field sobriety

Field sobriety.

I forgot that happened.  He drove me to a show.  Police checkpoint on the way home.  He said, “I’ve had two drinks over the course of the last two hours.” And the guy shined a flashlight at his face and had him move his eyes around and then said okay and we could go and to drive safely.  I was right blitzed.  I hadn’t paid attention to his drinking, but I’m pretty sure he’d had more than two.  I giggled, complimented him on his cop manner, and filed the story away until just now.  So there.

I would love it if you sent me pictures.  Yes, of you.  I don’t know what the people who read this look like.  Well, one perhaps two.  Regardless, your anonymity cannot protect you!  There isn’t really anonymity.  Everything happens within the realm of the real.  We are witness.

I’m not like an advocate of drunk driving or anything, but my introduction to libertarian thought, that, for example, there should be no prohibition for dangerous acts, only punishment or isolation for harmful acts.  Throw in the death penalty, and you’re still executing congress while letting the drunks, druggies, and perverts go free.  Then the dangerous will be eliminated of their own choosing, and the rest of us can give up the meaningless labels and start communicating in a way that’s constructive, actually communicates data, and is pleasant and respectful of all of us.  Anything less would be uncivilized.  No, mothafukka, we’re taking back “civilization.”

My $6 usb hub with a frayed cord is on the fritz.  Good thing I got two of ‘em.  The other one’s for the other laptop, which only has 1 usb port.  It’s slow as fuck.  I need to write my own flyweight interface for puppy so that I can read and post to fb without jacking into the bloatware adbot.  How the fuck do you think they make so much fucking money?

The IM version I have already, I guess.  It’s Miranda for Windows and there’s a different one for linux.  Depends on the build you use.  I forget the name of Puppy’s.  I’m still putting off clearing this hard drive for some reason.  I don’t act without direction from on high.  You must be relatively unbalanceable to act this way, but remain balanced of/on your own in undisturbed states.  Balancing is an act of meditation.

it’s stuff like this that makes me want to get on Tumblr.

It’s 42.4 here now, with 8-12 mph winds.  I feel like putting on long johns.  I washed my X pants, and the x’s mostly washed off.  Figures.  You can still see ‘em.  I’ll have to re-do them in cloth some time.

I’m headed toMadisonbecause I know of relatively inexpensive places to live and nobody has invited me anywhere else or made any indication that they give a fuck about my survival.  I must head south.

Do I seem like the marrying type?  I flirt with teenagers.  In front of their parents.  What does it matter?

I’m gonna record some guitar.

My video camera always compresses time.  I wonder why.  I video-taped some of my guitar playing.  It’s not good, but it’s on video.  Whatever.  It’s rendering now.

I don’t want to go anywhere near your friends, your crowd, or your art community.  You people are pretentious fucking assholes and I can’t stand to have things that I made be in your presence, let alone accept your dirty fucking money for them.

He punches me in the face and then laughs about it.  She chimes in.  I leave.  This is how they get me to leave the room.  It works quite well.

I go to my computer as if it’s someone to talk to, as if recording my thoughts is anywhere near as sharing them.  I’ll have to post this, I guess.  Video’s done.  I better watch.

According to the new video, these are “

Critically important reference materials:

This is not what I meant.

the first part of that video is boring.  Edit that down already, yo.

This is the raw.


My computer ought not be this slow.

Why do I continue to share everything with people who share nothing?

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