bites down

bites down

on actual, plant-based, had-to-soak-it-overnight, it’s-still-work-to-chew deliciousness, made with ground plants and water.  that is all.

*sarcastically impales itself upon a pike*

god fuckin’ DAMN this food is belly full-filling!  real heaty nutritiousness for the first time since yesterday.  8:31 PM.

i love being alone, because none of the fatties force me to eat their shit food.  fucking pushers.  terrorist supporters.  you know you are.  sellers of poisons to children.  feeders of coffers of the most insidious mental engineering ever inflicted upon the human psyche.  just because you know it’s going on doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on you.  kaizen.

that’s like the Japanese “consultant” word for hurry the fuck up, no breaks!  it makes sense, and from a today’s-vonnegut-tweet sense it sorta mashes the idea of .. uh, ya know, those.

when my tweets get one fav-star, i take that to mean they approach zero.  scale-breakers.  whOOMP.  there’s no +1000 button that isn’t cheating.  you get the idea.

cut fb reply: i live on a tasty 5% lager called boxer. $11.99 for a 36 pack. that lasts me about a week. (Minhas Craft Brewery,Monroe,WI)

is it less offensive out of context, or in?  i don’t honestly care.

“so all you fill the streets it’s appealing to see”

dude, i highly doubt any woman, female, or girl will ever kiss me again, let alone, you know, but if it ever happens, it’ll more than likely be someone from here (y’all are the only ones who speak to me), and i’ll ask her to live tweet the whole thing.  so, like, see point one.

untweeted: i give equal reasons to love/hate, standard. take your pick.

definitely less offensive out of context.  probably.  apparently?  no, not that.

want like try. do/be or [not/] do/be not. figure out that infinite loop, doi.

oh, it’s the nex day. 3:11 pm.  Happy Birthday, Mariah.  that’s my little sister.  she has recently been cured of a family disease, as it were.  well, diagnosed anyway.  umm, unintentional cruelty.  non-physical beatings that hurt much worse without leaving bruises, except they do.  the soul holds those if they hurt too much.  my family are the meanest, harshest, cruelest people that have ever existed on this planet, and you need to be aware of them.  they are all competing against everyone, terrified of their own pasts, their own parents’ pasts, and their parents parents, parents’ parents pasts.  holy fuck.  those people did the best they could with the shit they were dealt.  why can’t you pay that a little respect and open your eyes to the fucking shitstorm that is your life.  i am here to help.  get over the words.  get over yourselves.  get over the concept of “ownership,” especially as it relates to places people live.  it simply is not in line with the law.  residence is ownership.  family existence is, by law, allowable without constant fear of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.  yes, you do.  every thought you put into anyone else’s head about what is “right” or “wrong” to do will eat you.  at least you’re public with your judgment and fear.  we’re here to make life more fun, more easy, and more enjoyable.  this does not always mean “more social,” in fact i expect entire communities of people who choose not to speak verbally.  ever.  why the hell not?  every time i open my fool mouth, horrible shit comes out.  it’s all that’s in there!  i’m trying to get rid of it.

oh, this.  you’re putting together a cutting edge, compete against every existing industry with open source, and you’re looking for someone with this kind of experience?  you best be contracting them short term until you know everything they know so you can discard them like the old-school-of-thinking dinosaur they must be.  come on, assholes.  you want someone who wants to build geodesic domes out of coke bottles, aluminum cans, and plant-based adhesives.  fucking industry experience.  fuck that.  you learn from him/her everything s/he knows, then disprove it and force its hand.  cards up, y’all.

your car, in my hands, will turn into a solar powered living space where you can prepare nutritious food and sleep soundly and safely without having to own any other property.  the purpose of this project is first and foremost providing mobile transportation to people in abusive relationships who need to leave.  pretty much, that’s everyone here, but some seem more resilient, and most haven’t been starved through “thoughtless” means, insulted and dismissed, or screamed at.  we have.  we seek asylum.  few hurdles remain between us and this most basic-survivalist finish line.  part of me hopes my family conspires, with 100% (3:33 pm) consensus, to kill me.  then, the rest of humanity does the same to them.  all the way back through time.  fuck this genocide by tribe or race or geographic border.  let’s take out a percentage of the whole of humanity based on one single person.  that anarchy, it’s insidious logic.  solar wind and overunity circuits? recovered LEDs from wherever we can find them, or raw from the most cutting edge labs for free.  discards, seconds, less-than-optimal performing.  i’m a little cookie, yes i am.

