I now own a variable-speed multi-function power tool.  I have been wanting one since forever, and now that I have it, alls I’m doing is telling you.  I guess I wanted to tell you about it.  I drove all the way toAppletonand back, walked from Car-X to harbor freight.

I carried all that crap I bought back in a backpack.  Yes, I know I’m badass, but this was minor.  Wait until I recover the cost of those tools in three days of work.  Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  I have nimble fingers.

My car has a new muffler, too.  I already tweeted that, but tweeties come first.  They’re ten times faster than you, so if you don’t tell ‘em immediately, they know by the time you tell ‘em anyway.  Such is life.  I plan to cut a pyramid out of what will eventually be a bowl.  That should make some good grain designs, I think.

I can’t find the lip balm.  I don’t typically use lip balm, but I will sure try it to see what you taste like.  If I find it, that is.  How odd.  I don’t often lose objects. (Editor’s note, it has since been recovered.)

Oh, mr. G, your opinion is far from humble.  That’s good.  I like your barbaric yaup.

Kids, these ideas have been developed since forever.  The power lies, and the workers work.  ‘Cept now the workers have learned, can speak, and are sick of all this bullshit.

I need to go try out my tiny rotary tool sawblades.,_White_House_says

Key phrase: “White House says”

While driving to Appleton, the thought went through my head:
its beardy senses started to twitch.  This wasn’t just Jimmy B’s Books mix, no, this was a message from beyond.  It said, “now that you have struck me down, I shall become more powerful than you ever could have imagined.  I dwell in the hearts of all the children you berate to get to conform to your poisoning of the planet, and your days are numbered, infidels.”  I’m pretty sure I just channeled the OBL there.  The CIA implants mind control in all Yalies, you know.  Coloumb-sniff-bee-ya.  Zapata oil and whatnot.  Yeah, the Nazis rebranded as the CIA and we trained, fed, and equipped this dude and other “independent cells” like him with the finest military pork technologies.  Oh, and just for fun, we set up automated lottery buying algorithms, and if they ever win, another cell gets pre-selected orders and financing to do destabilizing operations.  This will go on as long as people get their information from television, let alone trust it.  American taxpayer, global consumer of capitalist goods, you are the devil.  No lone gunman could do anywhere near the damage you yourself have inflicted upon mother earth.  For shame, this orgiastic display of emptiness.  God, porn sites must be experiencing all-time traffic highs, huh.

Tweeted that.  Sorta.  I suck (on your nipples when you ask nicely).  Whuutt?

Off to work in the shop with my new tools.  Later, skater.

Next day, noon.

Apparently, the Democrats are just better at public relations stunts.  Is that so surprising?  Quit encouraging them.  They’re murderous regimes, too.  The most murderous.

Your pyramid’s not done.  It needs more sanding.  It matters.

My week’s all screwy.  I need a day off.  Today is not that day.

I tend to save my vacation days until I’m in the company of people who enjoy having me around, and who enjoy life regardless of these and many other things.  What do you need from me?  How soon can I get there?

The most ineffective suicide songs are by bands that are still alive.  You’re all talk.

All and none.  What does that matter?  It’s perfect.  No, it’s sloppy.  I can’t help it if I’m good.  What, do you want me to act like I’m not multi-talented and infinitely capable, thereby lying to you?  I refuse.  You may only see the real.

Summer in Madisonwill be hella crazy fun, but I’m extra-super-retardo-excited to get my anti-lazy butt mobile.  Fundrazers, activate!  For the first time in my life, please send cash.  The banks are all connected.  What is it called when you wire cash directly to a routing number?  Do that.  And don’t set up some automated hack thing to keep delivering untraceable cash on a regular basis unless it’s coming from someone who’s really really rich.  I mean, this is all for the poor anyway, isn’t it?

I have an answer to the dryer question.  House utilities regarding survival are just that.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, and soap is the measure of a civilization right up there with its woods and forests.  To block the replacement of survival functioning is to impede survival.  I would immediately move for the removal of the blocker from the cooperative.  Any block such as that needs an alternate plan, new/replacement infrastructure, and is essentially a proposal for a change of house direction.  We need to have meetings around a table.  They’ll go faster, and we can write stuff and look at relevant papers easier.

We have bigger fish to dry.  No, seriously, in solar dehydrators in the front yard.  The infrastructure isn’t there yet, but we can build that.

This article is bullshit, but it hits on relevant topics.  It’s published by a media conglomerate and energy company.  We’re “wasting” the energy they sell us.  These companies are one and the same.  Utterly ridiculous.

I execute immediately upon decision.  I rarely hesitate, because I have developed a keen sense of that which is good and right for me now.  I have every right to change my direction at any time, for that is the freedom of being a living thing.  I direct my path in hopes that it will coincide with the people who make me happy.  It has.  It does.

This spring has been wet and cold.  Once it heats up, I won’t need to go indoors much, if ever.

My strategy for social media sites is to do what’s fun.  When I go back to that site, if my page doesn’t make me smile, what the fuck am I doing there?  I entertain me because nobody else will/does/can.  They’re getting closer.  I’m in no hurry.  Don’t want me to rush things, or it gets ugly.  Without my precious, I make miss-piggy/hitler/hyde look like, I dunno, some gentle kindly looking thing.  Just stay out from between me and my loves and we’ll be good.

If I ever had amnesia, my pages would bring me back up to speed.,20267/,20298/,20193/

I just got reminded of the onion by facebook.  Now, I’m tweeting and posting this, and then I’m off to do more pyramidation.

Lates, loves,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-05-3 (Tuesday).

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