i started “working” on my rv today.  after scanning the manual, i decided not to take the wheels off, since a great part of the emergency brake is underneath, i crawled around under there on my back for most of the afternoon.

i broke the emergency brake free, though i don’t think it’s functioning at 100%, it works.  it holds and releases, and all it took was some spray lubricant and cable jiggling.  i got the old man’s opinion about it, but his help is becoming less helpful as he gets older.  his descriptions tend to have the authoritative tone, but not as clear of content.  he has his moments, and i know there’s more experience working behind the scenes.  he was very helpful today.  he had a cabinet pull to replace the one that was broken, a magnet which allowed me to fix the screen door, and a cabinet clasp that secured the last unsecure cabinet door.  what’s left?  fill the gas tank, test the gas system.  fill the water tank, test the water system.  and, of course, tomorrow’s project, fix the leak around the air conditioner.  i have to open up the whole thing and make a new cowling for it.  should be pretty fun.  it’s going to look cool.  promise.

tweet: “you guys don’t say anything important.  why do you act like i gotta?”

–  things i say to myself.

my back feels a fuck of a lot better after putting it on the ground.  there’s some kind of skin irritant in that insulation i used as a ground cushion.  fantastic.  i’m wearing a detachable asbestos patch.

untweeted: i love how twtter’s e-mail used to tell if you were already following people. now, no.  also, fun searching to see if they’re following back. hi envelope button. newspaper goes tothunder bay,Canada, roofing company in gb gets cardboard, tires go “to auburndale, wi, where they’re ground up into playground mulch.”  ground up tires is now called playground mulch?  that’s fucking disgusting.  poison the kids, poison the earth.  earthships are a far more dignified end for old tires.  “now that shipping costs are so high, local markets are being developed.” don’t ever mulch with inorganic stuff, kids.  mulch is decaying organic matter.  tires are an abomination and a symbol of everything that is wrong with car/gas/oil culture.  cans go to an exporter inEau Claire.  we’re sending our metals overseas.  they give away farm bag scrap.  that’s awesome.  i wonder who they give it to. VernonCounty is this.  this is so awful.  what a waste of resources to bury our wasted resources.  how sad.  “you’re creating a 10-acre plastic bag that’s gonna be there forever.”  why do they run the water through it?  why don’t they put seals over the top?  they truck the water out?  holy fucking helll!  intentionally polluting design.  what a fucking crock.  everything about your industrial for-profit culture is a fucking crock.

the dog fascists keep me away from the energy fair. freedom is the only thing that IS free.  read: no dogs allowed at an event means i will never go to that event.  how about, no aggressive, improperly socialized dogs allowed.  don’t bring your cage and couch dweller if they can’t play nice with others.

pets are people, too.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-7 (Sunday).

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