rv repair research

rv repair research

gasket $30, 90-135 labor.

the internet has one for $10.87.

and here’s why you should do more research before buying a $2500 motorhome:

new, these air conditioners are $600-800.  i should uninstall it and sell it, huh.

so, we keep our eyes open for a nice dual-wheel axle we can put on it.  or, we start removing weight.  it has lasted this long, and if i don’t beat on it, it should be ok.  I’d stick to flat roads, though.  good call, that.

ok, so soon I will have a separate rooftop a/c unit and a hole in my roof.  You can plug that easy enough.  Sure.  I think that’s the direction we’re headed.

you could also just weld a bunch of additional support structures under there after all your tanks and stuff are built.  that will keep the axle from bending.  Yeah, but it won’t solve the extra weight on the after-market dualies.  we gotta get a full, native dualie rear axle to be safe.  This is getting expensive.  oh, whatever crybaby.  you don’t need a/c anyway.  the axle will be fine (you don’t have that much stuff), and your mobile shop will just have to be in a heftier truck.

you know, you could always put a window a/c unit under the rear seat.  if you really need that cooling.  No way, dude.  we’re going to drop shade tarps down the sides like a skirt and set up an under-frame evaporative cooler.  Really?  yes, and the old a/c hole will be the air intake. i might strip the blower fan out of the air conditioner, or i might use the little fan inside.  that one’s a 12-volt.  buy an efficient, modern 12-volt blower fan, you crazy recycler.  no, i’ll find a free one somewhere in my junk.  i’m sure you will.

I’m going to go plug that baby in and make sure the a/c works.

the air conditioner works.  the refrigerator doesn’t.  it’s not level, and i think i read that that refrigerator has a leveling switch.  I have to learn how to level this thing yet.  i’m such a noob.

RV Leveling


how this works: the man/gov/banks starve the poor, while ensuring that the income-havers never realize how bad it is for everyone else. (135)

then, when the shit hits, the armchair harumphers demand more death. cruelty death and disease will be the memories of capitalism. (130)

the best is when the old hippies drive for hours and sing cum ba ya while the psychopaths in charge laugh at them. stop supporting lawyers! (139)

i logged off of twitter because it was driving me crazy.  short trip, i know.  i’m having brainstorms about this rv place i’m going to trade my air conditioner to.

twitter ruin/saved my life. today/everyday. thank you,


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