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When I step into a room, I’m usually in love with over half of the room.  This is especially true on fb and twitter, and in coffee shops in college towns.  Why in the fuck would I go to a place where all anyone else wanted to do was verbally attack me for ideas I’ve found and mashed together in some ungodly stew?  No.  I go where there is love, from me, and from the people around me.

I don’t typically do those kinds of worded “holy days” against anyone.  I’m with the queers and trans-outlier- freaks and weirdos every day.  I’m all like, like, like, love, love, love, giggle, hug, nuzzle.  I don’t need to participate in a day that’s for the last few remaining scaredycats out there whose grasp on reality is threatened by other people’s actions.  No this is my paradise.  I refuse to support the pinkwashing of the man.

Of course I’m in love with your boss, and all your friends, but you’re the one I want to talk to.  I want to be nearby in case you need to hold someone.  That’s really about all I can offer, huh?  I don’t know how I would sort through it if I were you.  Just dive in and know that the best will come to you if you find the happy in everything.  You elicit constant bliss in me.  I remind myself of you every day.  Every day.  I can taste it.

I’ve maxxed out my fb likes at 5,000 again.  I need some software that lets me examine those.  The fucking fb gui doesn’t even let me see them all.  I’d have to go back through my stream and find them individually.  Fucking hell.  You know how fast that crashes my computer, fb?  Your website fucking sucks.  I will make a better one and destroy you.

It’s 3:30.  If I throw a few bags in my car, I could leave by 4 and have dinner atNottinghamby 6.  Fuck it.  I’m outta here.

Ok, one more day.  I have shop cleaning to do.  I shall finish my batch of pyramids, clean my stuffs out of the shop by packing my car or moving it out of the way, and complete negotiations on my deferred compensation package with my employer.

I think it’s that I have a difficult time leaving here when it’s a weekday because of the radio.  Constant stream of fresh music?  Hard to resist.

You’re my favorite.  I mean, I have many favorites, for different reasons, but I want to be around you all the time.  I love your friends.  I love being helpful.  I break rules for the good reasons.  I know what I’m doing and why, always.  I can make friends with all kinds of people wherever I am.  Don’t ever worry about me.  I’m one of the most capable people I’ve ever met.

So, how’s this for deferred compensation:  I will accept check payment, in the amount of my house and food share ($310-350), paid to my cooperative each month.  Upon sale of house, a lump sum which includes a pre-determined amount (sliding scale), relative to payments previously made.  Capisci?

I hope you’re too busy to read those questions.  I am going to want to interview your friends, too, eventually.  Hopefully they’ll be my friends by then, but who knows.  I hope they struck such a chord with you that you’re writing a novel-length response to each.  Let it all out, sweet lady.  I want the world to be in love with you like I am.  You deserve nothing less.

K. I’mma go do some accounting.


p.s. It’s 8:09 pm, and my tools are mostly packed into the trunk of my car.  An initial batch of living supplies are in the back seat, and I’m nearly ready to go.

Eats. First food of the day, 8:30 pm.  Had a pot of coffee and one of my last two beers earlier.  For food, the last of my seedy stew.  It was getting’ all ripe-smellin’.  Yummers.

Oh, so I been thinking about this reunion business, well for the last few seconds anyway, and I have before.  The conclusion I’ve come to, as president of the Iola-Scandinavia High School class of 1995, is that it’s gonna have to be free, or I’m not gonna be able to afford to go.  So, we’re camping.  I say we just crash the car-show grounds, near the new bathrooms and food building, and just camp wherever.  RV’s are cool, borrow one if ya need to.  Bring tents.  I have an extra, though I haven’t set it up before.  I gotta make a new pole for it.  Whatever, and it’s not just our class either.  Anybody that wants to show up can show up.  Fuckkin ’80’s, ‘90’s, or ‘00’s.  Why the fuck not?  Scheduled activities include tp’ing the high school and a huge fucking bonfire every night.  Oh, and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  We may as well get the lions to fire up that fucking cheese curd truck, too.  Brats, cheese curds, and beer, we will all live on that for a weekend, and get wasted and all your kids can meet each other and we can play pick-up games and have Pictionary and Catan and Scrabble tournaments, or learn easy and cheap ways to use less energy, or even go off the grid entirely.  Why not?  We get that many people together in one place, we may as well use the time for something useful, eh?  At least those who want to can.  We’ll put the plans in place for our collective business, and then at the end of the bender, the nerds will present it to the people with jobs and y’all can decide whether to invest in us or not.  Or, the nerd.  It might just be me doing this by myself.  I’m totally fine with that.  This is a fully scalable operation.

Finished the last beer at 9:11 pm.  I may get more.  Beer travels.

Can I camp in your back yard?  I need place to park my car, and a spot to set up my tent.  Other than access to water and electricity, that will pretty much set me up.  I have an extension cord.  I could fit my shop into about 9 square feet of floor space.  One outlet, and I can crank out my wares.  Same with anything computer-related.  Tiny footprint, immeasurable capability.  Over-unity is the new efficiency.

I found my old glasses, the ones I broke in the pit at the basement of bfg.  I also found the pair of roaded glasses I found while biking, and I put the two together, using a little screw and a dab of epoxy.  It’s drying now.  I will now have my new old glasses back.  It’s 11:52 pm.

Old computers will be scrapped for their fans, sheet metal, and screws.  You will be amazed by the useful objects my coop and I will make out of dead pc cases.  I need my sewing machine, too.  My pajama pants and my favorite jeans have holes what need repairing.  I’ve done my best sewing at the coop.  Mostly over x-miss.  Quiet times when all the everyone else goes away.  I can tear through any task.

Ha. Well, I’m tearing through pyramids, but they take a lot longer than I thought.  Oh well.  I have this shop and these tools so I may as well finish them while I’m here.  I am going back to do that, and yes, pushing my trip/move back yet another day.  If I’m good, I’ll finish in time to go see Wrath Of The Girth tonight at the Brickhaus.  I hope I’m good.

I never claimed it was a good blog. Lol.  Off to work!


p.p.s. my old glasses are now frankenstein-fixed.  Epoxy, baby!  Solid.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-05-17 (Tuesday).

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