HD onna way

HD onna way.

I have worked for it, so it’s a purchase of mine/ours.  A “business” expense.  Massive expenditure for a venture of this size.  $100 for a 1 TB portable USB 3.0 HD.

I was gonna ask you guys, but I thought that would be tacky.  I really need a marketing strategist, don’t I…  Well, at least I have some HD moving space.  My music collection will be close at hand.  So will my porn.  What if I didn’t have any porn.  Or music, for that matter.  I would have to survive on my 3 guitars, harmonica, clarinet, recorder, sticks, buckets, and bits o’ whatnot.

So, camera next?  Or a multi-function kinda thing.  Small.  Wireless.  USB 3.0.  I’m gonna go search now.  I’m looking at video cameras.  Cool.

http://www.logbuildingtools.ca/chainsaw_attachments.html no longer available on Google shopping, eh?  Bollocks!

Updated some listings.  Found some cool crap.  Digital video cameras, android touchscreen pcs.  My clarinet doesn’t need a new case, well if it did, the old one would get made into a knife case or something.  Spots carved out of wood?  Never.  Know.

Here’s the thing, the third generation has image stabilization and is more expensive, and I don’t think I want my images stabilized.  The make-ya-wanna-puke-y-ness is like the best part!  This is a 2nd Generation model.  2” Screen.  One review said it did good in low light.  That, I could use.  They got it in a combo pack.  The 1st generation has a 1.5” screen, and is pretty cheap for the size. Gen 2 it is.  Dude, my office is my backpack.  I can’t have a huge camera.  It’s fucking HD, fer cripes.  Be happy for that.  One of these things could double as a webcam.  Fancy that.

Listen to this book, with this song (at about 1/3 volume).  Mixage, yo.

Now, I’m thinking I might want this one with a 32GB card.  Hmm.  More expensive, bigger camera, and I like that the mino can fit 2 hours on 8 gb.  That’s a movie.  The low-light performance matters, too.  64GB thumb drives are now a hundred ten bucks.

Oh, by the way, facebook, fuck you for letting me type hundreds of characters past the character limit.  Put a count on that thing!  Twitter does it way better.  Take a hint.

Every field should show a character count, and the type of links available wihin the message should be far more evident than they are.  Sanitization is your whole thing, isn’t it.  I know your code is filthy, though.  Profiteers.

Now my browser is crashing again, just as I was looking at Tascam stereo digital audio recorders.  AAA batteries and MicroSD card?  Ok!

Now, I’m listening to this.  He mentioned this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_symmetry_breaking

Ok, I found a stereo audio recorder for under 70 dollars.

Why the fuck does every browser bog and slow down and crash for whatever I’m doing.  Why can’t your fucking website handle having five fucking tabs open at once?  It’s fucking stupid.

This might be my favorite Die Antwoord videoYolandi is the fucking shit!  Ninja is.

I wore skinny jeans today.  It was far too cold for that, so I was uncomfortable.

I found lots of cool shit online, though.  So, there’s that.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-03-30 (Wednesday).

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