my mom sent me a video.  it was awful.  first, it showed the solar system all out of proportion and alignment.  every single thing that is taught in school is a lie by exclusion.  when you dumb something down, you make it a lie.  quit lying to your children.  if you followed anything other that for-profit news and entertainment, you might learn some of this stuff.  cutting edge science is out in the wild now.  the way to fix the world is hyper-natural.  provide assistance to recreate the forests we once destroyed, but better.  cooperative.  that guy in the video was lying, too.  polite lies, if those even qualify any more.  now i want to shred this video second by second. hang on.

within the first 34 seconds, it’s limited, doubtful, and ill informed. this is torture.  0:38 is the fucked up solar system “representation.”  and the criticism is vague.  man’s greed for more money and profits?  wow.  way to embody the lowest possible formulation of an explanation for what is actually happening in the real world.  this is all so misleading as to be an intentional lie.  sorry.  i’ll let it go on.

these multiple absolutes about there not being other planets makes me think there must be.  oh, that and i’ve heard that there are.  earth isn’t about to collapse.  the power structures which exploit it are.  this is fascist propaganda.

yup, gardeners.  planetary healers are permaculture designers and gardeners.

oh, this guy.  i love his wal-mart wardrobe.  he speaks only in vagueries.  zero content.  fluffy bullshit, but all plastic so you can’t compost it.  what a waste of bandwidth.  that staircase is cool, though.  he said, “we do not know…” which is also a lie.  depending on channeled beings, ancient teachings, or, you know, math… we know a lot of things that he excludes from the possibility of his fascist little mind.  dweller!

black magick is practiced by churches with food courts, by gossipy book groups, and nay-sayers with money.  the wicca is green.  this shiny fake bullshit is a black hole of evil.  be gone, demon.  never enter my e-mail inbox again!  try again, moms.  cult of the joneses won’t be embraced as a legitimate anything.

try this one.  I think you would like spirit science, too.  it’s pretty produced and shiny.  the kid throws in some doubtfulness, just to get in good with the old school haters.  gotta play to your audience, i suppose.  this whole playlist is for you, too.

So, according to my mom’s most recent e-mail to me, i was “not in a place where i could join them” for the family reunion.  i wonder what she meant.  poor?  busy jacking off?  or, perhaps, living my life.  unwilling to submit to the traditional punishment of, well, more her than anyone else, really.  politically, even, i get along with my conservative relatives.  my mother is the resistor.  black hole of hate.  wow.  what’s that like?  they do sort of worship war, all of ‘em.  like i’ve said, they’re fine people, they’re good Americans.  but they’re yelly and drama-y and reactionary, at least when i’m around.  when i don’t go to these things, they seem to be a lot happier.  i’m a fucking buzzkill.  yes, it is my proposal that you pay me to not go anywhere, or speak to anyone, or do anything ever.  this is the state of my self esteem under the standard parental love regime.  good thing i don’t ascribe to that religion either.

my beard is getting scratchy already.  did you really think the world needed that many graphic designers, lawyers, and office dwellers?  good god, that’s no way to live!  i will twist your arm to get you out into your own garden.  i will rub your nose in clean dirt and if you will love it.  hey, as long as i get a universe to design for myself, i’m going to design every last detail which i think requires attention to detail.  the world has been on a self-destructive anti-organic kick for a long ass time, so finding more efficiently natural means to do anything is pretty easy.  either that, or i really should be in charge of shit.  whatever, it’s your planet.  i don’t own any of it.

I had to charge my AA batteries.  i got one still and couldn’t get the a/c adapter to work.  i need a new camera.  pocketable, quick, power sipper.  nah, that’s for work.  nobody supports any of my work.  everything i have goes into my survival, and the distribution of all of y/ours.  what do you think it means?  you’re allowed to take it in a number of ways when it’s intentionally vague.  I’m a meta-designer.  i make strict rules about the minutia of minutia.  the daily interactions must be peaceful, and every stage requires active cooperation, observation, or participation.  besides that, you’re free to implement these suggestions however you want.  i add redundancy, because i believe in design.

design is my religion.  design is intelligent.  design evolves.  the best designs are the most easily hacked, bitten, replicated, and reproduced.  the logic of life need not be invented a billion times.  shared, however, it must.  perhaps sharing is my religion.  perhaps freedom.  these things make religion look tiny.  religion is tiny.  perhaps my religion is the logic of permaculture.  now we’re talking.

good evening, and good night.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-13 (Saturday).

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