With pigs:

That’s the one where you get 30 lives, right?  I dunno.  Can anybody find me?

Quit thinking you can “solve” a “problem” by declaring a “war” on it.  That’s fucking stupid.  All you can do with war is destroy infrastructure and hurt people and piss them off.  That’s not solving any fucking problems, that’s creating a shit ton of worse and different problems.  War is the cause of the problem, dickheads.  Stop that.

Jealousy, hate, fear, these are all war.  Competitiveness is cannibalism.  Share.

I have all my music and porn now, but that shit’s all played out.  I’m bored with it.  I’ve heard as much of it as I need to.  If it is to be mixed and mashed, I’m gonna need (no, need) a faster computadora.  A PC computer.  Next level.  I smell what you’re steppin’ it, tongue-lasher.  I like your style.

Slave is this odd buzzword now.  Nobody considers that you’re the slave of your boss at the Gap, and they’re the slave of their boss.  Yeah, sure, you could try to get another slave gig, but how much work is that, not to mention the likelihood of it being any better.

A farmer I have been mercilessly beating on (how else do I interact with my friends?) for as long as I’ve known him stepped into a fray with his most recent work.  I was anti-referenced on multiple occasions, and I added my loving labor to the building where he undertook the old-worldlies in question.  I think he’s right, mainly, to refer to “both sides” as whiny, pathetic, no-see-reality-for-reality side-takers.  If you don’t see yourself on everybody else’s side, then we should remove you, right?  I don’t know.  There was an air of lamentation.  The shelter of that little homestead exchanged for an ever-more-industrialized existence.  You are seen by the old guard, those for whom I cannot exist.  In which do you hold faith?  The greed-funded scientists and their chemical weapons, or the dowser and wiccan?  That mule ought be woodgas.  Passive solar earthship encampment.  You’re a fine steward of the land, but you’re only one person, and you’re subbing too much of the essentials out to known evils, while the teeming masses yearning to breathe free wander aimlessly over concrete trying to quench the unknown source of their undying hunger.  People of the wood must live amongst the wood to remember their old power.  To be able to take that with you requires a conductivity of biomatter attained by truth, constant love, and clean whole foods.  Organic and raw.  Put it in the rotation, and allow a settlement of caretakers.  We’ll call ourselves your slaves and call you massa if you let us build you an off-the-grid organic permaculture with you and your beloved dirts.  There’s hills of them thar rocks.  Rocks are magick, you know. (4:20 pm)

Start here.  You’re welcome.

I just recorded some ramblings.  I may try to sing.  Gawd hlep us.

I’m saving it and drinking my first vodka water of the day at 5:10 pm.  I’m tellin’ ya, put just enough water to cut the taste, and run it through a brita (or other carbon filtering water filter) which will mellow it nicely.  Turns your rail into top-shelf, morning after-headaches-wise.  The rich feel no pain for your petty vices.  I’m always cheering for people who make more money than me.  Every. Fucking. Body makes more money than me.  But, again, don’t hold against the actors the wishes of their masters.  We need to set the curricula for our own kids, not let the state do it.  Why?  Because we can do it better.  Look at any open source project.  Study the mathematical proofs regarding positive belief and action versus pessimistic rejection.  I imagine that’s not logically significant, but you get the idea.  What do you want from me?

Just had a vision of a world of floating independent people-houses.  Connectable, floating, easily transportable by sustainable power.  Why doesn’t your car have a wind-sail?

You should have a seed-saving and recovery lab onsite (passive solar greenhouse [atop the water-purification pyramid] the executive suite, or whatever.)  Log and rammed earth would work wonderfully together, as would straw bale, cordwood, or some modified, scrap-and-natural-product-utilizing cross-bred amalgamation of these green overunity technologies.  Pyramid cement.  You got fieldstones, use ‘em.  You need props, I can build ya props.

Windmill computing.  We build functional solar and wind power generators using the components of your old computers.  We feed ourselves with solar ovens made from your scraps.  I have the tools to do this now, yes.  I seek a prototype lab.  Sponsorship.  Property organization is set up as a trust, so  your input is under the care of all.  That kid who drives the big white pick-up with a brand on the side was tricked into the lies that he repeats.  He’s under the spell of an ironically multi-racial cabal of greed.  Yet he still has fear for his fellow poor.  You poor deluded fuck.  Stir it up.

Get it straight, I’m a drunk (and more functional at it than you, I might add).  Alcoholics go to meetings (that shit is a cult of self-loathing, “acceptable” replacements, and lies).

You are chuck Norris, you loud, obnoxious, violent, beautiful, half-tattoo’d TV junkie.  No princess should ever have to go through the shit that you did.  Everyone gets to be nice to you until forever now.  It’s an even trade, I think.  And, you best be “disposing” of that little piece regularly.  Those babies best produce you some mongrel multi-racial clodbusters, too.  Fuck it.  Keep the fucking vacuum cleaner.  My mom got if for me and I’m getting a fucking shop vac for my super-science lab anyway!  Remember what you learned, the important, kindergarten stuff.  I’m just a reminder.  I love you forever.

Yeah, the three of us lived under the same roof for like a month, I think.  It was fuckin’ surreal.  No, like fucking road rules crazy.  No orgies though.  I was really pulling for the orgies.  Oh well.  They both smoked cigs, and had to have found common ground beyond that what with the time they spent together.  Fuck, just knowing me is a torture no self-respecting human should ever have to go through, let alone a female.  Yikes.

