hi, mom!

hi, mom.

she stopped by, about a half-hour ago, to drop off an invite to the annual family reunion formerly known as the family camping trip, a democratic “vote by mail” application, and a wall street journal advert.  how sweet.  then, when she heard me unlocking the door, she bolted, i could have stepped out to say hello, but she’s clearly already terrified, so why make it worse.  thanks for the invite, mom, i suppose.  after last year’s excursion, though, i’m not interested.  i have the blog from after last year’s somewhere.  i should find/post that.  there is love in these actions of hers, but she can’t see past her fear and hate.  yeah, hate.  revealing the truth to someone who doesn’t want to hear it creates hate.  it’s how they cover/shield/“explain” the cognitive dissonance to the rest of the brain.  poor little tortured creatures.

ok, i have to back up a few steps here.  my campaign is ill-formulated, not being admittable by the terrified.  no, it must remain that.  how do we communicate to them?  music.

i was lying in bed, learning about the motion of my eyeballs, when i remembered something.  in order to see, our eyes must send out photons that are reflected back.  that is why the observer affects the double slit experiment.  that’s why you can feel when someone is looking at you.  that’s what daggers from our eyes are.  led’s work the same way.  send power through one way, they glow.  send it the other way, they detect.  most people’s eyes are transmitters of tiny streams which they readily avert.  mine have the throughput of sata cables.  i like the ones who will lock gaze back.  hi, sweety.

if you have a business and you want it to be a part of the living structure, it must be owned by its employees and users, it must be run by consensus, and every participant gains share through its input.

i just sang “fuck you, windows update! you’re makin’ my system crash.”

i think my dad may be right about the frame of my car.  perhaps.  from his perspective, it sure gets me out of his hair quicker.  there are other ways to do that.  true enough.

hi.  i just invented a steam powered solar car.  copper tubing painted flat black (heat paint) runs along the outside of the vehicle, with little reflectors redirecting light in gaps.  copper is too expensive.  can you do it with aluminum?  perhaps.  probably.  yes, of course.  i can do anything.

so vertical axis wind generators, and i really don’t see why they couldn’t be supplemented by magnetic motors.

in college, for the raspberry awards, they said i came back when the olson twins matriculated.  i think to everyone else this was an insult, something scandalous and horrible.  i was like, “yeah, that sounds like me.  good idea.”  whatever.  ‘cuz, like, they’ve over 18 now.  unlike most of you, i don’t hold a person’s past against them.  no matter what.

danger, willrogers.  if i ever hear you use a word for genetalia, x, or x in disdain, i will dismember you on the spot.  how do you want it?  that’s how you’ll get.

nex dae, 1:29 pmz.  i think that means p-militarized zone.  out.

k, dilly is the car coop will be up and running soon.

here’s how it works.  i get blue-book.  it was my car.  i have all the repair records, and i know what she now needs.  this coop has the ability to set different standards for individual vehicles to be shared.  my vehicle is available for car-pooling individuals to conventions, or education and work projects.  in cold climates, it may be used to retrieve survival supplies or transport raw materials.

maintenance is pretty standard for a ’97 Nissan Altima.  Under the co-op shop’s umbrella, i plan for her to be converted to solar/electric certified kitchen and, ultimately, the black pope mobile.  aww yeah, glass dome, bay-baaay!  so yeah, i have the grinder to polish out the manifold now, kid.  that engine will stay in place and continue to be used when it no longer pulls this frame.  if you participate in this vehicle co-op, part of your participation is agreement in this, to treat vehicles as gently as they demand, for when respected, they treat us better.  plus, we’re going to have a bunch of non-drivers participating.  it’s a cost-effective standing ride-share, yo.  i will contribute my hours in maintaining co-op vehicles.  i will clean off rust spots and help change oil.  i will vacuum (wind-powered, obviously) the interiors and wash the exteriors.  then, when you need a car that has to get five human-sized people and their, you know, baggage, this vehicle will suffice, and will use less fuel than many others.  the finite resources (gas, oil, cash) are to be used as s[h/p]aringly as possible.

i shouldn’t need this car much any more.  i don’t go anywhere.  when i do need a concert, a mosh pit, this will ensure that i actually go with people who want to be in a cramped space with my spazzy ass for a few hours.

fucking muzzle me.  don’t touch my penis unless you’re willing to finish the deed, and don’t tell me until you’re ready to go.  then, yes, i’m totally ready to go.  my rv is outside.  besides me and my dog, i live in there with two cats, four chickens, and various other animals.  yeah, it has special stabilizer bars for fucking.  of course we can record it.  audio, video, or both.  composting toilet and solar shower.  solar everything.  whatever music you wanna fuck to, baby.  it is a power generating station.  yeah, that transfers the kinetic force generated by the flywheel generator beneath the floor.  it has a kinetic take-off, too.  i can run power tools off of it, use it as a regenerative braking/acceleration system, whatever.  the computer controls the algorhythms, timing.  i set it up to handle a multitude of scenarios.  we have a database of places where i can just plug it into the grid and the power company deposits cash in the co-op account.  since it’s electric/kinetic/wind/solar powered, it never uses gas.  you don’t even have to add water.  it collects rain and recycles everything.

well, this little pod isn’t in the co-op yet.  this is dictator’s oasis.  this is where he will feel at peace.  of course it will be in the public view/eye for many events, for it will project media from its external, also.  we can do radio broadcasts from the roof platform, too. without water, it’s lighter than it was originally.  i weighed it.  well, it keeps a certain amount of water for the solar heating/cooling system.  solar collectors on the roof, and an old refrigerator and fan setup beneath the floor to provide evaporation cooling on hot days.  that’s ingenious.  yeah.  thank youtube.

so, yeah.  cash infusion.  we could use a couple of hundred bucks to get started on this conversion.  i want to give the guy his asking price.  seriously.  the plan is progressing nicely, though.