my mission in life is not to understand this plight of the downtrodden, i am the fucking downtrodden.  this system has ground me up and spit me out so many times, i lose count.  i’ve called it “going into retirement” but verbal abuse and unwillingness to communicate.  have it done by 5 o’clock or you’re fired.  are you gonna do the rest of my job?  the hierarchy of priority that exists in your world is simply not relevant to mine.  your actions tend towards the despicable.  jealousest.  i’ve illustrated that one clearly enough.  i don’t know where it comes from.  i’m a reflector, lots of the time.  i completely have no interest in any available direction presented, so i go with opportunities that are presented to me by dumb ass luck.  most of the time, good things happen.  i’ve tended to run across people from similarly fucked-up but not visibly so family lives.  we project similar energy or something.  this doesn’t have to be a full time thing right away.  let it be gradual.  only give it a few hours a day, or week even, to start, if that’s how you do this kind of thing.  moving in the direction is much more important than the pace.  but, as you begin to feel how good it feels, being surrounded by supporting, encouraging participators willing to lend time and assistance, the less you will feel the need to compete.  we don’t need so many alpha males here, yo.  not like the roly poly lot of you could do anything without your welded and machined implements.  blobs.  get ‘er done, poisoned zombie blimps ofAmerica.  joe and mary six pack, are about to heal/keel quite darwinianly.  hey, don’t start fighting, even jokingly, about appearance with me, because adding your petty little opinion in those matters tends to invoke mine.  it’s all relative.

if we lived in a real building, we’d have scouts out at least weekly, talking to landowners, getting their essential input on public works projects for their benefit.  then, as they add land, we add useful facilities to that land.  we can use all kinds of construction scrap, scrap implements, poles, cables, tarps, and tent material, both industrial and improvised.  there are going to have to be people who essential dedicate their lives to improving the local energy generating infrastructure.  anyone who comes in contact should be taught these skills.  wikis and presentations for personal viewing, scripts for videos, and the videos themselves.  you really don’t think i could do a full length move and broadcast it by the end of the day?  don’t tempt me, i tend to be quite temptable.  con.  whatever.

wait until they make the first leeds prison.  off-the-grid.  that one we can destroy.  certain fascist architecture could never foster human interaction without significant overhaul.  i could make anything useful.

so, yeah, i’m in need of a source of income.  i’m running for president but i’ve received zero campaign contributions, near zero acknowledgement of the fact at all, at least from people i’ve met in real life.  i also believe in the kindness of humanity that doing all that i feel i must do for free will provide me some sort of means of survival.  on that front, i have received one contribution, $10 to paypal, from somewhere in New England.  the region.  northern.  we’re not so great at many of the essential functions of this whole machine, what with managing its own daily survival, maintaining as many positive relationships as the fates allow through electronic means, and being as creative as we know how.  i record most every thought i have and make it public nearly immediately, usually with almost no editing.  for this i am cast out, starved, ignored, and berated.  also, in my family, it’s like a thing to give people what they deserve, so being all executioners, we’re all pretty much verbally slicing each other to pieces to maintain pecking order or ensuring that the same meaningless and wasteful practices continue to entirely contradict the original intent.  put a shovel in my hand.  help me dig.  let’s turn this empty lot into a community garden using only its own dirt and these piles of scraps.  let’s get rid of this “junkyard” and turn this useful matter into actual useful implements.  Each community has, within its trash pile, trash stream, and trash mentality, all of the energy required for its healing.  conscious participation and forward movement.  zero tolerance of social fascism.  that’s the one where the dictator is the exception.  we expose it.  our reaction to your hostility is what you asked me for, and i don’t appreciate that.  often, i have a difficult time not throwing in unrelated points i find valid, yet undeliverable to your higher self.  take that, 3rd dimensional flatlander.

4:11 pm.  water cycle.

heard a human abusing a small animal.  highly disturbed by this.  i felt like walking over to where i heard the sound and saying, loudly, aloud: “dear whoever was hurting that defenseless animal in order to punish it for the fact that you blatantly ignored its obvious signals, this is your final warning.  if i ever hear screams of pain like that again, be they human, animal, or imagined, i will re-enact them with your face.  sincerely, the starving homeless man down the street with nothing to lose and no reason to live other than keeping the world safe for small, defenseless animals.”  hmm.  my first volunteer for close proximity audio torture techniques.  how delightful.  fascists know this: natural law tends to trump once holds are no longer barred.  sheer wit, brute strength, and raw speed.  from where i circle you, i’ve got you beaten on all fronts, and from higher ground.  how may i assist.

i’m unimpressed by your visionaries, world.  or, more so your reaction to them.  the path you put them to is fair enough, i suppose, but you completely miss the polymaths.  or maybe that’s the idea.  the system catches the obvious freakishness, or it makes itself known.  part of me thinks i’ve been playing dumb, even to myself, for too long.  enough is fucking enough.  blatant cruelty cannot logically “win” any argument for a decent society to function.  it should be met with immediate curiosity.  why.  why?  how much?  how long?  how many?  what percentage?  how many b.t.u’s?

8:26 pm.  logged off of tweet after oddness from an internet person.  went out to the truck and tweeted some more.  holy fuck, i’m pathetic.  why are we even on this planet any more?  all it has for us is pain.  i thought you liked the pain.  no. 3:08 AM.

i took toodles to mean you weren’t reading my blog any more.  i expected an unfollow.  don’t warn me before killing me.  pull the trigger.  i said everything i absolutely needed to say two years ago.  the rest of this is teaching basics to stubborn, cruel children.  society, your sensitive and abused become the biggest bullies.

i’m sitting up now, at least.  you should have seen me before, fetal position in the back of a tiny rv, crying like a baby over a few words from a total stranger.  meet the dictator.

whipping boy to the world


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-08-2 (Tuesday).

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