Come on,Madison.  What kind of nuttiness is this?

Constant unforgivables.  Only, ever.  That they exist is the reason we must.

I wonder how that thing translates to verbal history.  Surely, it sounds horrific.  Like, hitler living in the walls horrific.  I’m detoxing.  Again.  Still.  So there now is living proof that even if you’re homeless, jobless, friendless, and hopeless, the people who are your “friends” on facebook don’t really give a fuck.  Why should they?  Why should anyone in this town give a rat’s ass about anyone, let alone the likes of a me.

I was homeless for more of the day than I’ve ever been last night (crashed at a hostel), but I’m clean and caffeinated at 8:30 on a Tuesday.  What the fuck is going on?

And the world goes goodbye.  Sound isolation booth, not employed nearly as often as it ought, spazzy boy.  Leave me alone.  Hehh.

So, this questionnaire, as I’m calling it, is an expanding, a decompression, if you will, of the concept “cooperative.”

  1. ownership structure
  2. budget allocation procedure
  3. decision-making process
  4. technical/scientific approach
  5. purpose

And the scale of full consensus, full participation, equal asset division

Middle of the road would be fptp, majority, modified, or mere over-consideration of past hoarding.  (dictator sez: Your pension has cash.  We work for food.  We can pay off (y)our house with food and buy more properties with your pension)

Fascist/feudal/familial/-aternal/procedural methods would be at the low-participation end of the spectrum.  Hey, it’s my fucking questionnaire.  I can ask whatever the fuck I want.  Nobody has to answer this.  With my luck, nobody ever will.  Lol.

Y’almost have to ask every member of the coop, assign numbers/percentages to their responses, and take averages to find out about real-world implementation.  That’s the other aspect.  You can say all the right things in your bylaws, but if you have a fascist in a full consensus system, they will literally ruin everything.  In other words, a system which is thought to be “consensus,” may not be “full participation,” though the reasons for that vary.  One should also include the average age at which a human’s input is deemed “adult” or “of sound mind and body” or whatever.  All your ageist rules fucking piss me off.  Dictator’s gonna destroy things in a way you never even thought they could be destroyed.  The demons are loose.  Bring it on.

I am.

gLogin’ 8:51 am (Ground Zero Coffee.  Hey, they got a parking lot.)

The old man finished black tile around the tub in the master bath.  That guy’s a machine, when he is.  He’s been working for one for a while, too.  And he’s been on the umbilical cord of mind-control giga-bandwidth for yeeers, too.

Hey, you don’t want someone to do this job who has friends.  Nay, you don’t want someone who is capable of making friends.  Instant forgiver, sibling to every generation, optimist and well-wisher.  Friends are co-wallowers.

So, hey, anybody want to help me build this thing?  We don’t really need money, but if you have that and want to turn it into something living, we can put it to good use, too.  We start with the easy stuff: building dismantling for components, then crowdsourced wiki-construction of permanent, off-the-grid, integrated passive solar, greywater, greenhouse, water collection and irrigation, and human-driven mechanical processes.  The capability exists to do this now, anywhere.  On less land than you think is possible.

I want to live in a cave in turkey!

There’s a “CRAM’S” Physical-political map ofEuropeacross from me.  It’s one of those dry erase classroom, pull-down doo-hickeys.

God damn, twitter is cool.  I get notified of new bands in my stream, and in my inbox.

Where the fuck was I?  What an aside.  Fuck.


It’s critical.  Regularly scheduled full disclosure, no exceptions.  If you’re going to “control” cooperative finances, you must submit to a full financial audit, by the Dictator (as/in any combination of members).  Procedures used, time spent, must be documented.

What did she do?  She mistook me for not serious.  Unfortunate, more than cruel, which isn’t to say there isn’t a vicious streak there.  But whatever.  I likes me the biters, the snappers.  I will always remember us as friends, despite the counter-protests of reality.  It’s not like I have a choice.

WWOOFing inspain!  Good god, you’re a spaz.

Why haven’t I put in crashing requests at new coops?  Well, because I don’t want to crash at new coops.

Open source is as much a philosophy as it is a decision in software-making.  You don’t improve an organization by systematically hiding reasons for house decisions.  Every time you block someone for membership, your own membership is put in issue.

