so, klout says i’m a 44.  i wonder if they add in what you do on other networks?  so, these things just encourage networking?  isn’t there anything beyond that?  don’t any of you want to get people to do different things?  i’m the only one, huh?  not even.

i assume this means your work stuff.  there are unsubscribe features on business-related stuff, and what, you’re going to stop communicating with people?

don’t feel guilty about buying stuff.  enjoy the resources at your disposal.

my review of cosmic panda: like every other “upgrade,” it wastes more screen real estate, shifts everything around, again (disconcerting), and gives you even less that you can change.  Websites should allow you to adjust your own css with a simple gui.  Any colors, any layout, and modules.  please don’t implement this one.  the only good thing about it is that it’s a little darker.

My site will destroy all other websites.

i’m tired. broadcast depth like this makes people go.  movement matters.  i was thinking earlier about subcontracting your employees’ “free time” for co-op related tasks.  training and wiki-population, and real-time discussion, facilitation,

so we tweetin’ again.  the vibe i get is they’re happy that i’m there, but want to know if i’m happy enough to not be a dick.  i think so. lol.

i give all the cheat codes.  go, use whatever you need, whatever is applicable.  i am what i have.  the ways that i am are the ways that i am not.  there’s a certain satisfaction and calmness that overwhelms any sense of disconnectedness.

they don’t want me around.  i distract them from their constant adversarial take on reality, which stresses them out.  i guess it’s useful to be a focal point for their rage, but holy hell! how much rage do they have to get rid of before they will see me as a human being?  more, apparently.  well, i’m glad that all of this is wrapping up.  i eagerly await connection from interested parties.

my demands are all in writing.  they’re not demands.  requirements?  not even that.  they’re more like possibilities.  would you like to participate in this possibility?  so far, it seems that a few do, but only from a distance.  that’s ok.

I’ve been focusing on reiki a lot lately.  i was attuned level one for a second (or third?) time, and i’m studying a lot of math, among other things (see above).  also learned a bit about lucid dreaming.  i am so completely distracted right now.  topics and completely different life possibilities go through my head every few minutes, and they have bits of what i imagined, but the click…

mentor needed.  or students. whatever.  everything i can do and everyone i know is already public knowledge.  my every though is on display.  i feel compelled to share and i get the impression these words offer assistance to the planet.  that, or i need a way to keep track of/document thoughts, because my little ego will not die.  it gets infinitesimally smaller, but it won’t go away.  such is the plight of a slave.  i’ve attempted working my way out of slavery.  they got ya by the balls no matter.  i now want to attempt the building of permanent human survival infrastructure amongst the capitalist wasteland.  that way, when gas goes up to $45/gallon and they have armed guards protecting the owners of the hummers and cadillacs so they can go shopping in the next county, you’ll have a small home where you will be able to survive year-round without the man’s “inputs.”  these would be fuels not created/harvested by the infrastructure itself.  do you understand the word infrastructure?  that’s rather critical.

with proper infrastructure, including the plant root systems, pathways, processing areas, and the relevant human-handling infrastructure that facilitates easy cooperative movement and ergonomically correct human interaction.

is that all for now.  yeah, probably.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-07-7 (Thursday).

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