is the name of the playlist about sacred geometry, maths, and such.  these Spirit Science videos are highly decent.

“When you first learn to bend metal, it’s pretty exciting. After a few days, that wears off when you realise it doesn’t really change the world much and your cutlery’s all stuffed.”

from forkbend.com

what is it?  it’s a personal commitment to share, and an outline of what that means.  your property, if you so choose, can be turned directly over to the “business”/contract/trust/“legal fiction.”  You would then either have an equity stake in the entire operation (including other cash-inducing ventures of other member/owner/participants).  As this is a survival-based institution, the excess doesn’t mean all that much, since it will be reinvested.  reinvested into housing infrastructure, reinvested into growing infrastructure, or into whatever else we deem important.  that is probably the beautifullest thing about this ownership structure.  granted, it takes a certain type of ego to even propose a different use for cooperatively used/managed resources, and the standards by which such exceptions are granted will shrink with each new participator.

i suspect vehicles would work the same way.  you won’t have exclusive use of your land or vehicles.  it’s not going to work having former landowners in this thing, is it?  we’re going to have to take all your shit and then put you on neutral ground until you know how it feels.  then, when you understand what sharing is, you might be able to come back and share what was once “yours” (even though it still is).  get your head straight.  the world will come to you.

i enjoy downloading images from sites that don’t allow it. i feel compelled. fuck your petty restrictive technology. over-share.

re this, so this.  you know who else posted that link on fb?  my last girlfriend.  that’s funny.

my kids will be the ones who get those kids to quiet down. alone, i’d be able to a) make the kids laugh b) find them something quiet and fun to do c) not make their parents feel excluded in the process.  you can teach a lot to people about human nature in only a few seconds.  basically, kids never get out of hand by me, and if they do, a responsible adult usually assists using their own gentle patience and their own well-mannered kids as an example.  kids get stressed, and adults get stressed.  sometimes, it’s an audible representation of what’s going through all of our heads.

that, however, is a tv news report. poor assumptions, judgment, and generalizations.  i couldn’t even get past that to see if there was anything constructive.  I doubt it.  you can’t expect a peaceful resolution when you begin from judgment, moral superiority, or disrespect of other humans, no matter their age.  when you do, that’s all you’ll ever see.

it’s the same as anything else.  it’s their space too.  also, ask them directly and nicely (the kids, you condescending ass) to… what?  are you speaking on behalf of all of the rest of the people not doing anything, because I think those kids are entertaining as hell.  leave them alone.  your attitude could use some adjustment, too.

smug laughter.  incites dictators murderous rage.  you best thank the inventor of the bicycle for your life, son.  we’ve killed for less.  and, my ability to continue uninterrupted shows you’re all talk now, so quit talking.  trump’s been trumped.  unplug it and live.  i’m running on zero point.  few will admit to knowing me, having met me in real life, and none of those who do have any idea what to say to me.  or, that is the best scenario that i can imagine that would explain their years of silence.  i feel their love, continuously.  funny how non-communication does qualify as love when you know you’ll only spew venom for a while anyway.  well here, you all needed to hear all of this anyway.  i trust you know me a little better now.

yo, i could use a place to crash for a few months.  i’m a woodworker and i’d like to share your shop, i’m a raw/organic/local/foodie and I’d like to share your kitchen, i’m a reiki practitioner and I’d like to share your reiki/massage table/space.  i’m a dancer/musician/concert lover/promoter, and I’d like to have shows at your house/office/shop/warehouse/barn/field.  we’ll build off-the-grid living spaces on your property, for future roaming caretakers, and we’ll find good trustworthy people who will treat you like a human being if you extend them the same respect.

i’m the babble fish.  i can connect both ends of the spectrum.  all spectrums.  spectri?  spectorium..alator?  now your jess makin’ upwards.  crimeny hooligans!

it’s 4, are we biking soon?  yes.  shall we postit?  why the fukc not?

harshniss 4 deprogrammage! love4love.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-07-6 (Wednesday).

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