cool Climates and #4 is Urban.


More permaculture videos from the school playlist.

this is how.  this is what we build.  this is what we learn.  this is what we teach.  anywhere on this planet, or any other for that matter, this is how life works.  design can improve on nature, even to the point of increasing production at zero maintenance.  who da laziest?  how much more evidence do you need, and of what sort?  you just need a manager to tell which people what to do?  i can yell pretty loud.  and, i’m tall.  everyone with a shovel, go line up along the future swale.  transit levelers, get stabilized and give depth measurements to the shovel-wielders.  the design includes water catchment, storage, and storm overflow.  once the trench is 90% complete, the tree transplanters will get the trees they gathered from nearby forests, nurseries, or their own property.  As these trees grow and drop their annual solar collectors (leaves, needles, etc.) plants that will thrive in that environment will do just that.  Finally, we bring in the mulch and seed.  shovelers, go take a snack break.  nice work.  everyone, a big round of applause for our shovel wielders.

and that’s it.  now that the main structures are built, the planting and maintenance will be like any other garden.  There are so many ways to do this.  Let’s unleash human creativity on our garden designs.  i’m very much looking forward to your design additions.  value, added.  yes, you are.

bee well,

p.s. next weekend’s project will be digging and building of the underground methane collection tank.  this simple apparatus will turn our poops and other organic wastes into burnable fuel for the stove in the kitchen, the heater, or the dual-power refrigerator.  the design we’ll install is from the winner of the kindergarteners’ design contest.



you know those yippy dogs who are under-cared for and think they’re in charge of everything and just bark furiously and nervously at anything that moves?  my neighbor reminds me of dogs like that.

http://twitter.com/#!/9tt9/status/102935051968319488 was supposed to read, “odes to resin: naughty pox-ee, knot see meant, teh kind what makes my brain GET BENT!”

is this like a re-awakening?  do i have these often?  put in like 3 days of work every six months or so, and then coast on that.  holy fucking lazy, batmyn.

tweeted: hey, your coke, starbucks, jimmy dean, happy meal, and home depot purchases just killed some more people. way to vote with your dollars.

on didlies http://youtu.be/WY3ByY38QNg and chest pains

oh right, this was about permaculture, wasn’t it.

Robert Hart (Part 1, Part 2)

Ken Fern (Part 1, Part 2)

Rico Zook (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

and these links were contributed by the friendly capitalist landowners at farmshed.

*thaws slowly,*

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-15 (Monday).

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