Networking. Heh.  “Social” networks.  Ha fucking ha.  Persistence of socio-fascism via e-mail generator, photo-sharing apparatus.  It could be a relatively useful database, if every user was me.  If you let me implement this other one, it’ll be exactly like every other thing that we do.  It’s inherent lack of fascist put-downs will make it undesirable to a frightful mass.

Thoughts, recently: does unconnected, percussive swearing (ie, “FUCK!” “Shit!” or “Godd DAMmit!”) constitute verbal abuse?  How about indirect quotations?  There are lessons there.

The lingering morbid curiosity over my own history is baffling.  Why the fuck do I care?  There’s never been any carry-over from living/working/class-mate before?  Why all of a sudden?  Focus on the incitement of bliss.  That’s about all we’ve ever taken any real credit in anyway.  Sure, we have built many a fascist structure as an agent of various financiers.  Learned how to counteract the poison.  Learned to become immune to the disinformation.  Learned how to learn.

This cooperative has a corps/core/COAR of one.  Full disclosure.

The old guard is paranoid, and lies.  This is why they will fail.  If they expect bad out of people, if they think there is limited space in paradise, there will never be enough.  Hoarders of the almighty, dollar.  We should be into phase four of the house generator transmission infrastructure by now!  We have magnet-embedded, polymer-filled flywheels made from old central pivot irrigation system wheels, the tireless kind.  There are planetary gearing arrangements, a series of intake/outtake methods (cables and pulleys, wheel-tracked-platforms, pipes and pumps, electrical generators, and battery chargers) and multiple human-input start-up/re-invigoration/contribution workstations.

I’ll be doing motion cap in the 3D modeling lab.

This is the city I learned to live on $2/day, and I’ve not been able to do that here without a home.  Transitional expenses.

My point is, the devil is in the details.  Just because a system says it is a cooperative, or that it uses consensus decision-making, does not mean that it is more equitable in its actual distribution.  Granted, it is a vast improvement over any capitalistic, for-profit model (that much should be obvious), but there are pro-survival fascist models, the benevolent dictator, if you must, and in these periods of transition an major development, temporary unification serves multiple purposes.  It gets everyone on the same page, speaking similar words so that we know what the fuck we’re even trying to communicate in the first place, and why.  Survival.  Infrastructure for the organic growth of diverse, nutrient-dense, local and indigenous food and preparation methods.  Allowing our biological clocks a rhythm that 40 hours/week prevents.  What if you “got paid” for your time spent with your own kids.  Or, for cooking meals for your family and housemates.  Part of me wants to break up all the families and friends for a while.  Make them see what it’s like to live like the dictator for a few days.  After the first few hours, you’re always on the verge of tears.  Permanently.  Stability is for wimps.

But then what?  The beauty of mother earth is right there.  All the rest of it.  Civilization has shit.  You can’t fight back mother nature.  Nor should you want to, but never mind that, for now.  Of course I’m quoting.  Dea(l/d Milkman Dans).  It’s nice to have the Onion in print, too.

Oh, shit.  I want the Gipper’s old caddyThis has nothing to do with disrespect of “younger generations.”  It has to do with fascism, bullying, and ego.  If your infrastructure or staff do not have the means to stop or accommodate this “sort of thing” after the first few minutes, let alone hours, it has no right to incarcerate the “offender” who was let to be her fascist self by all aboard.  You are the one who is guilty.  This is big business.  This is theAmerican Way.

This seems somehow relevant to me, but I don’t know why.

Yes, the answer is, I will gladly take any of your jobs.  I will do them better, faster, and they will have in their solutions, their own maintenance and upgrade.  The qualities instilled in each human matter more than the roles.  Roles can be learned, and are mostly bullshit anyway.  Tasks are critical, and too many are cast aside and disrespected.

A curfew?  Seriously?  Hassle the carless.  Great idea. *smells sarcasm*

Look, crying about past fascists really loses its sting when your every current action is as violent, unbending, and fascist as anyone else is being now, or has ever been, for that matter.  Fiscally.  I’m not even talking about the wars, though those have prompted my public proposal for y’alls execution.  It’s a proposal.  It’s a fucking epic proposal, but it’s just a proposal.

“To wear that ball and chain.”  Eye contact?  That’s fucking beautiful.

Send me links to more shit by the Animals.  I’m diggin’ this band.

Off to shuffle cars and lunch.  Then, who the hell knows.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-05-24 (Tuesday).

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