the smart ones ain’t rich.  the smart ones have an uphill battle.  funny thing is that being intelligent means you have little use for authority.  the fucking retards LOVE having as much authority as they can.  they’ll stand in the smart people’s way, literally and figuratively, just to keep their tender little retarded egos from being hurt.

Americans are like their lawns, shallow, wasteful, and completely unproductive.

no, each additional time you mow your lawn, i lose respect for you.  yup.  i didn’t have much to begin with, but you’re now in the negative.  way to go.

one smart person, depending on the person, their own work ability, and their communication ability, can accomplish more than 20 mediocre people.  i’ve done it happens.  stupid egotistical competitive people’s ideas cause all kinds of extra work, beyond creating the necessary thing.

i smell different.  i barely broke a sweat biking.  part of this was just the soul-crushing depression which hits me on occasions where my dad speaks, or randomly.  i don’t fucking know, maybe it’s solar flares.  solar flares look like the sun is flying forward to me.  maybe that’s because it is.  we’re the solar tagalong spinning through space in a spiral towards our future.  where we’re going, there has never been anything before.  be not so sure of the “information” with which you were educated.  it was formulated by a multi-generational enslavement faction, with intentional cruelty and extra-uselessness built in.  it traps, encases, encloses, isolates, pigeonholes, and demoralizes anyone who comes in contact with it.

your shriveled little institutional brain has never had the growing space, the optimism, or the boundless potentiality shown to you, so why would you expect to know any of this.  how about because i’m telling you now.

anyone who learns of a system like permaculture and does not apply it to their property as quickly as possible is an enemy to the human race.  you are, in your non-action, maintaining that land as a fascist grid node, and assisting the poison-mongers whose plastic-encased shit you consume.  not to mention, your ass spews poisonous feculence compared to what a well-fed human would shit.  your rules are all based on hate.

so, how this story goes, the owners of the lead mines needed a new source of revenue for their product.  there’s a little pile of pig lead on the WI state seal (under the anchor), and the lead miners were referred to as “badgers.”  (2nd source) you can probably figure out the rest.  anyway, there weren’t good uses for lead, so someone stumbled across this paint additive idea.  whether there’s anything particularly special about lead that makes it good for paint is immaterial.  for decades after the use of lead was found to cause problems and was actually banned in Europe (1921).  while doing research for Thomas v. Mallett (i was an intern at the Supreme Court for Justice Prosser at the time), I came across advertisements for the use of lead in children’s toys from the thirties and forties.  this is unacceptable, yet entirely standard for profit-driven enterprise.  a corporation’s interactions with human beings are only consequential insofar as we pose a liability risk.  otherwise, we’re just consumers of their “products” whether they poison us slowly or not.

so, when all of these organizations conspire to poison us, they are attempting to murder us.  there is nothing in the murder statute that says the act that causes the death must be within a certain amount of time of the actual death.  but, try defending yourself against a piece of paper filed in a locked building somewhere.  ‘tis a legal fiction, and it cannot be tried for murder, imprisoned, and it lives forever.  it has no reason to tell the truth, except to keep itself alive.  it has zero concern for people, even the people that work for it.  they are, every one, entirely replaceable.  cogs.  none of them knows the whole story anyway.  not a one.  why do you think lawyers are drunks?  they know all the evil shit that’s going on, and they’ll lose their ability to eat if they tell anyone about it.  i drink too.  that’s all it is.  they’re not extra-shitty people or anything.  their job is just as impossible as anyone else’s!  the person at t-bell doesn’t like selling you poison.  the fucking regional manager has jack shit to do with the content of the food you get!  the corporations that have provided you with all these jobs and economic expansion (i.e. using your people, land, and resources to enslave you, imprison you, rip you off, and poison you), will withdraw all their tentacles once they’ve sapped a region dry and leave you to rot in your dust-bowl parking lot.  hey, at least beef is cheap.  we can pretend we’re Nordic kings after a grueling, yet productive harvest, and just gorge ourselves stupid on meat, every fucking night if we want to.  well, shit (not really, butt).

