youtube makes the volume slider tiny and difficult to use. at least it has one.

who goes around “disliking” videos on YouTube?  What’s the fucking point?  I don’t even look at how many dislikes mine have.  weird thing about being absolutely terrifying to most people, they won’t even tell you that they don’t like you, let alone why.  they just go all deer in headlights when you’re around.  and you wonder why i don’t go out.

when i come back to my computer, i had a hankering to hear this.  the volume was low.  i

i started this playlist on this video.  i wanted to hear my mashes.  working with youtube playlists is sort of a pain if you try to use the profile player.  it’s finicky.  this is why i copy and paste everything everywhere all the time.  i am one of those “heavy users” of the clipboard function of this computer.  good stuff, functionality.

i will get an rss reader set up one of these years.  until then, i check blogs periodically. this time, i am happily surprised.  that there’s a post, i should say.  her writing is always this perfect.

socialism has never been implemented at the state level. anywhere. tribes and communes have worked and continue to work everywhere. believing anything on the tv

currently exploring the depths of despair for the last time.

so just now i thought about typing up a bio, you know, again, but this time for a craigslist listing about the adoptive family i seek.  property.  shop.  whatever.

heh. you told us, you’re fine. http://youtu.be/KKgaMLly_Ko those who don’t sweat time, more easily enjoy the now.

i’m looking back over my Legal Process: Democracy Law notes from law school, and it really seems that the court system generally, and the supreme court specifically, have stuck to their primary purpose of justifying racism, institutional and otherwise.  I was looking for a citation for a supreme court case that clearly stated redistricting for the purpose of protecting incumbents was the law.  maybe i’ll search online.  all of a sudden, i miss lexis/nexis.

I found this from Wikipedia, which I had listed in my notes.  Basically, the Supreme Court finds that redistricting in favor of incumbents is not only not wrong, it’s an acceptable way to do things.  This is how our government works.  it always has.  it has zero legitimacy.  zero.  it’s a self-perpetuating pile of red tape and lies.  I don’t even like thinking about it.

Redistricting is what I was researching.  The thing about redistricting, much like an open and honest proportional representative system, it would allow into the process all kinds of people who “the media” consider “not worthy” or “not legitimate” candidates.  Funny thing is, the Supreme Court has concluded that lack of attention from “the media” was a legal and legitimate reason to exclude a candidate from a “public” debate.  Never mind what that means about the impartiality of our third branch of government, the “balancing” one and how it relates to for-profit business operations.  The entire system is a fucking joke.  It’s not funny at all.  It’s disgusting.  Anyone who participates in it, with it, or better, profits from it, is the problem.  yes, you are the problem.  please cease legal operations immediately and focus upon construction of survival apparatus.

that paragraph looks “quoted” by links in word.  white background (wastes the most energy, simulates chemically bleached paper from plundered resources, etc) and blue links here as i write.  shades of grey on black once i post.  this is getting posted.

funny thing, about twitter, the same funny thing about my entire life.  the people with whom i think i’m supposed to be bring me there, but then i meet people who like me.  not being what i expected or hoped, i keep talking.  stratification occurs.  it’s as if the pot that was never stirred now has hots mixing with colds and

“It’s the natural law that the refugees bring.”

ok, fine, world.  So all this shit’s going on and people are waking up.  how do i find landowners?

dear landowner,

my name istyler.  i grew up inIola,WI, where I currently live.  I’ve a philosophy BA fromYaleUniversity, and I attended 2.5/3 years ofLawSchoolin Madison (U of WI Law School).  Since dropping out of law school to run for president, I have been thinking a lot, learning about diverse survival-driven subjects, and creating an online presence.

I am working on an open source, property/space/tool-sharing cooperative, and my anti-competitive nature disallows me from earning the cash required to launch this venture.

I come from modest means.  My education has financially crippled my monetary advancement and my choice of non-institutional path has so terrified and disappointed my family that they have no interest in turning their property into a shared food/power/music/life/love generator.  I believe they will eventually join up, but not before outsiders join me in realizing this thoughtform.

