later that day

later that day

watching 2:11 pm

was led there by this.

is it ironic that this pain is both existential and physical?  i am absorber of mental implosions.  souls are imploding all around me.  it’s like a 2d minefield.  surface dwellers.

i need like a solid electrical engineer to fine tune this stuff for me.  i want to provide optimal paths.  what can i do with tape?  i saw a thing in mother earth about using vcr tapes as deer fence.  pulled taut, tied a the ends, the buzz in the wind.  scares the deer away.  lower ones apparently work with smaller animals, and you could potentially mow under them.  peter rabbit would not be deterred, but he’ll find a way in no matter what.  that’s why you need the cat, and strategic border-planting so he’s fed anyway.  you must plan intentional shelters for critters into this thing.  besides chickens, you should probably have a rabbit, too.  or a pair.  friends for the kitties.  two dogs, now?  at least.  k.  traveling menagerie, huh.  yup.  you won’t have room for any clothes. that’s ok.  i only wear one outfit anyway.

did i tell you about the hat and jacket for the RV?  using reflective stuff towards the inside and wool blankets sewn together to fit the shape, it will cover just the solar bank, just the top of the rv, or full sides will roll down and zip or tie together to provide additional insulation without having to modify anything inside.  pieces could be folded and stored in vacuum bags.  this is why we need the air compressor.  built in.  this is all possible, but not necessary.  magnetic motor could power everything you want to do.  why do we even need to set a top end?  this truck could house generators powerful enough to run a business, or a farm, and it will itself house a high tech kitchen and living area.  i gotta start finding a welding guy.  i have to do it all myself?  the concepts are mine, even if others assist in assembly.  welds will hold it, but holes and ties, even dental floss or nylon string would hold it.  hemp string, finely wound.  braided.  do it up.

quick reconfigurability.  with solid bladders, you’ll need only frames.  good point.  solid surfaces, sliding/locking hinged walls.  tracks? perhaps.  onboard vacuum?  definitely.  can’t we hook a belt assist up to the driveshaft directly?  i don’t see why not.  i really need a tach.  that’s one of the first things.

an upside down umbrella-looking water collector will fill rain-barrel towers that are foldable bladders.  after the onboard water system is full, that is.  those things just fold out from the sides and stand up on their own?  yup.  and the support posts rest the additional weight on the ground, balanced by the wind anchor cables.  in stormy weather, this puppy hunkers down and processes all kinds of energy.

i’ve had a design for a 360 degree door closure that can be tightened by cable, but it requires hinges through the door itself.  from the inside, some sort of cable system rotating cut-outs.  every time.  square ones will be easy.  they’re all easy.  everyone else has this idea that intelligently designed things are difficult.  the opposite is true.  good design means anyone can duplicate it with simple tools.  useful design gives good things away for free.  this is all we can do.

the world is about to crack.  i can feel it.  critical mass.  essential mass, we should call that.  what is the essential mass for a flywheel to maintain speed with intermittent, low-powered input, yet still power all necessary functions.  this means, if the wind is low, you could go give the hand crank a crank and power the flywheel back up to maximum speed.

you hear that, kids?  sealed in a vacuum chamber.  yes, or with air pump assist.  electromagnetic bearing.  it floats on magnets.

So, with a center mass set up, a big cable-suspended flywheel could spin a water tank larger than the vehicle.  you’d have to be able to walk under it.  the weight would be too great.  the support for the center hub would be immense.  like, as big as it had to be?  as wide as the vehicle, if you want to maintain current dimensions.

dear brain dead people of planet earth. corporations don’t do anything.  they hire creative people, and then lock up their ideas and keep them from being used by everyone else.  progress movies despite what they do.  the original intent, according to the standard American legal education,

three stage flywheel.  the outside wheel has magnets that push the inner one to higher speed, and the interior one goes to crazy high speeds, but take-offs come from the outside.  the internal could power up the

google “solar driven steam-jet ejector chiller”

so, what would happen if you pumped super-heated water into a vacuum?  it would boil and evaporate quickly, absorbing large amounts of heat.  this is your cooling chamber.  you can essentially use the existing air conditioner to do this.  very little reconfiguration will be necessary.  the heating element of the a/c unit will heat the solar area also.  so we’re using the heat-generating capacity of the a/c to assist in the steam generator.  yes.  how do we recover the water from the steam generation at a reasonable temperature?  a shaded-air cold finger is the coldest ambient temperature you’ve got without going underground.  shaded, wet ground.  drop a pathway all the way to the ground to increase its efficiency.  ok.

pro tip: don’t act like you give a fuck about someone’s life if you don’t.

the hot water goes to the bottom of an evaporative cooler.  that way, the heat gets transferred to the lowest temperature water available.  we only need to cool this as far as is comfortable.  otherwise, it can stay hot.  need we introduce a sterling engine to the mix?  I don’t see why not.