you realize there are multiple ways to use all of this shit, right?  organic materials, as they decay, can be turned straight into dirt, with worms, as compost, etc.  they can also be put in an anaerobic digester where the methane can be harvested.  this is essentially bleeding off the stink in a warm protist bath.  micro-organisms.  they eat it, and their poop is burnable, or the byproduct of the relevant chemical processes is burnable as compressed fuel, and the liquid as fertilizer.  or, you can feed that shit to animals and let them break it down into poop.  this is what life comes from, kids.  poop.  it has multiple uses.

so, you grow for your animals and you grow for yourself.  a bunch of nerds can work on the infrastructure construction, temperature regulation techniques and tools, and Fibonacci/phi-consistent patterns.  the artists are math nerds, whether they know it or not.  the artists are gods, goddesses.  philosopher-kings.  if you see someone with clothes like you’ve never seen in your entire life, you bow down and kiss that person’s feet.

look, i know the way i was brought up to communicate is odd.  i can’t seem to get a foothold with people anywhere, of any kind.  i don’t really know what to do, except believe that eventually someone will want to work with me.

when i duck out to do this, to write, to vent.  partly, it means that i know you can figure it out for yourselves.  speaking to people with respect requires a genuine belief that they are decent, viable, worthwhile human beings.

hi. i slept ‘til 3, biked ‘til 7, wrote ‘til 9.  prolly tweeted in there, too.  i usually do that.

those times are off.  who cares, it’s a tweet.  no, you’re still writing and it’s 9:38 PM.  ok, fine.  and the none of it has any relative weight either.  it was a good numeric progression, though.  well, yeah.  i’ll give you that.

what is the half-life of a tweet?  real world, i feel like it’s a few minutes, then hours, then days, depending on pace and database used.  i’d say the number and frequency of tweets you follow is your pace.  i don’t know.  i spend a lot of time on these databases.  they control behavior in how they’re set up.  people are funny.  the social norms seem to have greater impact than the guis themselves.  again, i dunno.  like i’ve said, even when i’m around people, they never really trust me.  i’m the consummate outsider.  even in my family.  maybe i’m adopted.  probably not.  whatever.  ultimately, we’re all alone in this cage.  that’s why we must shatter it fully.  resonant frequency global yaup.  boot-stompin’ line dance to knock loose the shackles and celebrate the repurposing of our state office buildings to zero-income housing, every sort of community shop and hands-on-training you could ever need, and sustainable purely natural food production.  these buildings will return the energy that they generate back to a people-designed-and-run global power network.  your grid impedes.  your greed is wasteful.  we’re taking those corporations out of the equation, too.  every last one.  like i’ve said before, your charter’s just been revoked.

any person or group of people requesting the crown’s protection of limited liability must prove, through permanent ongoing local audit, that its operations are for the benefit of the surrounding community as well as the entire body politic which grants this special situation.  otherwise, here’s what happens.  lazy, greedy fucks accumulate resources, for whatever reason, and by accumulating so much more than other people, they begin to feel superior.  the culture plays into this, making the poor even think and feel in their heart of hearts that having more money is in some way equivalent to some moral superiority, attractiveness, or human capability.  it is a means to enslave others and acquire resources.  it doesn’t change anything about a person at all.  this horrible place rewards cruelty.

point being, the devil is in the details.  in your lifetime, living person, there was a foundation and expectation of shit.  ignoring that, we must design and implement a real, fair, and decent system to take its place.  the design and implementation phase won’t be that long.  then it’ll be similar to logging into facebook.  only better, more useful, easier, and containing far more relevant information than anyone has ever seen before.

how many times must we go through this before you believe me?

all those people who spent all that time, effort, and money on this recall, by participating, you endorse this system. for shame. wake up.

I am nothing.  I am a nothing.  i leave open the possibility that I can be anything, so i am nothing.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-10 (Wednesday).

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  1. Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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