1983 toyota huntsman (one similar to this)

here’s what we’ve got to cram into that tiny little rv:

  1. full electric conversion
    1. drive motors/computer suspension
    2. integration of dc computer
      1. temperature/energy control systems
      2. audio/video recording studio
      3. interior/exterior led lighting
      4. wifi detection/combination/redistribution
      5. short-wave radio
  1. Kinetic producers (rotational energy via continuously variable transmission fed to primary flywheel/generator)
    1. multifuel wankel motor
    2. wind turbines
      1. large rooftop syvonius extendable/contractable vertical wind turbine
      2. four-corner vertical syvonius wind turbines
      3. internal retractable highway speed spiral turbine/tunnel
    1. solar steam turbine
    2. magnetic motors
    3. human/animal weight-capture pedals/levers
    4. regenerative braking
    5. air-powered wankel motor
    6. steam-powered wankel motor
  1. heat producers
    1. multi-stage solar water heater/boiler
    2. heat exchanger chamber for friction-intensive processes (pumps, compressors, burning, etc)
    3. woodgas production
    4. water hammer heater
    5. electric resistance heater (back-up?)
    6. fresnel solar oven
  2. cooling systems
    1. multi-fuel refrigerator
    2. full-vehicle water-exchange heater/cooler using floor grate, recycled refrigerator radiator, and subfloor fans.
  3. energy storage systems
    1. hot water tank
    2. underfloor (or other) flywheels
    3. compressed air tanks
    4. batteries
  4. electricity producers
    1. flywheel windings/magnets
    2. gas (lp/woodgas) fueled steam turbine
    3. exterior epoxy-embedded photovoltaic solar cells
    4. overunity circuits
    5. water hammer steam turbine
  5. chemical producers
    1. composting system
      1. human/chicken/cat/dog poop
      2. eggshells, food scraps, vegetation
      3. sawdust
    2. woodgas converter
    3. methane collector (?)
    4. cat-pee distillery (?) how do you use uric acid?
  6. kinetic take-offs
    1. drive wheels
    2. electrical generator
    3. trailer-mounted “power” tools
      1. table saw, router, drill press, bandsaw
    4. cooling compressor
    5. air compressor
  1. greywater system
    1. high capacity water filter
    2. shower collection
    3. sink collection
    4. rainwater collection
    5. aquaponic evaporation integration
    6. gravity feed hose output for external crop watering
  2. aerodynamic/stabilization systems
    1. aerodynamic taut tarp for speed
    2. full electronic/hydraulic leveling/buttressing
    3. internal windtunnel transformation (air doors)
  3. side benefits
    1. distilled water collector
    2. hot water for shower/dishwasher/cooking
    3. woodgas for anything
    4. any-resource generators for anything you can do with electricity
      1. seriously, anything
    1. the joy that you contributed to a $zero budget, off-the grid mobile home made entirely out of repurposed trash.

you get the idea?  if we’re in a windly place, we can use that to make power to have a concert, or to drive around really fast.  or far.  with music blaring, radio broadcasting, and wifi signals being broadcast from voluntarily contributed 3g/home/business systems, and publicly available other ones.

oh, and the materials must all be recycled.  i’m gonna keep mentioning that.  repurposed.


you really don’t get the idea of a co-op, do you dude.  you must give something to it.  also, don’t you already have a little economy car?  we’re going to have to sit down and talk contract negotiations here soon.  everybody.

we have to talk schedules.  we have to talk use.  we have to talk property conversion schedules.  we also have to talk timelines and purpose.  then, there are things about consensus that must be addressed, also.

this whole thing is a series of projects.  they are all outlined here.  The one to which you refer is currently called sustain (right beneath the “embryonic demon spawn” bullet).  i know you offer contributions which would fall under our guise.

the whole point of this thing is to share what we make.  that means, first, you must disclose it.  we’ll keep track of everything, hours, pounds of food, and dollars.  hell, we’ll even attach individuals to their once-“owned” vehicles, properties, and business contacts.

scrap-sourcing.  full off-the-grid implementations.  precise laboratory/kitchen standards.  childcare cooperative, group cooking schedules, and human introductions.

well, that’s all we got for now, i suppose.  this old bag a bones is in need of a bike ride.  that is where we’re headed.


p.s. i apologize if i gave the impression i’m moving anywhere i’ve been before. the standing proposals are still in place. i’m preparing for earthship building and permaculture design schooling for myself. no landowners have approached me to contribute their property, shops, spaces, materials, networks, or labor. yet. we’re going to have a public listening session on this bad boy so people understand how it works. anyway, i’m off biking. toodles. 😀

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  1. Toodles.

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