It can be. It knows how, anyway.  Plus, there’s something about your presence that modifies its dna or aura or bloodflow or something.  Oxygen?  Where?

I voted on the machine.  I wanted to see what it was like.  How much you wanna bet I got counted 3/5 of the wrong way?  No, seriously, it’s ironical like that, the machine.  Ironical unintentional hilarity, ye olde “legal” and “political” manscape of the land.

Whenever they mention caribou, I always hope it’s the Pixies song.  It never is. Pisser.

But, of all the things that I was, in that picture I took for her, cute was last on my self-referential list.  I like cute, though.  I gravitate to cute.

“You’re not the boss of me now, and you’re not so big. Life is unfair.”  –They Might Be Giants

What’s your deal, kiddo?  How can I help you?

Anybody ever notice that this station runs both ads from tanning studios and a shitty “public service announcement” song decrying the horrors of tanning studios?

“They” are trying to turn a counterfeiting case into precedent barring local currencies.  Typical.  Make voluntary trade illegal?  I’d have to read the case.  None of these articles reference the case, so it’s speculation and fear mongering.  Shitty journalism.  How does this shit get out there?  The “federal government” is not one entity.  Whose office is doing this?  There are humans who make this stuff happen, you know.  By not telling who they are, you’re proving your worthlessness.  The FBI convicted him?  “Your” form of government isn’t “democratic,” asshole, and it never had any legitimacy in the first place.  Federal Reserve Notes are proof.  This is stupid.  He minted his own coins with “liberty” and “USA” and a side profile face and “trust in god.”  How did he get his hands on precious metals?  What a crock.  This whole story reeks of set-up, plant, psy-op, bullshit.  Here, read this:

“The von NotHaus prosecution is clearly a case of selective prosecution, largely because von NotHaus’ “dollars” were far more valuable than the Federal Reserve Notes circulated by the U.S. Treasury. This explains why the children’s restaurant Chuck E. Cheese, Indian gaming casinos, and a host of other corporations whose minted coins are essentially worthless were never arrested.”

A comment on the page sums it up nicely:

Other ‘coins’ in history
This case is totally groundless and should be appealed.

A quick look in the official red book of U.S. coins will show that there have been numerous private and territorial gold and some silver coins minted and circulated in the past, many that VERY closely resemble U.S. Mint coins. Hard times tokens were minted by banks and private sources at various times to make up for shortages of U.S. Mintage as well. Under the charges leveled in the case against Mr. von NotHaus, ANY token used in place of an ‘official U.S. coin’ is illegal, even though U.S.(silver)coins minted since 1965 are all made of virtually worthless metal. Pennys minted after 1981 became worthless and only nickels are still worth the metal they are made of. The Constitutional guideline makes the government itself in violation of the law in a couple of ways. There should not be any paper money, not even silver certificates, which were withdrawn from circulation after 1965 and certainly not any Federal Reserve Notes, which are nothing more than a loan certificate (‘Note’). The Constitution clearly states the legal money of the U.S. is gold and silver COIN. There is NO mention of coinage of equal or greater value minted by banks or private mints in the Constitution, only that States shall not coin money. Then, it goes on to say that ‘No state shall: make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.’

The international central bankers don’t like their robbery scheme interfered with. It truly is time to END THE FED!”

More links:

Oh, the corporate yellbots have caught wind.  Fuckers break this wind in the first place, don’t they.  Fox news is more like Fed’s news.  They all are.  You spend your life trying to find truth in an endless stream of lies, you’re looking forward to frustration and pain.  That’s the idea.

It’s warm today, but still kind of cloudy.  I have a malaise.  I’m sure it’s only momentary, as I haven’t had my daily tea yet.

Dude, my shoulder itches where your tattoo is, but on the other side.  I tweeted about calling you dude, but twitter deemed it too inappropriate, and crashed my session.  With as many times as I’ve heard you tell someone to suck your dick, I have every right to call you dude.  If you don’t like it, say so, or tell me what I should call you.  It’s all love, kid.

I’ve been cycling twitter followers for a while now without changing my total too much.  I keep getting unfollwed by the people who I don’t follow back.  Look, if I don’t see any tweets or links on your profile page that interest me, I probably won’t follow back.  If you have something to say to me, say it to me.  I don’t have to read your every daily rant to consider you my friend, do I?  I don’t think there are rules like that.

I’m off to tea. (3:21 pm)

Hey, I found us a legal team.  They’re hereThe bar knows about them. I miss that building.  Both of ‘em.

Now that it’s warm, I just want to wander around outside, and when I’m wandering outside, I may as well be on my bike ‘cuz it goes faster, and as long as I’m going faster, I may as well be out of town and as long as I’m leaving town, why don’t I have somewhere to be?  Helzinski, he said.  Rockin’.  Yeah, the games show!  No, they do a radio show about video games.  It’s fucking awesome, you should listen.  Total assclowns.  I love them like little brothers.  I want to give them nuggies.  Nouggies? New-geez. 4:44 PM!

Like a symbol ‘ah math, a symbol meaning greater-than.

The pixie was revealed to them both.  If nothing, they get props for my good taste. We’re all sisters, will.  What’s the difference?

The difference is Soglin said he’d have an exploration into the benefits of co-ops.  Did I read that correctly?  I would head that.  Well, whatever.  I’m a resource.  Cite my sources.  That’s how you show me you know what’s up. Careful with that crew, though.  You deal in the outsider informations, and the risk of false is always there.  Who pays this guy?  The most reliable information I’ve ever gotten has never been from anybody trying to get money out of me in exchange for that information.  I am the example for whom all rules may be broken.

I was dancing about the kitchen today, spinning on the toe and heel of my Birkenstocks (yes, bostons, I think? Black, rough), and she gave me this look like, “I didn’t know you were a crane!” I just smiled back as if to say, yes you did.

I love Of Montreal.  Love.

along with the human food supply, we must examine closely the need for any new to me made.  Let us recognize what has been made and honor those animals that gave their lives for this material.  Can we not assume that the role chosen by each person, each animal, each plant, was to teach us something?  Can we not attach to the individual specifics of this larger story any more.  You’re running in circles and it’s making me dizzy and exhausted.

build a watertight frame for oddly sized glass out of aluminum cans.  Go.  The best design will keep you dry in your sleep. is an energetic downspout.  They work in conjunction with large energy generators.  Pyramids, stadiums or human gathering places, both as conveyors of,, and  Yes, it does somehow.


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