What if we just both pretended to be able to move gracefully around each other, working together, alerting each other to each other’s future movements.  We’d have to go slow at first, huh?

p.s. the share button is only upgraded on some videos.  YouTube is far more complicated in its implementation than I believe ought be necessary.  If it were integrated into a message board, map, trusted-human database, perhaps.  Why can I not signify whether or that I have met a person in the real life?  I suppose I can, eh?  It’s a question of whether you want to.

I need to figure out how I’m saving my blog now.  I suppose I just archive ‘em as they upload, eh?  Makes sense.  Keep the “my documents” lean since the ‘box ain’t the archive no mo.  Data. Management. *clap, clap, clap clap clap*

We have a reverse-osmosis solar like a or to make out of anything wet. for the floaty houses of my imaginator., kids., too.  Only, without the concentrating.  The decentralizing will do just fine, thanks.  I have a shower that’s just a black plastic tank with a hose that you can hang from a tree.  It ain’t rocket science, it’s far more advanced than that.

You mix black tint into the holding tank for the final stages.  Every droplet of condensation is collected here.  That’s distilled water, and intelligent design requires that we maximize and implement the luck that is our sharing a planet with aych too ohw.  Love it.

You could do something equivalent with access to lake water.  Not one big industrial purifier, a billion little ones.  Nanofilter.  Solar nanofilter.  I just had a vision of a huge concrete pyramid skeleton in the middle of Lake Monona.  The three  water contacts held multi-function platforms, and the meditation chamber suspended above the water could vaporize the unworthy like the Great Riddle Gate at The Southern Oracle.  Conductivity?  We talked about this.  The penitent man takes a knee.  No more time.  Sorry, you lose.

Gmork!  The nothing’s protector’s name is Gmork!  I must update my earchives! Me archives? No, not that.  It’s a law school joke that like 4 people will get and none of them will see.  No, and even if they do and it makes them laugh like their cable never did, they still won’t send me a dollar for “saying” it, so what the fuck is your point?

I have all the noise brutality I need right here.  I ditched my plastic water bottle (I know, I’ve had it for years.  Last time I got Gatorade?  No, it’s older than that.  The night Chazzy andiz babymomma saved my life and cleaned up after I puked all over their everything?  Dude, you helped with the yurt, I think you’re forgiven.  Hmm.  More networking, requires that.

To now, then?  Yep.

I just had a lovely dinner of salmon, baked potato, and asparagus, with a slice of bread and butter.  I came up here to get more booze then I’m gonna go do some dishes.  Good deal.  I may record more sounds later.  K? (7:14 pm)

Look, maximal human cuteness was proven achievable by this video.  I vote Bjork for benevolent dictator of planet earth.

I’ve been adding to light, or, the yt universe has.  I don’t know how fresh these be.  Shit gots millions of views.  You musta seen it already.  Fucking special, asshole.  Fuck.  Moon, also.  These are YouTube playlist titles.  Need I link everything?  No, but it makes it easier.  Right, yeah.  Go.

So, according to the big time sensuality video, I totally ripped my dance style off from bjork, sorta.  I don’t remember seeing it, though.  Persnaps we developed similar styles independently?  I have no idea.  Ice cold. (is now mashin’ with the mooninites.) Uh, yeah.  Put ‘em on the glass.

This video just sent me into fits of giggling.  Literally.

I get something I ain’t got before.  The launching of the transport ain’t a violent act, it’s a sharing of scars.  For what separates us from the boring if not our scars.  If you’re one of the ones who gets their heart ripped out, you do more for the rest of humanity than the contented individuals could imagine.  Rest easy, little sister.  Treasures await you in heaven.  It’s om, not ohm.  Is it?

I’m one person, that are my needs.  I see all, that are my worth.  With love, my continued temporality.

I’m about to shave my head.

I want to go back to being ignored.

Holyf kuckping monkey man, I love melt banana. This playlist is now called love.  Deal.  It’s an amalgamation of favorites, sex, and fucking.

<object width=”480″ height=”385″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”; type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″ height=”385″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

That’s how you embed love.  Paste it into a webpage.  See what happens.  If you’re sophistomacated, you can tell it which video to start on.  Gene. Yus.

The reason that rich are necessarily evil is that I have no home when y’all know I need one.  Willful ignorance is no excuse.  In other words, don’t act like a non-initiating human with a penis will attract anything.  I’m proof.

If you’re a girl, and you think you’re too fat to fuck, the first thing we gotta do is fuck.  No, first thing.  We can say hello after.

Be meticulous about the sound, the look, the way.  For when that’s your thing, what else matters?

Why the fuck are people burning the Qur’an?  More poignantly, why are people dying over this?  Way to signal your irrational attachment to a symbol without regard for its underlying wisdom, murder-cakes.  Everyone fails because of you.  That fucktard deserves the death penalty.  Old school rock-stoning.  Be with god, pilgrim.

While we remains high as we can get, cars carry bombs, the line is blurredIs the same asWith an ex party “system” and no p.r., participation is akin to murder, help me get here. Speaking in, lets me with easeIt ain’t my fault if you ain’t speak now.


Mas lub,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-04-2 (Saturday).

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