fuck. it’s sunday (i hate sundays), it’s a holiday (i boycott all of those), father’s day (i live with my dad), and i’ve felt like crying all day.



my body hurts, all over.  i need more sleep.  i have many things i need to do, like find a home, but i can hardly move.


  • generators
  • solar ovens
  • solar condensers
  • vessels
  • utensils
  • sculpture
  • vehicles
  • wagons, trailers
  • pleasurables
  • other

the funny thing is, no matter how i am, we are, as it were, someone is there of the same wavelength.  some of my best friends i only see when i’m depressed out of my skull.  what the fuck.

twoosh not tweeted:
it’s fucking testosterone day, isn’t it. fuck. hey, war day will be here before you know it. fuck your genders. assholes. aggro b.s. dooosh!

oh, i’t monday naw. *snorts* as of the veronica/coworking transition, approximately, shows the last thought of early this very am, and where it went today.  there was a fb post in there, too.  a good one, which fb itself either couldn’t handle or censored.  linking to some people is allowed. linking to some topics is allowed.  otherwise, oops.  unknown error that only happens every time i try to post that link.  the purpose of databases like fasebleched IS censorship.

RVs for sale nearby:

the funny thing is, you don’t understand how i can fall in love with you at a glance.  i’ve fallen for faceless tweets.

my campaign may not be mentioned by for-profit media.  this would be contradictory to its purposes.  it’s ironic that we’re on the interwebs.  no, it isn’t.

These are fucking great.

happy go share concern?  we’ll see how that translates in Japanese.  what?  i love the term “concern” to describe a legal fiction.  a “business” “entity.”  it’s only a contract.  a piece of paper with thoughtforms written down on it.  highly developed, sneaky ones.  shred ‘em up for insulations, and for the parade floats.  we’ll make collages with some.  we download our knowledge.  y’all collect dead weight.

sweet girl, i’m here and i love you.

it’s now 2:33 the NEXT day, (Tuesday), and we’ve been up for approximately a half hour.  I will be re-attuned Reiki I at 4.  Palate cleansing, I suppose.

the nasties are taking a beating.  they don’t have anything else that they ever say.

this dj is pretty money, i must say.

ahoi they’re twiskillators and twaskrrbayturz

everything’s hanging comfortably

a little clarity, on your role.

consultant.  you’re not transportation, you’re not negotiator, and you’ve completely disregarded my priorities in picking out what i’m looking for.  you continue to be an impediment by pushing against everything that I do.  pay me.  i will go on with my life.

the most dysfunctional push/shove you away as they tell you they love you.

The explosion of knowledge about law of attraction is fantastic.  Aliens being channeled, gods? interdimensionals.  beings.  thoughts.  beam me up, Scotty!

negative entities have their eye on me?  i disagree.  there is nothing negative to see.  i see only the loving children that are shushed and locked in the basement.

want talking of me, i will tell you what i have heard.  if your conception is of a lower vibration, i will raise my own.  see ya.

sputtering out sentence fragments and lighting things on fire.

Added lots to fair and point today.

tweetily dumb,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-06-21 (Tuesday).

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