Bikey, bikey, bikey, bikey?

Quadralzaterllmized.  You know the one.

The scientists who understand how we stay healthier on a deeper level are the ones who should design it, right?  Blegargiz. Whoa.  Listed, uh.

Sock-ra-tease. It’s under so-crates.  ^o^  -_- what?

It seemed like a funny thing to say, at the time.  My imagination is driving me crazy. The scenarios remain disconnected, but the connection merely sits.  I wish you well.

Craft homes, that’s what I deal in.  Houses that, by all rights, shouldn’t exist.  Somebody loved them too damn much.  He said all the relevant links.

Here’s what I got, a way that a bunch of people can work together, and using the discarded materials of our past lives as consumers, converted into the tools of our survival within and amongst the very earth/planets/stars themselves.  Those versed in the identification of the larger cycles are witness to capabilities and unwavering stability from the mundane and subtle shifts in multi-locale consciousni.  You can pluralize consciousnesses like that, right?  It’s the gender inspecific form.

Should we do a class in election law? No.  Hey, it’s unanimous!  Why do you decide that only people who have made/earned/inherited/stole a bunch of money are fit to run this thing?  It’s telling.  I keep forgetting to cut my ear hairs.  They get mixed in with my beard hair so I can’t tell ‘em apart.  What, they’re my vibe detectors.  I can read solar flares with this bad boy.  She doesn’t have a name. She has a handle.  I’m ok with that.

Wikify.  Wikify.

The games show kids were talking about this earlier, saying that anonymous has taken down sony’s PS3 network?  Did I hear that correctly.  Research continues.

“Does the amount of times you beat it count towards how hardcore you are?”

Oh, sweet jesus, I hope so.

Whoa.  I just re-read through that list of links.  Six pages of links.  What?  I didn’t type any of it, I just read or skimmed or glanced at ‘em, then copied and pasted the oorlz.  The URLs.

I work for these guys for like a week, and then I’m like, hey, give me a percentage.  They laugh.  I only ever have worked for a percentage.  The reason I never stay anywhere is that I never get one.

Thanks, Green Day, for naming your album, “maladroit” so a dj could pronounce it “mal-uh-droyt.”  Perhaps that is the “proper” pronuncuiachin.  The imaginator just sent me to a huge tweet-up in Vegas. I brought a megaphone.  I went around tagging people I recognized on the hands with a sharpie.  Random mathematical symbols, swear words, or whatever they requested.  One dude wouldn’t even let me draw a line circle on his hand, so I was like, motherfucker, I’ll draw a penis on your forehead and write “fuck” and “hole” on your cheeks.  At this, his look went from adversarial to disturbed, and then right along to terrified.  So, I screamed out, in my fiercest, head rattling battle yell, “SOLDIERS!!! HOLD HIM DOWN!”  Nobody moved.  Silence.  The static of a radio and a mumbling call for security, then giggles.  Slow waves of giggles.  Being near the epicenter of the noise bomb, dude had been smiling ear-to-ear since I had passed the “sol” syllable.  No better way to get attention in a room full of people seeking attention, than to have someone right next to you draw it to them, and then go away.  Before I left, my look, to him, said, “Fine, I’m not really the dictator of the earth and I don’t have an army that responds to my orders, but why would you ever give that power to anyone?  Oh, sure, some have called us the cult of logic and sanity, but we’re more of a symbiotic Trojan.  I have learned techniques which I will gladly teach you.  I can coach you to get you started, too.  You’re gonna be fine.” His commandants were already shaking his hand, patting him on the back, and then quickly dispersing to entertain the curious onlookers.  I wish I had had someone recording favstar that night.

That’s when I got the megaphone out. I did a 180 away from him as I brought it up to my mouth, “mmm… I heard giggles from over here. I’ll give you something to laugh about.” Snorts. I love people with unabashedly dirty, yet insult-free senses of humor.  It is possible, and that’s the only kind of funny I strive to be.  If I do. That.

So here’s how it’ll work when we’re up to speed: there will be large, communal living areas. Warehouse type things.  This is the transitional/training/factory/building stage.  As properties are committed to the trust, they are assessed and prioritized, and crews get to work as soon as possible.  We will probably put you back in your old house, but your old house might be better used for something else, and if we find you a place that’s more logical, wouldn’t you rather live there?

Along with the physical improvements, greenhouses, greywater, re-implemented passive solar, and composting toilets, exterior gardening infrastructure will be built, also.  Human sleeping capacity will be maximized to code, and variances will be sought for properties with income potential (square footage for materials handling, gardening, food processing, etc.)  We only set up certified kitchens.  The wiki will serve as the instruction manual, meeting space, and documentation of inputs and outputs.  Cleaning responsibilities will be divided logically, scheduled, shared, and/or given buddy shifts.  Each house will vary.  Different surroundings, layouts, and house/kitchen capacities will require different patterns of motion to accommodate individual needs.  These will be mapped and optimized prior to activating the house.  There will be power generation considerations, too.  For now.

Brb. 1:15 pm

I like John Nichols.  I have seen him around, talked to him briefly, marched next to him post downing-street-memo.  I talked at that rally.  First, last time.  I’m a nobody.  You don’t want to hear from me.  I’ve shamed my species by not playing this unwinnable bank game of poison and lies.  I will work for survival and participate in life-sustaining activities.  I will not endorse humans who act out of ego.  Especially the ego of another.

How do public services fall apart?  When worthless douchebag power seekers put other worthless douchebag power seekers into important roles over which they know nothing.  What do you think our entire federal government is full of?  Political hacks appointed to positions that are critically relevant to your everyday lives and the disposition of your tax dollars.  I’d say ours, but I don’t make enough money to pay taxes.  You can say I’m below the poverty line by choice if you want to, but that won’t make me like you or think very highly of your ability to recognize big pictures.  Many things are true about me, I suppose.  Most importantly, I will not compromise on the health of my family.  If that means reversing hundreds of years of so-called “progress” in non-existent dimensions and recognizing the essentials of the mundane, so be it.  Why the fuck are you here?

Symptoms.  You keep rehashing the symptoms as if that will change the symptoms.  You gotta dig up the roots.  Make sure they’re not completely infested with nasties (which they are).  The farmers and peasants will reinvent the role of the bureaucrats, and the bureaucrats, management, and executives will become farm hands.  Hey, dude, you’ll get to spend the whole season clearing brush!  But then we’re gonna have you build a greenhouse and a barn and a bunch of windmills and bike generators and pumps and whatnot.  Then, when you’re done with that, we’ll see what kind of permanent existence you want to set up for yourself.  My guess is you’ll have a pretty solid idea by then.

I am gonna go for a bike ride or work on the house.  It’s warmer outside than it is in here, and I’m hungry.  Catch ya later.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-04-7 (Thursday).

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