i was going to paste some links from last night here, but i didn’t.

a whole bunch of things have to happen for survival.  you occupy your time navigating the most individual way, as a single or a couple.  by not communicating with one another, you rely on the centralized systems, all of them.

how about this: i will contract a university-credentialed permaculture designer to do the designs.  we will credit his/her work hourly, just like everyone else’s.  yes, the difference between whatever they usually charge and $10/hr will qualify as a donation to a 501(c)(3) or whatever designation it gets.  this qualifies as pro-bono.  the properties themselves go into a community land trust, which administers subsidized low-income rent (also tracked in credits, by $10/hr human input).  the pay-back will occur when the property over-produces beyond those residing there.  then, the experts may collect their credits in supra-organic, zero-toxin fruits and vegetables and locally processed flour, canned goods, meats, and communal meals.

management of properties shall be designed in writing, with detailed forecasting of schedules, growing seasons, sun exposure, and rainfall.  the goal is designing and building over-productive food land so that work crews are able to focus on energy infrastructure.  insulating old homes, upgrading roofing/foundations/drainage, or even performing complete gutting/remodeling to bring structures up to consensus standards.  regardless of whether you believe in the existing energy-delivery infrastructure and the profit motives of those running it (under existing paradigms, they have little choice), if we’re all sharing finances, doesn’t it help everyone to remove as many as possible from the existing grid?  Or, at least to install locally available generators for when conditions provide additional power.  it’s the difference between a town that’s crippled after a storm, that loses power and suffers discomfort, and the town that enjoys watching the storm and all of the solar power and fresh, energized water it provides to our super-efficient food-production and energy generating systems.  mother nature is nothing to fear if you work with her.  her spats could recharge our systems for entire seasons.  you have to want this.  i can’t want it for you.  none of this is odd, it’s just designed for fully in/on-the-grid humans to gradually step off, at whatever pace they see fit.  if you doubt my motivations, my next step is to acquire a barren property and build it into a permaculture forest.

hey, if you think not being able to do your own personal cocktail of drugs and masturbation (mental, physical, whatever) is going to hurt, i feel your pain.  seriously, nobody loved capitalism more than me.  credit cards allowed me to get anything i wanted without having to actually speak to another human about it.  coarse, harsh, i found them.  that, and i’m so violently reactionary, nobody wants to “do business” with me anyway.  this is why i went off the grid.  and i’m telling you, this torture is much less torturous if you go about it systematically and as a group.  are there not unemployed accountants out there?  are there not unemployed roofers and carpenters?  are there not unemployed engineers, designers, architects, and handymen?  are there not unemployed teachers, chefs, and farmers?  do you really think being a customer service representative as the land around you is bled of its humus and baked dead by parking lots and blacktop streets? and i’m not even proposing that you throw in the towel on that “job” that you do have, because if the money you earned was going towards the collective “us” and our property and survival, rather than paying rents and utilities, not to mention producing our food, that money would be “worth” a whole lot more.  imagine if you didn’t have to spend any of it on rent, food, or bills.  how could we not eliminate every bill?

i’m at arms’ length with everyone i’ve ever met, it’s not just you guys.  dictator makes clean breaks so nobody ever misses us.  he hates that shit.  no, if you want to live near me, you better invite me, or i won’t believe you anyway.

oh, and as far as the presidential campaign goes, i’m at a loss.  either i’m an unacceptable human being (i’m perfectly acceptable, despite and/or because of my “flaws”), or you disagree with my beliefs (you claim to agree) or methods (the legal fictions are designed for self-propagation. they will not eliminate themselves. only the humans who run them, regulate them, and participate with them may change their actions/direction/existence). maybe i’m just so good at hitting nerves, it would take a deaf quadriplegic to be able to tolerate me.  like i’ve said, i don’t really add anything to the whole.  i’ve cobbled together ideas from all over the place and put them together in what i think makes sense as an intentionally livable, coherent design.  this is a way of life for human beings.  if it ever caught on, i would travel around trying to help it catch on in other places, with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and, dare i say, “financial” support which would allow the most basic navigation through the starved panicked capitalist wastelands.  we deal in information and indomitable willpower.  we move dirt.  we plant seeds.  we capture and re-use wind/water, and we build tools for ease of life.

i haven’t done anything, he says.  i’ve re-written the constitution multiple times.  i’ve participated in the stabilization of international situations and made hundreds of people laugh when they’ve felt like crying.  part of me feels like every other person on planet earth will have to lose complete faith in everything before they will see that i have complete unwavering faith in each and every one of them to “save” themselves, and, in doing so, their world.  it is a matter of fundamental human energy use.  you must be unplugged for your various apparatus to even function any more.  i have written an easy-to-implement system whereby as many people as possible can work together towards the most common goals we have, non-competitively and for no profit.  or, all that will happen is that we will have such an abundance, globally, that the entire concept of individual “profit” will seem ludicrous.  ha ha, remember when there were hoarders.  then they realized how much more potential there was in our system and we re-integrated all that stuff they were hoarding into hyper-advanced survival systems and now everyone is happier than anyone ever thought any of us could be.  that word was funny.

this transformation process could be done in a week.  or a month.  we can outline the stages project-plan style.  the extent of the design depends on how many property owners we can get to agree to anything.  if they’re going to remain stubborn capitalist bank slaves, we all starve.  great.  way to keep the entire planet a torture chamber.  if you want to know how to fix global warming, walk from a parking lot or paved road into the woods.  all of your calculations depend on a gas price that just doesn’t exist, and will not ever exist for the rest of this planet’s life cycle.  it was a lie.  you were lied to.  we have to re-do some of these more basic calculations, and challenge some of the more basic assumptions about who does what, when, and why.  we’re not sacrificing freedom, for your fascist plundering is mis-labeled as that anyway.  we are allowing freedom, for perhaps the first time on planet earth, on a large scale.  on a complete scale.  everyone else is ready.  people are on their feet, around the globe.

well, i’m not running from anyone.  i avoid abuse from the insane adherents to lies written by lawyers.  i reframe conversations towards my conception of reality, away from the xenophobic, fearful, doubtful, and helpless.

i have carved a proposal to the planet out of the very living aether.  it strengthens daily.  it grows exponentially.  it expands with every breath.  it does not need to be sold to anyone, because those who participate do so of their own motivation.  we will not waste our time convincing the poisoned true believers that their beliefs are lies.  they may only learn that by exploring actual reality.  if you know me and are unaware of those within your “industry” who are doing the kind of work that i’m talking about, ask.

regardless, even these experts don’t see the whole picture like i can.  that’s what makes them experts.  farmers that think they’re fucked because they can’t make their payments are still there because they cling to the idea that it has to be “their” payments.  if i can’t build equity in the business with each and every hour that i contribute, then i’m not going to contribute.  i’m not going to be your wage slave.  it’s just not going to happen.  this is a necessary change both for the financial health of our communities, states, municipalities and nations, and for our poisoned little minds as well.  you may not pass along the impossible demands of your masters.  if they have beef with you, they have it with all of us.  quit trying to fight all these little battles by yourself.  you’re not going to out-maneuver the man.  you’re not going to game the system when you have zero visibility of the actual numbers.  we have to do our own reporting and our own auditing, and the system has to be clean, flexible, and fool-proof enough to work everywhere.  broad allowances for definitions and terminology, allowing for evolution and expansion.

i didn’t even mention the dog.  i’m sorry, pup.

I need a shower. this needs to be read.  please share.



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