Citizen’s Line-Item Veto

Citizen’s Line-Item Veto

I’m unabashedly fascist, but I’m fascist about consensus.  Everyone’s voice is heard, at the same level as everyone else’s.  Qualifications, history, and background should be made available with each comment, revision, or block.  Nothing anonymous.  That’s how the truth is hidden.  This process is far too fubar to let anyone act secretly anymore.  Globo-wiki-constitution?  Teh rulz?  Here.  I’ll getcha started:

Diversification of life, knowledge, and cooperation being utmost in quality, I the human of planet earth now commit my service, eternal and everlasting, to my personal conception of the betterment of humanity.  For, who better to know the direction and  purpose of my life better than me?

Cooperative means of preserving life on earth:

Minimal/efficient water use, filtration, energization, etc.  Dowsing, water wheels, mounds, pyramids, etc.

Greywater and zero-water composting systems shall be the global standard for efficiency.

Passive solar/water collection/wind generators will be primary determining factor(s) and (a) central design consideration(s) for new construction

Restoration of existing structures by communal goodwill effort shall be the global standard.  Fair and just compensation/redistribution by need.  Transport conversion and scheduling for full vehicle usage.

Design of public databases shall be completely open source and transparent to all who wish to participate.  Forks are perfectly acceptable/expected/healthy.

Communications, weight of authority, general direction of discussion shall be determined by consensus.  Standard, personal, taggable reasons or reasoning for blocks so that modifications for accommodation can occur quickly.  As with existing systems, abuse/flaming/distraction can/should/lead to suspension/banishment/execution.  Sometimes it’s the only humane thing to do.  Call it the Kevorkian clause.  Either that, or come up with an acceptable “spiteful block” override.

(editor’s note, possibly unrelated: I have developed a severe boxxy addiction.  Fuck.  FUCK!)

Additional weight of authority shall be determined by tracable count of human beings, by statement.  So after the constitution is written, 99% by me and then nit-picked to death by the rest of you, no one person is in charge any more than any other.  Any contributions to the community shall be directed by consensus as well.

I’m going to install some brackets.  Laters. (4:14 pm)

æ ☎

But seriously, I’m just gonna sell my car and all my shit and get a one-way flight toHawaii.  Fuck it.  Maybe I’ll run into someone I know.  Maybe

Is it weird that half of my entertainment, on any given day, is remembering something that happened on twitter the night before?  I think that’s straight fucked, also, related, I like it a lot.

Sweet, sweet girl, you attract the gentle weirdos.  If a literal face full of dog shit is what it takes to be allowed to gaze upon your jaw-dropping beauty, I say, make sure you get some in my mouth.  The thought of you decreases the blood pressure in my skull, and fucked up shit starts comin’ out from between my lips, fingers start spazzin’ like they got a mind of they own.  Fuck.

Terms and Conditions:

All open to discussion, modification, etc.  That’s kind of the idea of consensus.  Anyway, I think my time is worth $10 an hour if it means I am doing what you want of me, whether it’s waiting for you to tell me what to move or manipulate, asking me questions, or whatever.  If I’m doing skilled or heavy or dangerous work, I think it should be more.  Don’t you?  How much more is the debate, huh?  Well, for moving stuff like this, I think $15 to $20 is fair.  It depends on your budget, doesn’t it?

I’m going to sleep now.  I’ll work on this more in the morning.

Other research:

My project: grunt.
This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  What is left?  The com.  Communications between people that do not treat them as mindless consumers and foster thought rather than suppressing it.  Once the collective decision-making power and potential of the populace is realized, these will blossom

This is the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever fucking seen!!!!  I am this.  I want to bask in the glory of this.  Plants database, seed database, food preparation database, recipes, techniques.  Canning tools.  Brewing instructions/machines.  Solar ovens.  Automatic large-scale bread machines, pass-through food processors.  What else?  Bicycle powered blenders.  Human powered busses.  I am this.  They’ll hate me though.  They always do.  Fuck it.  What do you want me to say?  Shit gets done.  That’s what matters.  Fuck whether I get credit.  It needs to happen, and any ideas I have are for the betterment of humanity.  The cooperative ownership and consensus need to be addressed.  I respect your fascism.  I think algorythmization of that, codification, if you will, once explained/implemented, will explain the dynamic.  Then, database of existing squattable infrastructure and instructions on structure conversion.  Yes, we can take an old building and make it a passive solar greenhouse with these tools.  Easy.  Local everything.  No outside investment necessary.  All the tools we need are right here.  All the energy we need is right here.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Dense as fuck.  I can must meet these boiz.  They my soulmates, yo.
see, they already onnit.  I know.  They will find me useful for something.

You could make a solar oven that could cook food out of existing trash.  Carboard boxes, reflective whatevers, etc.  Sprouting also.

I used to work at a, though I doubt my experience would help this project much.

How about an oil press?  Do you have one of those?

Posting? Ok.

Later, love, etc.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-04-19 (Tuesday).

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