Cloudy with a chance of gloomy.

Electron cloudy.  Ash Wednesday.  No, not the holiday, but it’s Wednesday, and the neighbor has a campfire going and ash was swirling outside.  Bugs.  Sun’s out, now.  That’ll help significantly.  I could use a bike ride.  Today may not be the day.  Still recovering from yesterday’s raking.

They’re leaving again, but I’ll have a list of tasks, he assures me.  I have to find someone to help with the moving job, too.

Perhaps I will get to bike this afternoon.  Good excuse to shower, like I need that.

I dunno, kids.  Road makes more sense.  Shouldn’t, also, a solar oven steam car collect up the water to re-use so that it doesn’t have to re-fuel as often?

I have a few sweet morsels left, but I scarfed over $10 worth of dried figs and prunes in the last 24 hours.  I must have been nutrient deficient of some sort.  Whole jar of cashews, too.  I ate about a third of the peanut butter already, and I’m workin on the almonds.  I should soak some of those.  “you’re like a kid in a candy store” I told him once.  This is my candy.  Dried fruit.  Sweetest thing I’ve eaten in the last year.

Goddamn, these are delicious!  I’m so bored, and lonely, and under-stimulated, and useless feeling.  Totally by design.  Someone will find you useful soon enough.  I know.

I’m updating firefox.  Chrome has been crashing like a mofo.

This build is doomed. Too many extensions. Gotta go flyweight.

They’re leaving tomorrow.  I will bike tomorrow.  I thought, today, I should try to be in Madisonby April 20th.  That’s a week.  What do I need by then?

Temporary housing/storage.  I have my ever-shrinking wardrobe, a wood shop, two bicycles, two laptops, two working guitars (1 acoustic 1 electric), and various bags and boxes of spare bicycle/computer/house parts/tools, CDs, tapes, clothing scraps, a sewing machine that won’t reverse, and a ton of shit I want to scan.  Negatives, prints, documents.  Oh, I have kitchen supplies, too.  I have a box of office supplies that kinda keeps growing.  I have to unload a lot of this stuff.  This is part of the reason I’m headed back to a coop.

I could live in a bus.  It’s too bad there ain’t no knights in shining armor.  This doesn’t look like a worthwhile investment to you?  It did bite you in the ass.  Or, it will, or would at the very least.  This blog is rambling.  What. The. Fuck.

What happens when you’re only entertaining to people who have no money?  Oh, and by “entertaining to,” I more mean terrifying and inhuman to.  Do you?  I have no idea what I’m on this planet for.  This is just an outline of the acceptable roles.  I know none of them exist in real life.  Is that my fault?  My but for ain’t the reason for their non-being, hmm?  You lost everyone a long time ago, retard.  I know.  So what.

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We say, we say… so what!

p.s. need more love.  Give ta git!

p.p.s. I’m doing much better now, and a bike ride will perk me right up.  Be well, y’all. Be you, better than you thought you could.  Instantly. Love. ☯☮☥☾♥❦♡♥☽

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-04-14 (Thursday).

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