crazy genius

Crazy genius.

What are you turn-ons, then?  Or, do you simply enjoy reprimanding others for failed attempts to find physical comfort with other isolated zombies?

This society has reprimanded me for being attracted to those who attract me for my entire life.  How does one find happiness when society refuses to acknowledge even the direction we’re headed?  Enjoy your misery.  Stay out of my way.

If I were dictator, the government would cease all war operations immediately and begin receiving training from locals on sustainable farming practices.  Full immediate (real-time) transparency is the only acceptable release of state information.  Non-compliant individuals (US citizens, officials, politicians) will be executed immediately.  Your ability to escape death is your only appeal.  Such is the law of nature.  Global electrical net infrastructure design and implementation are the number one priority.  Free power everywhere is the course.  No exceptions.  Free love only ever.

There are those comforted by my droning babble of shoulds and oughts.  Ya gotta, ya gotta!  I’m all, “don’t like that guy!  Like the fucker.”  The fucker’s been locked away for a long time.  You really thing he’s getting less horny?  Funny thing, kinda he is.  It’s more selective now, perhaps.  I know those things which set me off, and not much else can do it.

I need to go make some noise in the shop.

I made a video earlier, not quite capturing the song I thought I’d meant to, then losing interest.  I danced to it, thinking I was on video, while enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich I had just made.  It was blissful.  I worked up a sweat.  No record, other than this blog and my memory, exists that it happened at all.  Tree falling in the woods.

Shoppy shop.  I’m completely exhausted.  Caffeine lack.  No headache, but sluggishness.  I’m all complaints and excuses, aren’t I.  How does that make me any different from you, again?

There’s no reason to pump well water for irrigation most of the time.  Save structure and road runoff.  Plants will love it.  Wetlands by design.  Take advantage of natural differentials in temperature, height/elevation, and natural heatsinks, capacitors, or other storage media.  There’s oodles of b.t.u.’s in them rocks, son.  That shit’s engineered.  Cutting edge technology.  We pick up where the geniuses left off.  We work with the ones who are still with us.  Hey, ‘sup?  Nice to meet you, old man.

So, the institutional sickness you were talking about earlier, heh.  It’s almost over.  They’re self-destructing out of sheer logic.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.  Heads popping all over the place.  Pop, pop pop pop, pop.

I’ve had this venomous hatred for “Sundays” today.  I haven’t said or done anything about it, other than, you know, this.  Now mashing this with this.  Added this in for style.

Mashit up.

National disgrace with Shame on a nigga?  Nice. Oh.Dee. BeE!  Dirt.

Ran across this about 24 minutes ago.  I first saw this during law school.  It pretty seriously rattled me.  Then I was ok.  I’m happy to see it again, however/therefore/hereforto, and to add it to the collection.

Oh, the inbreeding.  Rich snobs act like it’s poor people who inbreed.  Ha.  Poor people are the ones who do EVERYTHING better than anyone else.  Faster. Cheaper. Tastier.  You name it.  Poor people rule.  They do.

I’ve been working at farms for the last three years, fat boy.  I could knock you and three of your buddies out cold and not be home late for dinner with all your exes.  Of course I’ll invite your mom.  I’ve taken down buildings, and I’ve put up buildings.  My entire body is in optimal condition.  Optimal.  Let’s find the root of your pain and eradicate it.  It often does require some skull-crackin’, don’t it?  Fuck it, I’m down.  Don’t ever even jokingly threaten me or offer to fight me to the death.  I’m quicker than you’d think.

I have lots of the music that I hear on YouTube, but I still listen to it on YouTube.  I can switch faster.  Plus, I feel like I’m preserving good stuff for future generations/viewers by giving it “views” (11:11 pm).

You know I’m agoraphobic beyond belief, right?  Not really, but kinda.  I’m sensitive, and I’ve only quite recently come across a family.  The search continues.

He’s Knox Harrington, the video artist (next day, 10:03 am)


Any further explanation is limiting.

I was going to apologize for the information dump, but I get told to take it back when I apologize.  I guess getting reprimanded for apologizing is better than the silent treatment I get when I don’t, and ultimately, there’s no standing apology, but what the fuck?  Humans.

So, I may end up putting aloe on my burn.  It still hurts.  Why do I do this to myself?  Oh yeah.  Masochist.  Heh heh.  Oh, I’m not that much of a deviant.  Only in my imagination.  In real life, I’m an isolated drunk just like the rest of you.  Bite me.

My cat’s name is Maceo
He’s a little man in a cats body
He yawns just like I do
He’s convinced I won’t eat him

I think he thinks that I’m his dad
Because I saved him from the pound
Well we went down
Down to the pound and that’s where we saw Maceo

La la la / La la la / La la la

Cat catcher said to me
“pick one out”
Maceo said
“let me out”
He sleeps right where I do and we wrestle in the morning!

He come to you if you don’t bother him
He just likes to do his own thing
My cat’s name is Maceo
He’s a little man in a cat’s body

Here we go
La la la / La la la / La la la

The assembly line continues to crank out quality product.  Gonna have to sell these eventually, huh?  For now, it’s my collection.  Wait ‘til I name them.

take care, kids.  I must change sander belt and disc. Wish me luck.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-06-6 (Monday).

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