if you want to be my editor, e-mail lawleft at google’s e-mail provider.  i have that blogger blog, too.  it only has one post, i think.  don’t you hate blogs that talk about the fact that they are blogs?  that’s like telling someone you’re funny.  just fucking be funny, asshole.  i think it’s time for a new bio.

how it started:
asocial, asexual, apolitical workhorse. unlicensed writer, photographer, gitawrist, designer, media critic, comedian, masseuse, pit dancer/fighter/lover/licker, bicyclist, under-ground/cover white-hat hacker-pirate, attuned Reiki I, II in progress.

cymbolyzed: ▲♀ ✺✾✿❀❁ ∴∞ⁿ workhorse. unlicensed ¶✍ bicycle/photo/guitar/design/philosophy/massage, pit ⇅⇆↻/☀❂☯/♥❦♡/;-p under-ground/cover white-hat ✇, ☥〄 I, II ☤.

old bio: all-home ☥ pro-survival ♀ dance ✇ BikeBot ∢ teach ☤Ω☸〄☯☮ pure ♥❦♡ love ☋ nutrition ↱↗⇅⇆↻ health ∁-: ✠✦⋆✸✹❄❆☀❂ write ¶✍❡ ✺✾✿❀❁ pretty ∆☒▲◆△ maths cooperative

this is why i use the symbols.  that’s more than 160.  fuck.  no, another part of the reason i love twitter is that it forces people to be brief.  i’m so sick of the circle/over-talkers and bullies having control.

i’m appointmented to pick up my new home at 4, all things goodly.  i’ve been having pre-marital jitters something awful.  talking to dad and cathy made me a lot less tardful.  i’m a social being just like everyone else.  but if you’re a judgmental person, i can feel it.  you can’t lie to me, i see through all that shit.  your jealousy, your fear, it’s all the same thing.  i love people, of all kinds, and i enjoy helping them through this existence in any and every way i’ve learned.  deciding to be happy, or to find the happy explanations for what happens has been the most useful thing i’ve ever learned.

just post the old ones, retard.  seriously?  yeah.  why the fuck not?  don’t you have like advanced physics in there?

so, i follow this farm organization instevens point, wi.  Farmshed.

god dammit, spam, my penis is plenty big.  that’s not the problem.  maybe it is, but your pills would make it worse.  i have no fucking idea.

where the fuck was i?  oh, farmshed.  point.  ah, point, she never touched my penis, not even once.  no, the farmers.  the farmers never did either *facepalm*  i love the farmers ofstevens point, when they’re not being judgmental.  that shit puts me in a murderous rage when i’m not stoned, drunk, or being touched regularly.  everyone who knows me knows this about me, i’m just saying it out loud.  fuck you.  you want to watch tv, play video games, and eat shitty pre-packaged food all day.  i only want to fuck your mother.  all day and all night.  and/or daughter, neice, aunt, granddaughter.  i’m not sexually attracted to pre-pubescent females, and i’m fully capable of controlling my hormones in the presence of sexually mature, yet not of “legal age.”  just as much as i am around other people.  why do i feel the need to explain this?  because my own family give me the impression that they think i’m some kind of creep.  i think this is unfair, but i can see why and how they’d get that impression.  look for it in anyone, you’ll find it.  glass houses, kids.  anywhoozer, the people we encounter during are lives are the people we’re supposed to encounter, and having pretty much being an unforgivable dick to every single person i’ve ever met makes me realize that i have to explain this more explicitly than people who follow and participate in the evil social games that so many of us do.  i’m just as much of an angel as you are, and just as much of a demon.  As are you.  i’m a father-figure for hire, for rent, for temporary.  i’m a sensitive little girl.  i’m an avid internet dweller because my oddness is not categorized for assistance, and amongst those seeking evils, the circumstantials will all point in that direction.  that is entirely by design.  all of my designs are reflective, reinforcing when necessary, invisible when feasible, and minimalist.  i create self-sustaining human power stations, electrifying the world, one chakra, aura, voice, animal, soul at a time.  within and through time.  independent of time.

focus on the wind kinetics.  that drive, adjustable suspension, and an aerodynamic shell.  single-person, pair, no, dog.  me anna pup!  i like the tilting pod idea.  stand it upright, you get your standing space and a wall of shelving.  lay it down, you’ve got your bed and driving seat.  that’s pretty compact.  how will the driving controls interact? on top of the pod?  i think we need to prototype the living space first and foremost.  there are lots of prototypes we have to work on.  database, turbine blades, and aluminum can construction techniques.  we keep coming back to the glass frame holder.  that’s critical.  we’re going to need a fixed single-pane, sliding pane, and double-pane.  all of these must seal to air and water (with as little silicone and epoxy as possible).  this is why we need a classroom lab set up.

now, there’s a grant writing, compliance angle to work with here.  we want to focus on old buildings, those that are eligible for the national register of historic places.  we want to focus on multi-level living options.  so, when i’m single and jobless, i can rent only a small room, while my efforts still contribute to my overall equity.  that way, when i want a four-bedroom loft for closer interaction with my partners and kids, all that will change is the hourly credit taken monthly from my total equity.  i gotta talk to my math guy about how to balance these equations properly.  we have to virtually prototype this.

thought: if being my only friends is uncomfortable for you, UNFOLLOW!  i’m stressed and lonely and in pain and tweeting helps.  i’m sorry to clog up your timeline, but it’s the most recent way of remaining as sane as i seem to be able to manage.  i know you’re just an internet stranger, and you didn’t sign up to take on any of these responsibilities, so thanks for listening and i understand if you don’t stick around.

closing down to get ready to go buy myself a home.  first time.  3:33 pm

you might as well see this.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-07-27 (Wednesday).

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