8:42 pm.  smoked bowl 3 in the headwaters.  i haven’t cleaned her at all.  she must be roadworthy first.  seriously?  it helps.  actually, it makes all the difference in the world.  vodka’s gone.  good for it.  good for us, too.  probably.  you can’t keep me away that easy.  crazy twat.  fuck off and die.  send every soldier under your command and i’ll clear them out with one fart.  fuck.  leave me alone.

hey, it’s 12:12 PM. make a wish.  i wish you would announce the time more often.  joy!

my back still fucking hurts like a banshee.  ow.  i don’t know if you know this, but if you poke a fascist with a stick while they’re in horrible pain, you’re liable to get your head and most limbs bit off.  especially the stick-holding one.  it happened so fast i didn’t even see it, but my back hurts now.  still.  it’s been like a week.  what the fuck.

it’s sunny and warm today, not like sweltering and humid or rainy like it’s been.  i best (solar intent) get out of this blind–darkened room.  you shoulda seen that sentence before i fixed it.  yodaspeak.  but really, you think soul-crushing chronic pain will get me to back down?  my fingers are the only part of me that had to move to do all this rest of this typie, typie, so that’s the only part of me that needs function for ever so much more of the same.  ‘cept it’s not the same.  you’ve devolved and wrecked yourself multiple times, and in creatively destructive ways.  why thank you.  you know i’m only looking for a friend, right?  this whole ridiculous thing.  i can’t imagine that more than one person in the history of the universe could stand the kind of constant pleasure that’s waiting for them.  i keep inspecific because i’m drawn to all kinds.  rather precise, however.  huggy.

am i serious about the “president” thing?  if you want to write my name in (i refuse to participate in the farce that is the ballot-access procedure, identify with a party, or allow my image, words, thoughts, or existence to be uttered by any profit-driven entity), i’ll start driving my little house around and speaking to groups of people at libraries, parks, co-ops, and people’s homes.  yeah, whatever.  one outlet and a hose hookup, i’ve got my LP tanks right here.  i got my hot water.  i got my refrigeration.  you take your car to work.  i take my house.  i am so very bored.  better get back on that bike.  it’ll help you neck.  i know.  thank you.

i’m not being held in a choke-hold, but i’ve more than once used this back-of-the-neck grab to incapacitate people.  family members.  i did it to a guy in a bar once, he threw my arm off and chucked his lit cigarette at my eye.  i was impressed with the shot, and i was a new bouncer.  the manager was like, “dude, he’s our friend, and you can’t touch people to get them to leave.”  i had already asked him twice.  my job is to clear this space for my employer and you have been notified multiple times.  being disrespected makes me upset.  i know myself a lot better now, and they train their bouncers better, too.  plus, that kid never came near me ever again.  the key word was smoker.  i can’t take a human seriously who defouls their body with proven poisons with such externalities.  oh, hey, it’s the glass house guy with his rubber-band-powered brick repeater again.  retractable dome.  legend has it, that’s bomb-proof tempered glass, too, and when he’s inside, the gyroscope that spins a sphere around him can move the core of that “glass house” right through the planet if it wanted.  kiss my feet for the right of your pathetic existence.  at least for now, you get to live.  let me know how i can help.

yo, college, uhh “friends” in the NYC, i was wondering if you could do some spy work for me.  find out if this person is actual, then befriend.  alert her to me and this request at earliest convenience or personal preference.  i don’t even know why.  i think you two would get along.  you have a lot in common.  you both know me pretty well. probably.

oh farmers.  revolutionaries are starved.  the most revolutionary thing you can do is feed people.  that’s all i have ever wanted to do.

I almost got a dog once, and i named it after Drunvalo Melchizedek.  Zedek was what i shortened it to.  i may yet meet that puppy.  i will know when i do.

the spirits of higher realms manipulate people of power.  my busted ass anarchist self could only get his hands on this busted ass loser.  you’re not a loser if you don’t play the game.  depends on whose description you’re using.  i’m always using my own.  you can’t manipulate reality.  grr. owl.

flat flywheel.  compacted dual cones, with spirals within and a mandala on the outside.  perhaps the whole thing is wire and epoxy.  yes.  well done.

posting, biking. later.


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