I have things to do in the mean time.  I am a woodworker, and I have found means of supporting my modest survival upon the fringes of your capitalist world.  This is not satisfying to me.  These interactions do not provide me the resources to join the tv-viewing populace in any meaningful social sense, let alone purchase a property upon which people might sleep, eat, and work.  Enter in my wish to not participate with the illegitimate banking system, and we arrive at my present conundrum.

ideal scenario:
large piece of land, warehouse, empty office building, apartment building, barn, or south-facing hill will do nicely.  I can create an off-the-grid garden/matter upcycling entertainment space.

i spend most of my time writing, eating, sleeping, and making videos.

y’all realize these are just algorithms, right?  verbal algorithms are just inefficient, lies, or misleading.  all of these resources can be expressed mathematically, yet those in power refuse to do so.  the whole system is set up to be unaccountable and sloppy as hell so that workers continue having to do, literally ALL of the actual labor, and the profit class receives all the benefit.  profit margins get shaved and the only people making a buck are the investors.  how many different ways does this need to be said?

you do realize that we could write up an algorithm whereby the people who come and live and work on your property (which may even be “for sale”) provide you with the labor equivalent of purchase price.  This will take a long time, yes.  But, that’s relative.  How many people are there?  how many people nearby are losing their jobs and in need of locally produced food?

Here’s what I’m proposing.  We set up a cooperatively owned business, with a rent/purchase land-lease type structure that credits the ever-shifting owner’s stake in the operation.  if the operations yields cash, you can get paid out in that.  hopefully, the operation will yield property, and when we have decentralized the population amongst the property, any personality differences can be dispersed amongst the participants as well.  we trust that everyone will find a niche, and we fully expect the property full of the outcasts of the outcasts (“my” house) will be the most productive.  i will adopt the most difficult people, the impossibles.  all of them.  they are already my children.  i just want to be able to feed them healthy food and help them get their bands up and running.  i’m there as a resource.  always available, never present.

▲↗◆↱△↻☒⇅✦∆⇆✠⋆✸✹❄❆☀❂❁☥✇☤Ω☯☮♥❦♡✺¶✾✍✿❡❀ ∴∞ⁿ
open source information loving communication energy cooperation generation sex love rock noise roll. sees the use of weed(s), the contributory functions of all.

cymbolyst = limb of LazyAssWasteoid InDowsTrees

the dictator is a 6’2″ 155lb fire-croch’d, exotic-carrot-topp’d 34-years-young polyamorous genderfuck farmhand namedtyler. yes, it has an ivy league degree, but we don’t let that get us down.

it loves you,


yay! it now has another account at a website it can complain about being down and slowing down its computer.  no, wait.  more porn!  well, um, yes but… *sigh*

ah, was i in the middle of a letter?  i think i was.  so anyswayze, i can take any property and turn it into an organic food factory.  any property.  lemmie attit!

NERDS!!!! are you ready to get started on the fucking database?  it tracks acrage, humans, sleeping areas, office areas, schedules, hours, donations, ownership percentages, and it can grow to accommodate all users.  this is the last database the planet will ever need, because every person will participate.

design and implement, within a month.  design a permanent living structure made entirely of natural found materials and trash, obtain legal right to erect and populate it, and put it up in a location where vehicles cannot access.  this could be off of a trail, in a wildlife preserve, or private property given freely to universal ownership.  people should carry the parts necessary to create a fully functioning off-the-grid home capable of supporting a clan of 10-20 humans year round, with seasonal expansion capabilities.  Go.

with google reader, you can subscribe to twitter feeds, youtube accounts, blogs, podcast feeds, video-cast feeds.  i bet audio feeds, too.

oil wells are 1-5 MILES DEEP????  poor mother earth.  how could anyone ever think burning your very blood was a good idea.  i sure hope we can replenish your marrow with the bones of the billionaires.  What top percentage of people need to die?  That’s it.  A simple percentage.  Conservatives are all, “.000000000000001!!!” and liberals heads explode.  I’m like 47!  Everyone freezes.  They’re like, “you seriously think the 47% of wealthiest people should die for the revolution?”  I’d be all, “wait, no, first past the post means 49.9[repeating]% of them, or 50%-1, should die.  yup.”  First past the post, motherfuckers!  I’m state executioner, too.  I get to behead/pardon all those people personally.  no, i’d share.  anyone who wants to can get a crack.  you gotta share that kind of fun.  pull the trigger on behalf of the state!  what if it’s unanimous?  why wouldn’t it be?  if our society provided anything half-way sustainable anywhere, the very concept of criminal would be obsolete.  it nearly is now in this fascist shithole!  god, you fucking people are stupid.  i’m not going to have enough beer for tonight.  fuck.  dad bought a sixer of reds for me, though.  a treat.  i can always tap into that.

this is exactly what i criticize him for doing.

