MySpace Reports

There’s a pace and repetitiveness to pop music that forces me to listen to other things periodically.

I went through the most recent batch of un-friended friends on my myspace band page yester night, last, whatever.  Most of them were reverb nation spam.  No unsubscribe.  It’s the worst spam I’ve ever seen.  The people running that site deserve the death penalty.  Penis pill spam at least gets caught by the filter.  Shitty band spam tempts me to listen to whatever horrid shit they’re trying to make popular now.  Fuck.  Eew.

I could tolerate the sounds on a few pages, and I liked some others. I didn’t click like, but actually enjoyed irl.  Everything I do is flirting, why?  I like it here.

DJ Riff Nasty enjoys reading questions, it seems.  He’s good at it, too.  Scripts make life easy sometimes, huh.

Hey, “artists” who use Reverbnation. The only reason you can still read this is that I found your music not completely offensive to the ears.  Take me off your fucking reverbnation spam list or I’ll fucking block you.  This is your warning.  The bands I give a fuck about don’t sub out their communications to unsubscribable invasives.  Try making less shitty music.  Then you might not have to force-feed it to bystanders.

I enjoy insulting people directly behind, but out of earshot of the ones who can actually hear me.  Or, for whom the insult is intended.  Hey, you could try to make less shitty music if you want, but for most o’ ya, I like what you do now.

I’m still around.  I tweet/aurgazm in streaks.

I checked my painting in the daylight.  I missed two spots, behind the lights.  *smh* he got home as I finished, so we both missed the thin spots.

Ok, so I gotta tour the mounds, hills, and pyramids of earth, sample the local cuisine everywhere, listen to traditional folk music of every part of the planet, and meet as many of the longest-reigning monarchs on the planet as will entertain me.  Who’s gonna pay for all of this?  I don’t think Chavez is gonna put you up, dude.  Chavez isn’t a monarch.  I’m talking royal bloodlines.  The old guard.  I wonder if they would be interested in farming that land they own.  I mean, we’re taking it back regardless, but still.  Civilly.

So, they’re still feeding you poison, but now they put a rather arbitrary relatively meaningless measure of the energy value of this “food.” Heavens to betsy.

So, I’m off to paint.  I’m not fully recovered from last night, but that don’t matter.  It’s all one job anyway, right?

Be health,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-04-9 (Saturday).

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