“For what is the use of a home, if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
– H. D. Thoreau (@2:22) 1 AM.

untweeted: fukkin’ MIT.  WHY AM I NOT IN A MOTION-CAPTURE LAB TWENTY-FOUR-FUCKING-SEVEN!??!?!?  you people are worthless.

see, that’s too mean.  do i really want to say that?  attach my name to it?  i mean, i am here, but this is all “the poop” and your being forced so sift through the nasties is no less of a process than sorting through the shit that flows through your tv.  i would venture to say i’m less offensive.  i mean, i’ll slaughter your golden cows and piss on your religions, philosophies, and temporal frozen theories, but fuck if i’ll intentionally inflict pain on another human being.  other than the ones i’ve met in real life, of course.  whatever.  those people are fucking loaded and i’m homeless.  fuck ‘em all.  i can’t help it they can’t think in 3D space.

research Terry Barrett.

it’s now 12:19 AM on 6-25.  these blog entries are taking like three days now.  this is such crap, isn’t it.  heh.

winter-hearty kiwi.

it’s now 1:40 pm on Saturday, the 25th.  I posted some rather strong opinions on fb earlier today.  i was kinda upset.  I’m better now.  coffee and whatnot.  i should post this, eh?  i need a refill. brb.

the poisons were out today.  i saw one farmer spraying and many others out with sprayers.  we need hyper-organic permaculture everywhere.  now.

it’s monday. 12:23 pm.  i have to go take my second shit. brb.

my urge is go step out my bedroom door and just start yelling.  doesn’t even matter what i’m yelling about, but i want to go.  i feel like i am being kept unfairly.

how about this.  the weather is nice now, so I’d rather go sleep in a ditch.  let me know when you plan to pay me and i’ll stop back when the last few dollars i have finally run out.  you don’t help in any way, ever.  i can’t stand being around you any more.  please give me the money that i rightfully earned so i can at least say that you keep your word.  it’s gonna be a stretch, but i’d be willing to say that much.

this was a mistake coming here.  you have nothing to teach me and you’re completely unwilling to change.  you keep your information like you keep your shop.  confused, clumped by illogical associations, and unlabeled so nobody else can get to, find, or do anything of use.  let me go.  this is approaching illegal imprisonment.

so it seems cash will not be the means through which anything i ever want/need is obtained.  so be it.

we move to third chakra tomorrow.

what’s my fuckkin’ deal, huh?  this office is perfectly acceptable.

i wanna set fb so it says i’m in a relationship with tumblr.  can i do that?  never mind.  i don’t really want that.  she’s be a pretty good girlfriend, though.

actually, you’re not “just saying” anything.  you’re also thinking it, and putting that kind of brain-dead thoughtform out there makes me think you want to eat my brain.  quit acting like a zombie and i won’t have to cut your head off.

the spiritual science video i watched differentiates between indigo children (western) and the “super-psychic” children ofChina.  the sensitivities or “powers,” probably more just traits, that we, the indigos, have.  Anyway, the video claims that indigos are aspects of male energy and the Chinese kids are aspects of the female energy.  we’re just spastic/figety/add/depressed/brilliant, while they can move shit with their minds.  a few can walk through walls, according to yet another channeled being.

this is funny enough to sit through the ad.


transparent wiki consensus executive.  that’s our new title, apparently.  this blog is an odd monster, isn’t it?  it’s like a black hole.  densest matter known.

a girl i met posted this on fb.  the first time i ever got head was in my car, in the IGA (grocery store) parking lot, and this song came on 90fm.  i love this bandthis song is nearly as awesome as Saturday.

i. love. you.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-06-27 (Monday).

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